Air Seychelles Domestic Raping Paradise!

Recently, Minister Joel Morgan went on SBC to give accolades to the Air Seychelles- Etihad management, for registering a 117% increase in profits, jumping from $1 Million in 2012, to $3 Million plus in 2013. An incredible feat, and believable to me, given that Air Seychelles in that time, flew directly mostly to Abu Dhabi then hooked a Hong Kong leg Three (3) times a week to Abu Dhabi, mostly, for air access for Etihad.
The real story is on the ground right here in Seychelles.
While Air Seychelles did 117% overall in profit, the Domestic segment which plies Mahe –Praslin petered about with only a 9% increase in passenger load, from the past year, mostly Etihad inbound clients. This number is particularly alarming when you consider that Minister St. Ange is claiming a year on year increase in Arrivals by 12%.  What this means, is that Arrivals, are avoiding Air Seychelles Domestic. Why would they be doing that, Papa-Wappa?

Unpredictable Ticket Pricing
Most of the time, when you book a Air Seychelles Domestic ticket, they charge you between Scr. 1,000- 2200.00 round trip with odd hours of return. A Couple travelling on Air Seychelles Domestic Mahe- Praslin is likely to get stuck with a 4,000.00 rupee bill, for a 15 minute island hopper using kerosene fuel. The pricing scheme is simply mad. It has had the effect of allowing market space for Cat Cocos to increase its fairs for economy to near Scr. 300.00.
The impact on the economy has not gone un noticed. You do not need a scientist to figure it all out. 1. Less travelers on Air Seychelles means less activity for the airport staff on Praslin, a new airport, with staff getting bored to death and resigning to work in hotels;2. Taxi Drivers have been idle since the new fare increases took place, their business has been cut by at least 50%; hotels suffer;trade between Mahe and Praslin suffers. 
While Air Seychelles is celebrating 117% profit, Mr. Morgan, your strategy has turned Praslin into a back water, with lots of nature, but no economic activity. You need to fix this problem or President James Michel, needs to make you an Ambassador on Pirates Rights.
Here is a quoted round trip on Air Seychelles Domestic per person with 10 kg. A couple going to Mahe can buy a ticket to Mauritius at this price.

Baggage Allowance Skinning
On baggage allowance Etihad Air Seychelles has not been very kind. They increase Arrival excess to Euro 6.00 per kilo for a 15 minute hopper, charging mostl Emirates passengers with the excess. Allowable  kilos is 10 per passenger. But on an inbound international flight connecting to Air Seychelles Domestic, it is at the very least, 23 kilos. Air Seychelles Domestic was making Arrivals pay the difference on each flight, tacking an additional euro 60.00 to each passenger onward to Praslin.
Excess baggage for locals is not any prettier. It has gone from 10.0 rupees per kilo to 50.00 per kilo. Minister Morgan, why don’t you just drop an A- Bomb on Praslin, and finish her off?

Cancel Excursions For Day Trips
In the past Air Seychelles had a reasonable excursion for day trippers who need to  see a doctor on Mahe, or do business in a government office, or shop a bit fr things they cannot find on Praslin. They would come down for the day, do their meetings, conduct their business, and go back to Praslin. In that process, they use to rent a car, or hire a taxi to get about. For Scr. 525.00 you could take a 9.00 am flight and be back in Praslin 5.45 pm. Now this is impossible. It cost no less then Scr. 1600.00 for the same flight unless of course, you are politically connected and can get a cheaper flight.
No economy can work with such malfunctioning policies. How does Air Seychelles register 117% profit increase unless it is really just working for Etihad air access?
Seselwa Unite For Sesel Pou Seselwa!
May God Bless All Freedom Loving Seychellois!

In comparison to a return flight to Alicante, Spain. A round trip of 2092 miles, duration of 5hrs flight time.


  1. what a rip off. You expose it with a 2000 mile round trip costing much much less.
    they are taking seychellois for fools.

