Mr Gill Writes To The Editor Of Le Seychellois Hebdo

Christopher Gill
Anse Takamaka, Praslin, Seychelles, Tel: 2503990,

December 11, 2013

Le Seychellois Hebdo (PTY)
Arpent Vert
Mont Fleuri
P.O. Box 918

Dear Mr. Henrie:
I am writing to you directly concerning a front page article published in Le Seychellois, on Friday December 6th, 2013, Vol. 3 No 47, titled in boldface: “Christopher Gill’s mother served with eviction order”.

Your publication sold for SCR. 15.00 per copy, I imagine you have no more than 700 publication per week.

The total receivable possibly from this highly slanderous and defamatory article is no more than SCR 10,500.00 .

One only begs to wonder, why on Earth, would Le Seychellois Editor in Chief venture onto a desperate path to defame my public persona for Scr. 10,000.00 per month? Were you being paid more money by someone else, to do this?

The following contents of the article you have written are untrue, false malicious, and intended through your publication and print, to place me and my public persona in a false, light and bad public impression:

     There is no eviction order filed on Jocelyn Barker at this time as the title of your paper headline infers. She has been served with a simple letter asking her to vacate premises because, she is not willing to live in community, with her neighbors, in a civil and dignified manner and she has refused to honor the condition in which she was given the keys to a brand new Two (2) bedroom house Seven (7) years ago.
If you had sought clarification on the matter before going to press in a responsible manner, I would have informed you of the following:

1.     Keys were given to her to a SCR 1.6 Million home under the following strict conditions to protect the integrity of the neighborhood, given my Mother’s acute character pre-condition of being highly irrational and very unreasonable by nature: a. no raising of animals; b. no buildings of any loca structures, c. no supplementary residents in home, aside from a nurse to care for her, which I would pay, if necessary.

She agreed to these Three (3) conditions to receive the keys to a new house. Since last year, she has broken all Three (3) conditions, as follows:
A.    She took on Four (4) tortoises, and built a park on the very site where 10 staff houses, Two (2)Bedroom each are due to be built any day at the start of 2014;
B.      She built a out structure of 32 square meters without planning approval, and houses now a ex convict on and off within meters of our family hotel invests;
C.     She has a 35 year old boyfriend being kept in the house, in direct contravention to keep only a nurse in the home when needed; this man, I know personally to be a active thief, and drug user.
  I do maintain a policy in my family life and business, of zero tolerance to drugs. You know every community and family has to protect their children first and foremost from drugs, because the highly destructive nature of drugs on lives.

In breach of these Three (3) conditions, and being the unreasonable, un cooperative person she is, she tried to impose her will on me by filings numerous
false and trumped complaints with the Police. In the last 3 months the Police has come to arrest me under her request Six (6) times. Twice I was on Mahe, when  she told the Police I was in her house. Since the Police never found any evidence of either violence or disturbance, I have never been detained to this day.
Failing with the Police, in spite of calling Minister Meriton to trump up more false complaints, and meeting with James Michel, I understand, I have not relented to protect my family first, my neighbors and staff second, and my business from a very irrational, unreasonable, and emotionally twisted person.
We are not all gifted with great Fathers, and fantastic Mothers in Seychelles, Mr. Henrie, you know that better than anyone else.

Most recently, she ventured to take me before Family Tribunal  to impose her will to not respect the Three (3) conditions of occupancy of the house she calls home.
After hearing both sides, Justice Adeline commissioned a Probation Inquiry into every single allegation my Mother made. The Probation Officer, found, that there was not a single case of any violence committed on her and while she claimed ownership to the entire property around her and her house, she is in fact a Tenant at Will ( she resides at the will of her children: Francis and myself).

Be that as it may, I agreed by consent with Justice Adeline that she could occupy the house built until Supreme Court judgment for her eviction. This is manifested in the Tribunal Order which you site out of context with malice a forethought to slander my good reputation.

