The Crook Wants To Come Home

Johannesburg - Czech fugitive Radovan Krejcir could flee to the Seychelles with his family if granted bail, the Palm Ridge Regional Court heard on Wednesday.

“He is a fugitive from justice and could flee if given bail,” prosecutor Louis Mashiane said.

His wife and son went to the Seychelles on November 21 and “conveniently” returned a day before Krejcir's bail application. Krejcir told them to return so he could fight for his bail application, Mashiane said.

“This is a man well equipped to flee at any time. It is on record that the family have several passports, some with assumed names.”

Krejcir and three others were applying for bail. His co-accused are estate agent Desai Luphondo and Hawks members warrant officers Samuel Modise Maropeng and George Jeff Nthoroane.

They were arrested last month and face charges of assault, kidnapping, and attempted murder.
Mashiane said on Wednesday Krejcir stated in his affidavit that his mother had transferred R40 million to 

South Africa via the SA Reserve Bank. He said the money belonged to his mother and it was up to her to decide what to do with it.

Magistrate Reginald Dama asked Mashiane if the mention of the money was to show Krejcir was, as the only child, the person to inherit the money and would not abscond only to leave it behind.
Mashiane said that might be so.

“That could be the case, if the applicant flees, then he can leave the money behind for Sassa to distribute through social grants.”

He was referring to the SA Social Security Agency.
The hearing continues.


  1. He better choice another destination mafia seselwa dont want to see.


  2. We have seen all before in movies:there is a big heist and the crooks get away from the long arm of the law to some International safe haven,safe haven often bankrupted state with rogue regimes in place.

    Seychelles under Pp has become one of those safe haven for fugitives and other criminals.Criminals chose our shores because they are sure they can buy their free way in those countries in return of bribes.This means not only shelter but also quietly without looking back at the police and be sure will not be extradited.

    PP acceptance of International criminals of our shores such as krejcir,Materi and others,is a mutual assistance of organized crimes.

    Would PP allow a criminal who supposed to be holding an illegal- obtained Passport abuse and rape our laws once again or would Pp criminals welcome one of their foreign criminal friend on our shores.?Would Pp stop raping Seychelles constitution and the image of our country already tarnished by multiples illegal activities and practices by Pp rogue system?There is one thing that seem clear,Seychellois is getting fed up with PP criminal gang and won't continue to allow that a gang of a handful of crooks abuse their institutions to perpetuate criminal activities.Seychellois must put an end to pp state organized crimes.Our country must not be the copycat of Saudi Arabia.

    By the way ,When is Materi leaving our shores Pp?

    Jeanne DÂrc

  3. That mean his still carry out a Seychelles passport!

    Three foreigners arrested for fraud!pp are those foreigners tourists,foreign workers or foreign criminals you have brought on our shore?What are their nationality pp shame to mention?


  4. Krejcir said he wants to come back home to Seychelles.Since when Seychellois is named KrejcirCan Krejcir proved his Seychellois decendent?How did this guy obtained Seychelles passport while not being able to speak a word creole,no knowledge of our history,tradition.

  5. They^re all in one.Maybe even a new Seychellois who bought his Seychelles passport from Morgan for One million rupee.

  6. Seychelles is not his home.

  7. BREAKING NEWS--Saudi Prince Khalid Bin Farhan defected from Suadi family complaining of disrespect of laws,basically saying Saudi Kingdom is a dictatorship.

  8. Saudi king,bahrain,kuwiat.UAE,oman,Qatar king they are in the same family.Can when from buy something in they all want to come on our shore.

  9. 2.14
    Krejcir is not a common name in the Seychelles it was coomon yesterday,it is not today and probably won^t be tommorrow.Should Krejcir landed on our shores he should be arrested our passport illegally obtained revoked and then deported to Czech republic where he has his whole family and wanted by Chech government.

    Krejcir LIke the Chinsese Who was gifted our Diploamtic passport have nothing in coomon with Seychellois not even his grand grand fasther has something to do with us.

    As to the passport gifted to the Chinese,all passports sold out,gifted to foreigners should be nad must be revoked and culprits brought to justice for abusing Constituional law,immigration law and disrepecting Seychellois as a Nation.

    It does not matter how long a passport was gifted to a ofreign ,as long as it was done illegally it would remains illegal.DOnot forget SIVA also holding Diplomatic passport,probably some North Korean torrorists too,and many more that needed to be unveiled.Seychellois must not let PP make them get acustom to illegal prqactices and make them accept it as normal.All involve must be made accounted for their crimes.

    Jeanne D'Arc

    Jeanne D'Arc

  10. Krejcir is no longer a Czech and neither a Seselwa Aste.
    Michel the teacher and latter mesanger bike rider don't want him back.
    One advice is call Madura the bus driver and Venezuela President to assist him.

  11. What partilepep is waiting for to revoke our passport gifted to Krejcir.Krejcir is not married to a Seychelles national,his present in our country was illegal ,how and who gifted him and family our Nationality partilepep?Same to Siva and the rest.

  12. Si ma memoire est bonne, he is also know as Jules Egbertt Savy. (JES)
    Before heading to South Africa from Madagascar he was enjoying himself on Farqhar in a Hotel built in 2005 by seselwa tax payer money and money went to someone close to him.
    He will come back to Seychelles the same route- S.Africa- Madagascar-Farqhar and Mahe with different name for sure.

    1. I don't know who you are but I get a copy between my two nicotine fingers and was from Troukler. That was a-la-mode SPPF indeed. It read; Apparently,at least once every year,the resort on Farquhar is turned into a convention centre to host a get together for the deceitful characters in the region.They compare notes,do dirty deals and honour those in their midst at the top of the deceitful league.JES had the pleasure of presenting someone close to him with the top accolade on his last trip in Jan.that year.This gentleman made history by winning the title three years in a row.He gets to keep the plaque for ever!

  13. Faure!Seychelles have ni tolerance in corruption why dont go and suck camels balls.Our country went bankrupt,because corruption begging IMF cause if corruption faure biogot.

  14. Faure if pp have no tolerance in corruption.Why Lucas were caught cool from aljazzera journalist,the world know this sytem are full of corruption by looking all the bail out IMF are bailing you all the begging donkey.


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