    1. Nothing new I'm afraid.... Fucked by SPUP/SPPF/ PL since 1977.

  2. Mahe to Praslin is only 12-15 mins flight. They do not pay landing fees on Praslin. The new airport was built free by PRC. Yet they charges us 3.0 rupee fee every day for 15 years, saying they need to raise money to build an airport.
    Scamming our people. Arab go home Papa! Michel Go Home Kouyon, how can you write a book you cannot even read one? Who wrote the book? Bernard Georges?

  3. St Ange as well as Dr Morgan,should recgonize that EITHAD/AIRSEY deals is killing our tourism industry and burdening domestic travelers with pharaonic price to cover the loss by AIRSEY,which in itself affect domestic economy.Soon,as the above article precises Seychellois would have to pay SR 4000 for a trip Praslin/Mahe ,thus which equate the National average salary of Seychellois.
    Less competition means less need for cheaper prices.Because of the pharaonic pirce,unafforadable to the majority of Seychellois,Morgan has to operate few flights in an attempt to fly fuller.Thus fewer flights,less competition,higher capacity for the airline,Morgan can charge a lot more for tickets.Of course Pp would tell us,it is becuase the rise of jet fuel cost,or the charges is pending with Airport Economic Regulatory (AERA)..etc..etc..etc..

    The question that crops up is,Should not the government make space for more competition?

    Stop sucking the tits of the population Pp?

    Jeanne D'Arc

  4. Things the governemnt can do ,to lower domestic ticket prices.
    -First,it could do it,simply by reducing it,for the actual high price is artificial and unjustified.-----Price must be lowered.But there is a poosibility for instance that governemnt increase a little bit the pirce during high touristic season and reduction during low season.
    -Kock down the non- competition barrier and mono'oly which would automatically result in lower ticket prices.
    -To reduce cost on personnel---introduce self-ticketing and self-checking machines.ALso internet booking thus reduce fares for those making interent booking.Or there is a discrease in ticket fare during high traffick and and discount during less traffick.E.g early in the morninlate in the evening on Saturdays,while during the day lets say between 12--14 o'clock price is reduce.etc..etc..etc..
    -Estabish a long-term policy that focusses of reducing fuel price.

    Reduce the exorbitant wage of employees to the likes of David Savy.which causes the non-maximization of output.-etc..etc..etc..etc..

    NB-- during the Brit time,there was private owed domestic airline(named Intern Island Ltd---And it did work.

    jeanne D?arc


  5. This is breaking and entering.Voler voler bann voler.

  6. Share code with Etihad is proving to be a failure.Awaiting success expected is not there,so Morgan has to sell us self-concocted figures to make us feel good and avoid ciritic of Etihsd/AirSey failed deal.Morgan even tells us..that flying from Dubia to Hong Kong increase arrival domoestically,Increbible indeed.

  7. Why opposition are soft on Russian mafia and they are not exposing those mafia who are on our shore with their criminal activity like hacking and and importing crystal to kill our youths.

  8. Weak opposition....... Simple!

  9. Due to weak opposition parties and presidential dominance, many African countries have not reaped the full benefits of regularly held elections, yes my friends, including our Seychelles.

  10. PL sounds like a broken record, they keep on repeating the same things.Old ideas, old policies and broken promises. It is time for a change.

  11. The Russian question is complicated. The Russians have been handled by SNP lawyers and Boulle. This is why they are silent.

  12. 5.48
    I would rather say,due to divided opposition,the ruling part keeps rolling,though all its policies have proven to be failures.A UNITED Oppostion would end PP rules over night.YOu could imagine why Pp is so eager at ensuring that RMa and Volcere stay fake Oppostion and refuse any sort of unity with for instance,SFP,for it would break Pp into pieces.With Pp we have not oly broken promise--but Broken promises,broken contract and broken faith and a broken country.It has been like for the last 4 decades and nothing show that it would change under pp,thus the need to change PP by all means.

    Jeanne D^Arc


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