What Happen To Under 30 Rooms Reserved For Seychellois-PL?

UAE-headquartered hospitality company JA Resorts & Hotels will open its first international managed property on 20th December 2013, with the launch of the five-star Enchanted Island Resort in the Seychelles.
Operated and managed by JA Resorts & Hotels, the 10-villa luxury beach resort is set in five acres of natural greenery and enjoys an exclusive location within one of the Indian Ocean archipelago’s protected National Marine Parks.
The boutique-style resort features a total of eight one-bedroom Private Pool Villas and two two-bedroom Enchanted Signature Villas, which have been designed to reflect the island’s traditional Creole-Seychellois architecture.
Each villa has its own private infinity pool, direct walkway to the beach, outdoor deck and rain shower, a French bathtub, king-size bed, LED television with satellite channels, DVD player, iPod docking station and complimentary Wi-Fi.
“The Seychelles has long been a preferred destination for world travellers seeking a true island paradise experience. The Enchanted Island Resort offers just that, with a handful of limited edition villas and a unique location that fulfils the luxury five-star brief but which is sympathetic to the environment and to the stunning natural beauty of the island,” said David Thomson, Chief Operating Officer of JA Resorts & Hotels.
“As our first property outside of the UAE, it makes for an impressive addition to our expanding portfolio of upscale resorts and hotels,” he added.
The elegant villas are complemented by a choice of dining and entertainment outlets. Bounty Restaurant, which overlooks the resort’s main swimming pool, serves contemporary international and Creole cuisine, while Castaway Bar offers a wide variety of signature cocktails and other beverages. In-villa dining and private gourmet experiences on the beach are also available for resort guests.
Leisure facilities include an exclusive stretch of private beach, a beautifully landscaped swimming pool, and complimentary use of snorkelling equipment and kayaks.
Guests will also be able to enjoy an exotic menu of treatments and therapies at the resort’s Serena Spa. Occupying an elevated position overlooking the clear blue waters of the Indian Ocean, the dedicated spa features an ‘Adam & Eve’ couples suite plus two further individual treatment pavilions with their own private steam room, shower and terrace. In addition to wellness experiences, the spa also offers yoga sessions, a gym and a number of other holistic therapies.
“In addition to offering the villas individually it is also possible to book the island on an exclusive basis, which really does mean the ultimate tailor-made holiday experience for up to 24 guests,” said Thomson.
The five-acre tropical island is owned by Enchanted Ventures with close proximity to the neighbouring islands of Sainte Anne, Moyenne, Long and Cerf.  Guests arriving at Seychelles International Airport, on the main island of Mahé, will take a 10-minute car transfer to the hotel’s private boat jetty for the 15-minute motorboat ride to the island.



  1. Seychellois seem to have no rights to benefit from their own economy.Pp continues to allow the construction of five star hotles though there is already too much of them ,and though the facts that those five hotels do not generate revenues for our country^s economic for all their revenues are banked abroad.Morevoer the more Seychellois ask Pp to reduce expats from our shores for it is not a sustainable practice and bad for our economic those donkeys keep building five star hotels and allow foreigners to set up the rule of the game.

    And the other question to PP,does the law says no foreigner can owe land(island also are our patrimony )in our country.

    What Seychelles need Pp donkeys is sustainable developemnt that is build its tourism industry on small and medium establishment.

    STOp raping our rule of laws Morgan?Stop ausing our people and liabilities instead of assets.Stop sell out our patrimony to Arab dogs.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  2. Oops ! Thanks for reminding us the policy vis a vis small tourism establishment. This applies to self catering and guest houses, but not to high end and high yield projects. Anyway, we will give owners of JA Resorts a Seychelles Passport, then everything will be OK. You will not have room to complain. This is called 'bending the law' rather than 'breaking the law' !

  3. Not having the irghts to enjoy and benefit from one won economy is a Huamn rights violation partilepep.That explains also why we are not performing at the same level as our neigbours too much dependencies of foreigners which is also a risks to sovereignty.

