The World Loses An Icon of Freedom Mandela and PL Waddles in Shame

Last week, Nelson Mandela, the iconic political leader that ended Apartheid in South Africa, left his people, and left the World. He has gone to a better place than the South Africa he was born into and the South Africa he left, which he played a great, great role in improving, respect for individual rights, respect for civil order, respect for minority rights, even though a majority could rule a minority out of existence and into exile, during his reign. Mandela did not bite the poisonous fruit of self indulgence as our vain leaders in Seychelles who’s expiry date has long been passed, all of them.

Mandela’s Greatest  Lesson To The World
Nelson Mandela left many great lessons to the World, which will live on into history, like the lessons of all great men of history. He joins, Ghandi, Martin Luther King as great leaders of the ages. His body may have gotten old, and could no longer sustain his being, but his lessons remain fresh, new, and as bright as each one came through, one by one, as he struggle with a minority regime, that was bent on treating the majority of its population as less than human.

Mandela Makes Rene Look Small
Mandela once released from prison, could have sought retribution, like France Albert Rene did of his opponents in Seychelles during the one party state. Mandela became President of South Africa by the ballot box, and punished no one for the apartheid system, he used his power and color of state to kill no one, mayhem no opponent. Mandela instilled democracy and worked to consolidate peace and prosperity in South Africa. He asked all white South Africans to stay in Black Majority South Africa, and not to leave for England, Belgium, France, Italy,  Holland, where their forefathers came from.
In contrast, President France Albert Rene became President by the bullet, and the AK -47, imposing his brutal will on a simple island people. Mr. Rene told Seychellois, all Seychellois, if they do not like his system, to leave Seychelles, exile themselves, and go away. Many did, as much as 45,000 people, or nearly half of the population.

While James Richard Marie Mancham forgot about politics in exile, forgot about his people, and forgot about Justice, it was Gerard Hoarau who raised the flag of Liberation Mandela Makes Mancham Look Like A Puppet
against a one party state system, which was as bad as Apartheid. Hoarau paid for a failed coup with his life. He was shot 42 times with an AK-47, and it is assumed reasonably that the person ordering the London sidewalk execution was from the Rene Regime. The SFP has provided details of this execution to the Scotland Yard, for their perusal.
Mandela even in prison, did not forget about the fate of his people. He retained courage to the end of incarceration, which allowed him to advance effective and real, national reconciliation. In Seychelles, Mancham had no courage, and he produced only capitulation guised as reconciliation. Next to Mandela, he is a historical political ant. Next to James Michel and Albert Rene, Mancham appears to be nothing more than a puppet on a string.

Human Mandela
Mandela was famous for visiting his opponents . The visits shocked them and mazed them. In Seychelles, Rene spent most of his spare time currying the favor and support of his army soldiers, and sledge hammer killers. He drank with them, ate with them, and kept them in line, to do his killings when he needed them done. Mandela did not kill his opponents, he invited them to stay in South Africa, to add to its rich diversity once he had the reigns of national power. 

What Does Michel Do?
Mr. Michel kept the killers on the pay roll. That’s what he did. Sure he moved a few of them out of State House grounds, but he kept them on line just in case.
Worse, when Mr. Michel did not have enough obedient Seychellois to do his dirty work, he did worse than Apartheid South Africa, to keep law and order: Mr. Michel imported foreign troops, Gurhkas, Nepalese, UAE to our shores to control our people. He stepped up road blocks, stepped up search and seizure, on public roads, stepped up search and seizure without Probable Cause under NDEA Act, a
law that created a para military Police unit much like the Internal Security Police in Apartheid South Africa used to control the country and keep it from turning its will against a leader whose roots are deeply set in the one party state era, behind the barrel of an AK -47, of course.

The Fake Opposition
Could any one of you see Nelson Mandela, facing a boycott of elections by the opposition in South Africa, then he would stage a fake opposition to run elections? Of course not.
But in Seychelles, this is exactly what happen when PDM was fielded in the last parliamentary elections. A fake opposition,” encouraged” by Vice President Danny Faure, was staged and propped up by a Court of Appeals decision. Consequently, we now have a parliament that needs a “Guide”, ironically written by Vice President Danny Faure, to give it a semblance of Democracy. Would we expect that from Nelson Mandela? Never.

Would Mandela Block Airtime of Opponents?
In Seychelles, we have now a situation where Hollywood James Michel (nothing like James Dean) is hogging all the airtime, on a public broadcasting network, SBC. His party loyalists, control 100% content, production, and questions. His ministers have unfettered access to the nation, through SBC 100% at the exclusion of the entire other ½ of the nation that opposes this evil system, born from the barrel of gun, and manipulated now with money and funding from the UAE.
Would Mandela block opponents access to the television press? Never.  In fact, Nelson Mandela, would encourage his opponents to come forward, and speak, share ideas, to foster more diversity and greater growth and stability for South Africa. Shame on you, James Michel!