In that time, she can either agree to adhere to the Three (3)conditions of her occupancy or eventually face eviction by Court Ushers and seek a dwelling with her other Two (2) children,  who in their own right, are all millionaires in US Dollars and can well afford care and house her, and even finance a fine luxury home with an elevator and three floor, like the one Mr. Ramkalawan occupies, on just SCR. 40,000.00 pension per month.  
While my initial knee jerk reaction was to sue your lowly gutter paper for Scr. 1 Million or Scr 3 Million, on reflection, I believe it will not serve our Nation well at a time when we have so much difficulty and the People of Seychelles are consumed in a great struggle of survival after so many years of the IMF and abuse of Public funds by PL.
I ask that you publish this letter in full unabridged, to correct the mal-reportage of this highly defamatory article in your next issue, giving it the same prominence of your defamatory article titled:”Christopher Gill’s mother served with eviction order”.
Nelson Mandela beat his opponents with ideas and reason, Mr. Henrie, not with guns, bullets or very bad pens and false statements.

Christopher Gill
Seselwa Unite!
Sesel Pou Seselwa!
May God Bless All Freedom Loving Seychellois!


  1. paralyser dans les mots, vidés et avec tristesse pour la raison que SPUP est encore déchire les familles. Il semble que Albert est jusqu'à ses vieux trucs encore, à l'aide des membres du SNP de faire des trucs sales afin de sale la réputation de chef SFP M. Christopher Gill. Je me demande quelle sorte de soupe ceux SPUP est la cuisson à l'instant

  2. not all of us are blessed with great parents or great children ... this is not an easy situation to comprehend but I have to say that it feels my heart with so much sadness for the both, son and mother.

    It looks that Mrs Barker has made some bad choices that have affected the family, she is only human after all. Now it is time to grow up and not put her grandchildren in the same situation as she put her own children. After reading Christopher's comment from the pictures her sister Kate shared made me realised how bad the situation was and still is !* 18 stitches on the side of your daughters head Mrs Barker should have been a waking call about your poor choices in men. GIVE PEACE A CHANCE FOR GOD SAKE!!

    1. I remember when I wrote that post.. :) and I will stand by it forever.

  3. Mr. Gill this letter is a well balanced letter that exposes Le Seychellois intended to slander you. You should sue them. Why are you being soft on these guys? Take them to the cleaners.

  4. I looking forward that Mr Henrie published the entire article and show objectivity and blance that a proffesional journalist/editor should pocess.The belief in objectivity is the faith in the fact Mr Henrie.
    Morevoer,it is the ethical imperative of a journalist to transmit the news in an imparcial manner.

    You asked "Quelle sorte de soupe ceux SPUP est la cuisson a lînstant"--i will tell my friend " c'est de la merde, pour mieux attirer la mouche"

    Jeanne D'Arc


    1. hahahahaha, so true mate, they are attracting flies and maggots.

  5. Hi mr Gill lately i meet so many praslinios asking me,if SFP can put a office on Praslin to bring their complains.

    Thank you!

  6. 23.39
    I myself come across espcial youth in cote D'or whispering that too.And the mian reason that they would like to have an office whatever you want to call it ,is as some had already told me to be able to participate more activity in the party.I think this would surely be a good thing to do,it would boost support and at the same time bring even closer the party to the people.As they asking for it,i am convinced Chris would think about that and should he find it necessary i have no doubt he would take steps to make this possble.After all,Chris has always given his time,devotion for the people,should the latter think is something the need ,i think we should look into that.

    Moreover,It is rare in politcs to hear ordinary people on the streets asking a party to open office in their district ,ususally it is often the contary,.This demand by Praslinois is isgn of how their have SFP at heart,their trust in the party leadership and the seriousness of the party.

    In fact Chris and SFp could only be proud of that,for it shows that though a few crooks are attempting to use all kinds of tactics in an attempt to fool the people ,the people have already chosen their leader and their side.RAm,PP,Pierre should be feeling worried by such suppport of SFp by the people..

    Jeanne D'Arc

  7. This is all so very sad. Do not blame only Henri for this publication, I believe Wavel is involve in this matter, it was his idea to have your mother on Mahe. Sue them for the same amount Wavel is suing you, it will be even.


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