Seychelles Human Trafficking Bill Presented By Minister in Denial‏

Recently the Seychelles presented a Bill to the National Assembly which will make it a crime to traffic humans for sex, labor and slavery.
The Bill long over due, was presented by the Minister of Internal Affairs Mr. Joel Morgan.

Minister Morgan Said False Not In Seychelles
Minister Morgan has traditionally been the Minister who has vehemently denied allegations by the US State Department and the United Nations Committee on Human Trafficking and Human Rights, that Seychelles is being used as a base for Human Trafficking. Mr. Morgan has called the allegations FALSE and based on RUMORS.
Tier III Sanctions Coming
In spite of Minister Morgan's denial, the US State Department has placed Seychelles under Tier II warning Tier to come into compliance and implement legislation and a program to combat human trafficking in Seychelles. The Tier II placement is running now for Two(2) years, and Tier III SANCTIONS are very likely to follow.
SBC Denial Again
As soon as Minister Morgan was finished at the National Assembly, he headed to SBC for a broadcast on Human Trafficking. The UN and US State Department needs to get a copy of this interview. Again, Mr. Minister Morgan denies that Seychelles has a problem.
If Minister Morgan keeps on denying this issue, while he uses Gurhkas as mercenaries in Seychelles, and while the Public Order Act which he defended has been put to shame by the US State Department, Mr. Morgan is taking Seychelles into a dangerous path: authoritarianism validated by the Minister of Internal Affairs. Consequently, Seychelles will be placed under Tier III and  SANCTIONS from USA and EU will follow, AID will be suspended.Michel regime. But unfortunately, Seychelles suffers for your faux pas. Next time, pick your consultants wisely.
Seselwa Unite For Sesel Pou Seselwa!
May God Bless All Freedom Loving Seyhcellois!
Happy Easter!


  1. State House has blocked the SFP Tweets of articles on HUMAN RIGHTS ABUSE.
    We do this hoping if we do not receive the articles, then the problem does not exist and we are STATE HOUSE can go on living our wonderful life, in a wonderful Gurhkas world, with SERB FABRIKES running our little country.

  2. They do not Tweet at State House.
    They just log on every hour.

  3. Pp ignores that when you push young girls into prostituions becuase they cannot find jobs,ofr Pp have given all to foriegners--it is sex slave(for they doing it by needs not by choice and willingly).Waht it not Morgan minister oftransport who apporved the illegal transportation of Indain cheap worekrs by Khalfia to Seychelles.Donot tell us you didinot know Morgan,for they containers they were in were deliberately not controlled,they didnot went through immigrantion rpocess,and hide from public eyes.Donot tell us Dr Morgan,that you donot know that sex slave coming from Eastern European countires land on our Airport and tansfered to Leeskemski Borthels disguise as Hotel to perfrom the perversity of Arabs despots.

    I think Morgan and the rest of Pp,deserve credit for perfecting the art of denial,just like the smooth carrer criminal who denies evrything when get caught.Don't do it,Didnot do it,somebody else did it,someone else stolen my fingerprints,
    The worst lies Morgan are the lies of denial.Denial does not amke the problem go away,it won't give you peace of mind,.Denial is liar.Addiction to lies won't make the problem go away Morgan.

    jeanne D'Arc


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