"St. Ange Shines At WTO But No Luster In Tourism Results In Seychelles"

Dec 08, 2013
The Seychelles Minister responsible for Tourism & Culture, Mr Alain St.Ange has beed named by the Pacific Area Travel Writers Association (PATWA) to sit on the World Tourism Leader’s Summit. The subject of the Summit is World Tourism- New Initiatives and this will be taking place during the 2014 ITB Berlin.
Other Invited Speakers will include Taleb Rifai, the Secretary General of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), Martin Buck, the Vice President of Messe Berlin GmbH, Martin Craigs, the CEO of the Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA), Roger Dow, the President of the US Travel Association, Michael Frenzel, the Chairman of WTTC, and Casimir Platzer, the President of the IH&RA. Tourism Ministers from Kenya, Indonesia, Egypt and Malaysia are also expected to sit on the invited panel of speakers.
PATWA is the leading travel writers organization representing members from all over the world. The aim of PATWA is to promote professional development of Travel Writing and Travel Communication, which will make invaluable contribution in the promotion of tourism. PATWA supports the fundamental objectives and efforts for tourism and at the same time maintains adherence to the fundamental principles of the UNESCO, United Nation and of the World Tourism Organization. PATWA is an affiliate member of UNWTO and is supported by World Travel Forum.
Minister St.Ange of the Seychelles said after hearing of the confirmation that he was on the panel of speakers at this coming World Tourism Leader's Summit that
hie was honoured to have been invited by PATWA to be on the panel of speakers at the World Tourism Leader's Summit to discuss New Initiatives for World Tourism. "This shows that the work and the strategy today in place by the Ministry of Tourism and Culture and by its Seychelles Tourism Board is being recognised across the world. Being part of the panel of speakers at this important summit taking place at ITB, the German Tourism Trade Fair will also help keep Seychelles, as a tourism destination visible and it will also ensure that we remain relevant as a destination" Minister St.Ange said.
Germany, the home of ITB, the world biggest Tourism Trade Fair, remains a tourism market showing huge growth. "Visitor arrival numbers from Germany is increasing with double digit figures. Being seen and being heard during ITB in Berlin remains so important for us as a tourism destination" the Seychelles Minister responsible for Tourism and Culture said.
Seychelles has been having a successful tourism industry ever since the island's Government initiated a public private partnership that overseas the industry's policy decision process. Only last week Seychelles hosted the TOP TEN South African Tour Operators for the group Beachcomber South Africa and at a dinner at the Beachcomber Sainte Anne Resort the winner of the Top Award said in the presence of Minister St.Ange, Sherin Naiken, the CEO of the Seychelles Tourism Board and a representative of Air Seychelles that the Seychelles Offices in South Africa are an example to other destinations. "They are seen, they are active and they have raised the profile of Seychelles as a tourism destination. They are everywhere carrying out workshops and training for Tour Operators and Travel Agents" the 2013 Number 1 Beachcomber Tour Operator said
"Here again it shows that our strategy, as a Tourism Board, is working for Seychelles" Minister Alain St.Ange said



  1. St Ange said he is happy to be choosen as representative and that his tourist stragety in Seychelles is therefore literally good and recognize by the world.But you know what StAnge before recognition by the world we want to see a policy that physically work for our toursim industry so far the results have been medioc,has not generate enough job creation,revenues for the country.In other words,a policy to be recognized must work ,St Ange,yours is not working,and any proffesional in the industry can tell you that anonimously,and IMF bailing over and over pp is another proof,just as Mr Afif and Co,creating a new Airline.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  2. Less tourists this christmas season though it suppose to be our hh season.No activites for Praslin population on Christmas dito for tourists.

  3. Someone said that tourism is out of control in parts of the world, irreversibly damaging the environment and indigenous cultures and Seychelles is no exception where the effect of the unplanned or mismanaged growth of the tourism industry is very well apparent. Alain St. Ange was known once as 'Petit Prince des Iles' after the Coup and Papa St. Ange was king of La Digue. Much of his touristic strategies are orientated from PP strategies, whose logic was to give those 'blacks' music, drink, food, dance and they will be happy, think of nothing else and will vote for you!

  4. It is a tradition in Seychelles and will never die, those ti noir will always surport their masters. They are always happy as long you give them their Guinness,lapire dal,sigaret,food, music and for sure they will vote for you. Those kind of people can't see anything pass their nose. C'est vraiment deplorable.

  5. St.Ange is doing what the pti nwar was doing during the slave period that is make his master (Jam) happy with his performance. Alain do you think for a second that Jam and PP elite will replace you in the place of Faure? Penser bien!


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