Mandela Freed Property Interest
In South Africa, as Mandela’s opponents were threatening to pull out of South Africa, Mandela encouraged people to invest in South Africa. He empowered  land
ownership , he empowered the right for South Africans to develop  their properties and create more value.
In Seychelles Albert Rene took people’s property. He sent them packing.
In Seychelles James Michel restricted property development held by Seychellois, and encouraged property development held by foreigners, ironically White South Africans, fleeing Nelson Mandela’s free South Africa, who were peddling what? A second home for White South Africans, just in case things do not work out in South Africa, is what Seychelles economy is based on today, under Michel.

PL Imports Apartheid To Seychelles
Ironically, while South Africa saw the success of its country through integration, diversity, and a open and free democratic country, in Seychelles, the PL have seen the success of its government by  importing mercenaries to control its people, seeking aid from foreign countries to prop itself up like UAE, and importing the relics of Apartheid South Africa, offering them a second home in paradise.
Neither Rene or Michel, the great dictators of Africa, for their time, can touch Nelson Mandela’s little pinky finger. That is why Mo Ibrahim ignores them year on year.
We should all aspire to be 10% of Nelson Mandela, if we want change in Seychelles.

Seselwa Unite!

Sesel Pou Seselwa!

May God Bless All Freedom Loving Seychellois!


  1. Winnie Mandela did all the dirty work to free RSA from apartheid. that's why Mr. Mandela never had to lift a AK47.

    I doubt if any of the Nepalese mercenaries are really Gurhkas, if they did qualify as Gurhkas, they'll be in the British army not the Seychelles Police force. They are hired killiers for sure but by calling them Gurhkas we are taking away the real value of a genuine Gurhkas.

    MICROBIOME :) :) :)


    MICROBIOME :) :) :)

  3. In Jesus name,AMEN.

  4. MADIBA leaves a colossal legacy that would be a heavy load for any future African to carry.Medela took a long work to freedom on two highways called goodness and forgiveness.It was a long walk because he had make too many detours.He had to walk the broad aveneus compassion and the boulvards of tolerance.He had to make many stops along the long walk on streets called courage.patience,perseverance ,humility and genrosity.

    There is another lesson among the many,that Mendela tuaght young future leaders ,MADIBA could have stayed in power ofr as long as he wanted.He could have clung to power like other African dictators.He chose to give it up in a little four years only.When he gave powewr vonlutarily he gave all Africans and S .African a priceless legacy:Politcal power is not a BIRTHRIGHT but a priviledge GIVEN Dn TAKEN by the PEOPLE at their WILL.In that one act,Mendela enshirned the rule of law and popualr sovereignty in South Africa and set an exmaple for all of Africa.

    Mandela saw POWER as the Will OF The People;as ameans to effectuate the will of the power not self-agrandisementm:a means and not an end to itself.

    Lessons and food for thought for African leaders.^

    Rest in peace TATA MADIBA.

    Jeanne DArc

  5. Pn this historical day,we touhght Afircan crooks would hide themselves for they could stand along side of this great leader.You know what,MIchel the butcher invitred himselve disguised as PRIVATE VISIT;He was able with his skills in crooks to crawled his way though to palce himself near his fellow communsit friend R Castro and Mugabe.He did not hesistat to steal some phot shots in order that he could sell us back home,in an attmpt to make us beleive he was a good friend of Mandela and whose feet could fit in MADIBA's shoes.How wicked can someone be to abuse this palttform to glorify himself?Hopw disrepectful one could be to even abused the funeral of African gretest leader for self-glorification?You know what a brainless has no limits in his or her crookness.

    Shame on you Michel the butcher.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  6. African dictators wlaked in single file to honor Mendela.Castros,Mugabe and the rests ,all were there ,even some like Michel self-invited thmesleves.But the problem with those tyrannts is that they came to honored Mendela but refute nad ignore his message.They abused the plattform in a frenzy blanket cover.

    Michel you were not invited donkey,how crooked can you be to even abuse the funeral of Aifrcan icon to promote yourself.We know dog,you killer not a democrat,you could never walk in MADIBA's shoes DEGAGE CONNARD!


