Maldives Wins World's Best Island Destination Award

COLOMBO, Dec 6 (Bernama) -- The Maldives has received the world's leading island destination title at the 2013 World Travel Awards (WTA) in Qatar, Xinhua news agency reports local media as saying Friday.

This is the third time the Maldives has won the prestigious travel award hailed as the Oscars of the travel industry, the Minivan News said.

The Maldives beat off competition from Indonesia's Bali, Barbados, Cook Islands, Jamaica, the Madeira Islands, Mauritius, the Seychelles, Sicily in Italy, St. Lucia and Zanzibar in Tanzania.

Maldivian resorts also picked up a number of awards in various categories, with Hulhule Island Hotel winning the 'World's Leading Airport Resort' and Conrad Maldives Rangali Island the 'World's Leading Water Villa Resort' title this year.

Baros Maldives won recognition as the 'World's Most Romantic Resort' and 'World's Leading Island Villas'.

In November, the Maldives received one million tourist arrivals for the first time in a calendar year.



  1. And this stupido Alain is wasting our precious tax payers money traveling around the world lavishing himself with few ladies singing LAVANILLE ISLAND.while back home he stop by the road and LARG DILO obor semen and not even washing his inflated hands.

  2. St Ange should reflect on Maldives' achievement and then he would find out after a deep concentration that in fact"Seychelles could and should have long won some titles too.What is needed is not cheap foreigner workers,extra -dimensional five star hotels but carefully monitoring and assisting tourism and careful expansion(extend as necessary when necessary)and not following Khalfia's master plan that destroyed our tourism industry.

    It would be interesting to note here the crtiteria use by UNWTO to do the ranking for it would give Seychellois a glimpse of why Seychelles just cannot make it.

    CRETERIA ARE based on:
    -Number of interantional arrivals.---Of course without direct flgihts Seychelles tourism indsutry as has been so far proven cannot generate ,extracts or more arrivals.Long hull and useless transit discourage many to come to visit us.Publicity by the state is mainly made for five star hotels instead ,more for small/medium hotels and geust houses(Real sustainable tourism the country need to prosper).
    -Revenues generate by inbound tourism.With five stars controling the market and offering broken price and all inclusive(lackage,and recruiting cheap foreign worekrs then locals,plus all the purchases including products like fish,vegetable ,fruits available locally,and for the fact that most five stars collect and bank the revenues abroad our industry can not be sustainable.
    The expenditures of outbound travelers:PP bankrupted us,we poorer than befrtoe independence.We cannot afford to travel though many seychellois would l.ike.

    Seychelles has much more potential,things to offer that Maldives cannot.While Maldives has only coral islands offers,diving etc.. offers which we also have but undeveloped becuase FAR has gifted Glenny our outter islands to do whatever he wants with it,instead of devloping them to provide an alterantive to maldives as destiantion.

    Note also in Maldives busness persons are consulted,participate activity in stragety,etc..... together with governemnt ,not like under Pp with St Ange whereby everything is dictated and decided by Khalifa and St Ange.

    SFP has called on St Anfe and PP to devlop OFF/low season tourism to make their season longer thus generate extra benefit while at the same time using exisiting hotels more efficiently than building thousands new ones more.You know what Maldives High season unlike ours,starts from December to June thus an indication that low season tourism is benficial but also that such tourists exist ,all St Ange has to do is provide them with the facility,the good deal,etc....

    Grow up St Ange.

  3. He is singing vanilla islands but Reunion is complaining about the breach of deal by partilepep.Comaplaining about the fact that SIRSEY will operate flgihts to Renuion a breach of the deal.

  4. Sant'anz oooh what is the purpose of this carnival sepa festival every year?
    Is this not a waste of public money bon'n avini?
    What does Seychelles benefit when the festivities are over?
    If you were doing this kind of activities in the 70's FAR would kicked your @ss looog time. La prezan mek mek mek ou lavanir,lavanir,lavanir. What happen to the lekors kannel?


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