    Stop raping our rules of law Marons.

  4. Whatever you call it,a country's economy in general term cannot and should not be controlled by foreigners ,it makes a country lost its soveiregnty.Second ,before foreigners should be given whatever,a governemnt should ensure that its people is first.Depending on foreigners is not different from depedning on another country(Colonial time).a Nation must build thier own economy not others.Morever,under pp actual economic policies our country does not benefit at all from those five star hotels----they inport all their goods from abroad including vegetable,fish,fruits,continue to recruit cheap foreign labour,bank all their profit abroard etc..etc. this is not sustainable.It helps destroy our economy which explain why though millions in foreign iad.loans we still struggling to get out of Pp mess and nothing shows that things will change for good ,for PP keeps following the same failed policies and still keeps begging and living on charity.

    Check Pp growth figure--while pp continues to sell us the facde of growth ,it does not mirror the wellbeing of the majority.It is virtually impossible to understand Pp growth story without reviewing the incredible and massive role of offical and non -official development aid.Furthermore there is no DATA that pp can present us that shows the entend to which Seychelles' human capital has been reduced as a result of governemnt inability to create opportunities to contribute to sustainable and equitable development.And the ability for seychellois to develop sustainable and equitable growth has been deminished by waves of cheap foreign workers.

    These crooked economic pratices by Pp have made us unable to pay our debts,keep our people unemploy as a result our citizens have less purcahse power which also affect our economy,foreigners banked their revenues abroad,pay no,dispose us from our land, tax,etc..etc..etc..

    Jeanne D'Arc

  5. We in seychelles ,seychelles economy should be for seychellois before anyone else.Be it small ,big ,medium seychellois should be the one developing their country like any other nations.Morevoer ,as Chinese does,any foreigners investors should be in partnership with Seychellois.

    Building of more five star hotels that have proven not productive and do not genrate revenues for ther country should stop.Too much hotels will turn the country from a unique destination to MAJORCA spain(,also known a Housewives island beucase of massive cheap tourism ) and the reason it would turn into masive tourism destination is the fact that when you have too much of somethings--the competition is furious and price dumping become a necessity to survival.

    Wherever partilepep bend the law or break the law both are illegal.

  6. Our traditional picnic on the small islands around Mahe is gone.
    Gone are the old days when BAN'N PTI KREOL LEO can enjoy a Sunday on the beach.
    We can't enough land on one of those island to have our traditional joie-de-vivre
    Pov ban'n tpi trezor. You don't have the right to enjoy on your motherland beaches.

  7. How on earth can plan to build villas on Moyenne island be approved.
    Where does the DELO KAKA sewage being discharge.
    PP you destroying our islands and the reefs.
    Couple years ago I passed by Anomyme island and to my surprise this island is almost flattened! Shame on the planning dept.

  8. It is gone becuase of illegal sell out and note the law say no foriegner is allow to buy and posses land in our country.Pp seems to beleive the word LAND means oinly land on Mahe.Praslin ,Ladigue and our island are not our land,not our teroritories ,it is for glenny and pp and so they can continue to sell them out.Morevoer,ALL BEACHES ARE PUBLIC--that includines on every of our island including Desroches,North Island,Denis etc..Seychellois must never accept the crooked pratice that allow foreigner to not only dispposess us from our land but make their own laws in regards to access to our beaches.We owe this land not foreigners and they must not thing that we going to abide by their rtacist mentally and allow them to tell us where we can go or not....

    Pp after gifting foreigners our patrimony,passport has gone a step ferther namely selling our economy to foreigners to make us depend of arabs and the rest,when in fac treal economic growth should be the products of a country's citizens.

    Just a little bizzard observation---PP is forcing oour youth to celebrate INDAIN Youth Day -Are we Indian,a part of India?Why Seychellois must celebrate Indain Youth Day not their own Youth day?We sovereign pp not a colony of India or UAE.Next year we will celebrate Arab ,Sri Lankan youth day.

