Murky Seychelles Tries To Wriggle Free Of Tax Haven Taint

We just linked to a useful Reuters story pointing to the special pleading of Seychelles:

"Seychelles rejected charges on Monday that it was one of the world's five most secretive tax havens for the super rich, saying the Indian Ocean archipelago had nothing to hide."
This follows a decision last month by the Global Forum on Transparency and Exchange of Information for Tax Purposes to list Seychelles among five states that either failed to share taxpayer details with other countries or to gather information on beneficial ownership of corporate entities registered on their territory. We think the Global Forum has been far too weak on many countries, but it is good that some have been fingered - most notably those gigantic European turntables for dirty money, Luxembourg and Switzerland.

Reuters now quotes Seychelles Foreign Minister Jean Paul Adam as saying that small island states had often been targeted as convenient scapegoats.
"Despite there being no concrete examples of non-compliance, the assessment perhaps judged that the smallness of our jurisdiction, and our capacity to regulate in relation to the fast rise of our financial services sector, represented a risk."
This statement contains one absolutely true statement -- that bigger jurisdictions (such the United Kingdom and the United States) use their political power to ensure they are off any blacklists -- and one great big whopper: that there are 'no concrete examples of non-compliance.'

Really, Mr. Adam? Is that so?

Well take a look at this piece by Al Jazeera, one of the best pieces of undercover journalism we've ever seen on this topic. If you have the time, and you haven't seen it already, we'd strongly urge you to have a look.


  1. There you are PP you have been exposed again by SFP.
    Very interesting under cover documentary from Al Jazeera.
    Lucas, you're been caught with both hand in the cookie jar.You taught you were untouchable together with your gang of thieves.We know you are one ALIBABA.
    Shame on you and PP regime being caught again with your pant down.
    PA TAYE LUCAS KOT OU KAKA COUVER AFRIKEN IN BEZ DEBISTE OU DAN OU PROP PEI. New clips is coming soon and UAE and Arabs can't block it.
    This documentary will be spread around so every Seychellois partou dan la kolin montanny can see for them self.

  2. PP stop lying always rehearse it,if it don't sound good to you it won't sound to anybody. Not even the GOLAN will take it.Remember Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor theirfore if you wish to strength a lie mix a little truth in with it.

  3. I've been observing y'all folks on FaceBook,LSH,People news, le nouveaux Seychellois,Nation and your local people everyday life. I can't believe that your Party Lepeuple is still grabbing power! If ever you discover oil in your back yard what are you going to turn?Animals? This video presentation is a reminder about Africa and Seychelles is being exposed in broad day light by Africans! At least there are some whistle blowers left and WE salute you for that. Let keep exposing them one day at a time.


  4. Adam in denial as always,PP is never guilty it is others who blames them for the crooked practices that the culprits if we believe in Adam words.Tax Haven equal money laundering another practice well-known to PP.

    Pp is known fro having no integrity,it seems that these days we are awash with call of inquiries and reviews by International organizations but it seems the interests pocket by PP members in the process is a temptation that cannot be resisted by those half-brain crooks.

    We have seen what tax haven does to a country0s economy---Tax haven not only tarnish our country0s image abroad,but heightening inequality and poverty,corroding democracy,distorting markets,undermining financing and other regulation and curbing economic growth and promoting corruption.

    Moreover,Tax is the most sustainable resource of finance for development.The long solution for our country is not getting involved in International organized financial crimes,but the goal should be to replace foreign aid dependency with tax self-sufficiency.

    Pp criminals have created an interact between illicit and licit economies,corrupting our Nation's tax regimes and onshore regulations.In this criminal practice PP thugs are hoarding millions in cash away form state.Pp has made Seychelles an absolute godsend to all kinds of international organized crimes including terrorism,human trafficking etc...

    Pp seem not to have solutions to fix the mess it has created,not real economic solutions ,it seems PP's only solution is participating in International organized crimes of all sorts from money laundering to drug trafficking.

    We have become accustomed to Adam repeated lies,he lies by will.We do not expect him to tells us the opposite, he depends on it to make a living like all Pp members.And of course no one can tell pp it is not fighting corruption---Lucas ,Houreau,Morgan,Chief-of Staff of the army and many more culprits are still at large and even continuing to exercise their profession without fear,shame.No one in Seychelles though the multiple cases of illicit practices has ever been arrested under pp one-party state.

    Shame on your Adam!

    Jeanne D'Arc


    More to come after a brief commercial brought to you by SFP.

  6. It is ashame how an supposed western educated guy can become a pathetic liar and a worthless poop.It is said that fools and the insane share a common dominator:both repeat the same error and expect a different result each time.They cannot stop jet-hosing the Seychellois public withlies and fabrications.Every time they usher it is a new round of lies and the result remain the same.

    Who is the liar Adam ?OECD or Mr Adam?

    Jeanne D'Arc

  7. NDEA proud for having dismantle Drug cartel.Howver since NDEA existaence no single partilepep hard drug dealers have ever been apprehended,or if so,release without charge like Houreau.Hard exported Drugs are killing Seychellois youth partilepep.not Grass maron.