    GURKA is the name of a tribe living in the mountainous hills of Nepal.Whêrever they come from, there is one place where they never had been , namely being police officiers in our soveriegn state.Police force is part of a country^s defence forces and as sovereign state foreigners should not,must not be controling our defence forces in anyway regardless of the reasons Pp is giving us to justice its illegal practice..And they should go back to their home.Gurkas was illegal imported to our shores becuase Khalifia dictated the crooked idea to Michel,for the former is knowned to use foreigners to do dirty jobs in their names.For instance,it is confirmed that In BAHRAIn protest the police firing without mercy on BAHrainese are ex--soldiers from Colombia etc...recruited to do the dirty jobs becuase those Arab tyrannys do not trutst thier own forces and afraid that the stand on the side of the people and do not execute the murdrous actions.

    Jeanne D'Arc

    As to British army---their present in Brit army dated back to the cononial time,back then even Seychellois,Indain etc... where part of the brits army but after indpedence Brits and Napelese made a deal that allow Napelese to serve in the brit army.we must not let pp makes beleive"You see Brit recruit Gurkas so we can do it too,it is normal"That the french recruits other nationals in Foreign legion is something which has historical story to it and it is accepted by the French people.

    Gurkas,Irish,Ugandan and the rest controling ,occupying our institutions are illegal pratices ,it rapes soveiregnty,indepedency and should be taken as normal but abnormal and those foreigners should not be in our land.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  8. Michel was not invited and he hitched a ride to get to South Africa and got in through the back door quietly as a mouse for he was afraid of a coup back home. Shamelessly he forgot when President Mandela was on his way to India and his plane landed in Seychelles for refuel! Well, President Mandela refused to come out to meet the Seychelles coup leaders!
    Madiba is a man of principle, Michel should have kept away from his memorial service.

  9. Jeanne D'Arc

    True if you're talking about the Gorkha Kingdom in Nepal but it was the British who named then Gurkhas for their bravery and later recruiting them for the British army. Since then it has become the most gruelling military training school for Nepalese mercenaries. Not every Nepalese soldier is a Gurkhas because the name is reserved for a distinguish few who successfully complete the Gurkhas school.

    By the way, Michel was right at home with all the baddies. If it was up to them, RSA would've been still be an apartheid state.

    MICROBIOME :) :) :)

  10. Michel's self-invitation was a bad omen that disturbed Mabida's funeral ceremony which is a sign of disrepect for a great Icon.Such a con should have been askedto stay away from the ceremony.For his sole intention was not to honered Madiba but use his funeral ceremony to glorify them self as democrats.This donkey would never change his bad habits,once a crook always a crook.The butcher is a shame for our country.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  11. Everybody knows that James Michel was not invited to Mandela's memorial service. Now the Government newspaper 'Nation' is trying to portrait Mancham, Rene and Michel as admirers of Nelson Mandela to cover up the gate-crashing, but one has to ask what lesson have they learned from the legacy of Mandela? In Seychelles, 'reconciliation' is just between the trio, the people are still locked out of the process. The legacy of Mandela goes further than this, remembering the words of Obama's speech "it freed not only the prisoner but the jailer as well" What they have in Seychelles actually is that the jailers have freed themselves and not the prisoners!

  12. Party Le Peuple forgot to include Ramcalawon on the list for the 100 percent pay rise for the Politcal elites.from Rs 16,400 to more than Rs30,000.

  13. Well nothing--proof.that the maron cralwed his way in the stadium and invited himself is sign that those monkeys like Michel just cannot change that is why we will ahve to change them.

    Mendela has gone to his heavenly resting home.He would meet Gandhi ;Kind but also GERALD our National Hero.Mendala will narrate to him the saga of Aparthied policy in Seychelles since he left(gerald).He will aslotell Gerald that his own fight for freedom lives on,and the new generation of Seychellois will make this a reality sooner than latter.That Seychelles has a bright future in front on her.

    PP must change themsleves first before changing society.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  14. Muslim want are trying to invade C.A.R who is a Christians country.Seychelles also will end up the same,if we don't stop arab coming on our shore.Christians are chasing this teroists group call balaka like dogs,balaka but Al Qeada just name change.

  15. The problem with those camels is that they like going to christian countires becuase of their economic success,freedom, and dmeocracy.but at the same time those calems do not recognize democrtic process for the koran is their system;morevoer they would come into your home instead of integrating,abiding with the host countries they would in a short time abuse the freedom provides by democracy which they donot beleive in to promote their culture,religion,import theit primitive mentality in to others society thus amking it instable,dangerous.

    We must alos understand that Islamic country can never be democratic for the koran teaching dishumanize people,create seggragations(e.g between women and men)and in possible to evoluate,

    The Al QEADA name change,but dictators also like using this tactic to high their real face.PP change name to disguises itself.It is like a foot team that change t-Shirts and shorts and its color by the team is made of the same men.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  16. Is pp afraid of mass demosstration?you can prepair your suecurity force as much as you can,when we decide no one will stop,if the come brutal with us on the streets we will chase them in the night like hungry wolf.


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