    Jeanne D'Arc

    1. Why not celebrate Indian Youth Day? After all there are so many Indians in Seychelles.

      The most number of Indians are in the construction industry and the second largest number is in the Attorney General's Department. Utterly incompetent and are holding jobs at the expense of the competent Seychellois. This Department is directly under the President who approves the appointments on the recommendation of the Attorney General. Please Mr President open your eyes to this influx of Indians before it is too late.

  9. Reply 02:50
    The policy, which every relied upon, and invested, was:" all projects under 30 rooms will be reserved for Bona Fide Seychellois".
    In practice, PL sells Islands and lets every foreigner do as he please in Seychelles.
    This is very unhealthy for the stability of the economy and obstructs Seychellois the opportunity to invest in their country knowing the rules.
    By breaking the rules to the detriment of Seychellois, PL creates more instability, and encourages greater activism which sooner or later, will flow into the streets.
    Seselwa Unite!
    Sesel Pou Seselwa!
    Christopher Gill
    Seychelles Freedom Party

  10. Is Elmatri still on our shore Seselwa.get him out before you pay a big price seselwa.There are coming for him.

  11. In the Theory of moral sentiments 1756,Adam Smith wrote"If the fruits of a soceity's economic development can not be shared by all,it is unsound and risky,as ti is bound to jeopardize social stasbility".This becoming more and more true when he llok at PP's spcioeconomic policies which anchor its devlopment straregy on clan lens and foreign friends.Such a strategy of non-inclusion has brought Pp to treat Seychellois as liabilities rather than assets,which inturn deminished Seychellois' capacity to create a sustainable and equitable soceity.Growth has not been accompanied by empowering and enticing investment environment that open-up politcal and socioeconomic space for all stakeholders.Consequently, the country is not performing at a level that would boost productivity per capita income and equitable wealth,wealth creating assets for the vast amjority.In other words,it is a policy which sabotage the National economy.A timing set up by PP which at anytime can distability our society.

    Pp crooked economic is a rent-seeking activity by PP thugs who either skim off the profits of government enterprises or awardcontracts and jobs to their friends.Pp calls that LIBERALIZATION which is in fact BRIBERIZATION.

    We refuse to paly the game of pitting working people in one Nation,PP.Stop giving Seychellois meal to foreigners.An economy must serve the people not the economy.

    The economic injustice has made our beloved Nation a cow that no longer produce milk,thus instead of being indepednet we after 4 decades of mismanagement,corruption,bribery etc...Seychelles finds itself begging thr world to survive.This is why i subscribe to COLLIER^s Thesis of a poor country with dyfunctional social model that reduces the fulfilemnt of human potential,which in turns contributes to persistent injustice and a failing state.

    Seychellois must fight for their own interests and end foreign control.We must not let other Nations or foriegn individuals act with predatory intent as they currently do and facilitated by the rogue pp communist sytem.It impede us from competing in the global economy.

    National wealth is created PP .A antion's competitiveness depends on the capacity of its industry to innovate and upgrade.Competitive advantage is created and sutained through a highly localized process.Differences in Nations values,culture,economic structures,institutions,and histories all contribute to economic successs.And finally PP a nation^s standard of living depends on the capacitiy of its companies to achieve high level of productivity---and to increase productivity over time.In other words,the only meaingful concept of competitivenss at a Nation's level is productivity.It is not charity,foreign aid,loan,money luandering,financial.sell out,and depending on foreigners.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  12. Pp is detroying the country with sell out and foreign aid.This insidious aid culture has left Seychelles more debt-laden,more inflation-prone,more vulnerable to the the vagaries of currency markets,and more unattractive to higly quality investment.It increase the risk of civil conflict and unrest..While PP tells us its paying back our debts with one hands at rthe same time it takes more debt with the other hand.

    Jeanne D'Arc


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