  8. Morgan to make hearing to new born--becuase hearing is the causes of neonatal death according to Morgan and Mitzy.It is not ante -maternity follow up that Morgan and Mitzy think it is more important to save new born lives but Hearing tests.It is not bad hygiene in hospitals and maternity wherby in the latter wo^men gvîve birth in precare conditions that of the stone age(After birth i was told the floor loks like a butcher .teem with blood etc...the high quality of hygiene communsist provide at maternity).maybe Mitzy should test the her own brain and that of partilepep criminals .

  9. SBc in Sri Lanak to do what?Film ,Michel new Casino in which he is a share holder.Why advertise a Casino when we also have it here.To entice Seychellois to travel in Michel/SirlNak President new casino?Is that a necesstiy for SBC to travel to Sir lNaka and wait Seychelles Tax payers' money for?Why not go film ,Moshi brothle on desroches tarnishing our country'd images,or Glenny Savy sell out,Or GUlag at Montagne Possee,Poverty around the country,the people concern?,etc..etce..etc

  10. Sbc shouzld have gone to film the disastrous situation at maternity in hospitals.Film and interview ordinary people on the streets striving to make a living,Drug addicts who calling for helps,unemploy Youth who turn criminal becuase not having the change to get a job all occupied by cheap foreign labor,film our elderly and ask them what they think about seeing Rene each year with his gang coming to rob thier cake,film the river at La Misere blocked by Khalafi in order to full his pool,and the destrcution he made thier,film and interview the Arab sexual perserve tarnishing our country's image by turning a confiscated hotel from Mr Davidson and turn it into a brothel,Film Glenny selling out our outter islands,Illegal fishing By Asien boats that are robbing our EEZ without pp intervene,Film and Interview Dr Lucas about his criminal activitiy exposed by Al Jazeerara,etc.etc.etc...

    These issues are issues of concern to Seychellois not SRi Lnakan President Casino In which Michel has share(Money luandering).Give the Oppostion the air time as required by law instead of using our National Media to promote A Casino in a foriegn country.What the purpose PP of sending SBC to film A casino in Sri Lanka?^

    Jeanne D'Arc

  11. Tamil tigers want to built a casino on our shore, that what their up to that why pp are giving tigers our passport,just wait when the plan to
    Victoria come out one casino plus two mosque for camels.

  12. Ser msye editer sa blog
    Sil-vou-ple mon tya apresye si ou kapab piblir sa de pti mo.
    Koman en sitwayen sesl i deplorab pou vwar msye lukas fer sa kalite trik.
    I evidans ki in fer sa plizyer fwa dan son lavi.
    Antretan nou ban trwazyenm-az i dir zamen ankor nou pou vot pou zot.
    I vreman deplorab sa msye ki nou ti toultan respe li.
    Nou pou kontinyen regard ou blog.

    Merci bokou

    1. Thank you for your contribution to this blog. Send me your article and i will publish

      Seychelles Reality Today.

  13. A lawyer turned crook and who violate ethics in democracies would have been laid to heel immediately.Lucas motto is trust me i am a lawyer.The problem should not be left on Lucas' shoulders,there are others invovled before Lucas in illegal practices to the likes France Bonte.Beranrd George in Plantation confiscation,Derjarques and others.That the governemnt ,its justice does not react it is a strong confirmation of the invovolvement of the regime in those illegal practices.We could challenge law society for their silence,the passvitiy which is an indicator of support for Lucas.It is ture though,that no other lawyer has come close to matching the legal proffesion for downright deciet and Lucas.Govinden when saw the film rushed in public and teold us he is opening an investigation which as always would probably take a century to complete.

    Note also Lucas is a good personal friend of crook-in-chief Michel so do not expect pp rogue regime to take any actions against its gang member.

    Jeanne D'Arc

    In a society when their is lawlessness,we should not expect honest practices by crooked ones at all level of society.

  14. We have to take action with their gang members.

  15. This has been SPUP/SPPF/PL propaganda for decades.
    Do what I say but don't do what I doing! Time is coming for alibaba gangs.
    They like to drink afternoon tea!
    They like cutting cakes!.
    They like to adore a wall after the cyclone disaster.
    They like distributing medals!.
    They like giving shields and la koup!.
    They like making special days!.
    They like to smile while wearing sunglasses to anythings that moves!
    They like to lay flowers by a statue name zonmlib which is now represent MULLAH
    They like to recruit and do swearing in!

    Watch out PP your time is coming to an end.

  16. ........and i like de last one.
    remind me anwar sadat on october 6th 1981 while i was in acapulco singing BY THE RIVER OF BABYLON......AND NO ONE CAN TAKE MY FREEDOM AWAY.


  18. It was a terrible year for him,he did not have a santa clue at all during the undercover.
    This year instead of saying 'trustme trustme,trustme. Say ho ho ho.

  19. The wind is blowing in KIEV.
    KIEV- Anti government protesters toppled a statue of Soviet state founder Vladimir Lenin in Ukraine's capital and attacked it with hammers on Sunday in a symbolic challenge to President Viktor Yanukovich and his plans for closer ties with Russia.

    Maybe we need to start marching to the zonmlib statue and pulling those rusty bolts on his legs. That would be the best Christmas gift for every suffering seselwa.


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