"Air Seychelles Launches Cargo Flight But Ticket Prices Remain Excessive"

Air Seychelles earlier today announced the launch of a dedicated cargo flight between the archipelago’s international airport on the main island of Mahe and Praslin, the second largest island among the 115 which make up the Seychelles.
The airline will for the time being operate the cargo flight once a week, timed to coincide with the arrival of the Air Seychelles flight from Abu Dhabi to ensure almost immediate onward shipment by air of imports needed by the hotels and resorts on Praslin.
Previously were such shipments taken to the port and sent by either ferry or another ship, which was not only time consuming but also impacted on items which required constant refrigeration.
It was learned that while customs clearance will continue to be affected at the main airport, at the aerodrome in Praslin hotel and resort trucks and pickups will then be able to access the airside to facilitate immediate loading and onward deliver to the final destination.
The aircraft used, a Short 360, which has previously served in the inter-island aircraft fleet as a passenger plane, has been retrofitted and is now capable of carrying up to 3.5 metric tons of cargo or over 1.300 cubic feet.
Mr. Manoj Papa, the new CEO of Air Seychelles, had the following comments to make when breaking the news:
This is a step-change for our domestic business, a reinforcement of how we are aligning our network, fleet, and service portfolio, domestic and international, to support the local tourism industry and encourage more trans-shipment cargo into the Seychelles. We witnessed record growth in cargo in 2013 as well as strong growth in our domestic operations. This service will enhance our domestic business, strengthening cargo services for our customers’.
The new all-cargo service follows the recent launch of a cargo chiller and freezer facility at the newly refurbished cargo terminal at Seychelles International Airport. Customers can find further details by visiting the cargo section of the Air Seychelles website or by e-mailing CargoCS. Air Seychelles domestic cargo flight schedule has been given as follows:
In terms of fleet development is Air Seychelles expecting to replace three ageing Twin Otters with state of the art versions of the same aircraft type, latest by next year when Viking is able to deliver the new planes, a third Airbus A330 is under consideration and an Airbus A320 will join the fleet later this year for deployment on routes to Mauritius and other potential new destinations on the African mainland or across the Indian Ocean Vanilla Islands.


  1. Would shipping be cheaper,more effective and good for locals boatowners operating between Mahe,Praslin ?Is airline fuel cheaper thna that of boat PP?I would prefer Pp instead provide efficient and ecost efrfective Deomstic Flights than CARGO FLIGHT operation between Mahe and Praslin and reduce domestic flghit price for it cost much more than a flight ticket to Mauritius even to EUROPE.

    Air frieght seems good for longbhuals not short distance like Mahe -Praslin.What would then be the price of Air freight when Dmoestic apssaenger flight prices are astronomic and almost unpayable for citizens.Air frieght would mean higher cost of trnasport ofr firm instead of saving especially after all those multiples taxes,CRS,and stagnating economc.

    Jeanne d'aRC

  2. While Pp tells us their is a demands for more seats on Domestic flgihts ,At the same time Pp tells us it would repalce two Twin oters by two new ones of the same seize,therefore same amount of seats.Why not take the orportunity Pp to buy bigger Twin Otters such as thew DHC-7 TWIN OTTERS with maximum of 60 seats PP .TIt would provide a better service ,more capaicty t,then compensate or reduce the amount of flights now done by smaller Twin Otters which means a reduce of fuel use,(for aircraft with more seating psibility means also less small aricraft flights.We should think not only on short term but on the long term,therefore do thing that would solve problems for a long time not one decades then go back to the starting point again after .When one look of how difficult to get a seat on Domestic flights ,it would be wise to buy new apporpriate aircrafts rather than new ones of the same sieze as the old,for it wont solve the problems of shortage of seats on domestic flights.

    In a words-we have a shortage of space on domestic flgihts--then Pp when byubg new aircraft --buy bigger ones with more seats Donkeys,when you would solve the probelms for decades.

  3. The foreign mamager of Air Seychelles tells us ,they might purchase a third aircraft to boost tourism arrivals or support tourism indsutry?How can flgiht operating bewtween Asia and main Continent of Afirca boost toursim arrival in Seychelles PAPA/or mama?Seychelles is the African country with the hihgest income,and we are struggling to make end meet,how could we Bleive PPA hen he said third aricraft to serve Aisa/Africa would boost arrival in Seychelles.Donot twell us african who most on them live on ONE LITTEL DOLLAr a day would visit Seychelles as toursist where a ROOM per night would cost an AFRICAN 5 years salary.How you boost toursim arrival without oeprating ot our main Market Dr PAPA?A third Airline Drv APAPA is simply to serve ETIAHD stragety ,to be the socndary airline to Eithad but not to boost tourism arrival.Main Market is EUROPE and would probavly stay EUROEP for many decades more.for though CHinese are having more purcahse power,it would take them deacdes to be the world main tourist suppliers due to low wages .

    Third Airline should not operate regionally ito boost Arrival but to main market wihch is EUROEP not China,Not Arab countires a Michel ewants to amke us beleive in order to find an execuse to justify Air Seychelles deal iwth Khalfia for it is not and Arbes Michel would never be the owrld biggest toursits suppliers for many reasons--they donot have traveling as tradtion,they do not spend like UEROEPAN who go to bars the do drink alcohol,restaurants afraid they would be given pig meat ,rent boatcharter ,to etc.....this would never happendned unless Arabs convert them into christainity,or other open religion like Orthodox christian,protestants etc...Not Muslim--the primitive culture amke them slave of Mohammed then impossible to depend on them to boost arrival and genrate revenues as with EUropean tourists.

    Third flghit to Europe which would allwo Seychelles to have two aircraft operating to anf from EUROPE or new market with real potential like AUSTRALIA/NEUSEELAND the pacfic countries that travel is a tradtion,a culture like EUROEPEANs and are the biggest toursists suppliers in Asia.



  5. Here we go again! The previous CEO of Air Seychelles gave us so much balls, now the new CEO is giving us papa -mamma reasons for the coming strategies of operation affecting Air Seychelles, when in fact they are plans to boost Etihad and Arabs interests.
    Watch out for another dubious sell-out, it has been announced in the Nation of 'Visit of Lanka Hospital'. The Sri Lanka Health delegation is in Seychelles for their own interests, soon they will staff the Seychelles Hospitals with Sri Lankans nurses and technicians since the hospitals are already under an Indian Administrator. Less jobs for Seychellois and a useless Health Minister like Mitsy Larue would applaud the deal. Allez Seychelles!

  6. Another killing by Seychelles police force,Robin Norbert Ferminot,this guy told them he had pain when he was arrested they should have brought this guy straight away to hospital but those suckers don't care just because his a bad guy,bad guy are also human being moron and they have a right to live not because his bad you to let him die and then call ambulance.

  7. I am not aginst the idea of operating a domestic cargo fleet,the problem is that ,there is other important problems that PP should have sovled long ago and is stil around.On domestic flights there is a lakc of seat ,thus supply cannot cope with demands ,thus instead of improving service by buying two DHC-7 that could take up to 60 passangers which would have lots of benfits--reduce the going and coming of small aricrafts with 19 seats whcih when added the flgihts they made daily and fuel use could be more ecost effective should Pp use bigger planes---it reduce Airsey sfuel cost,provide better domestic service,reduce noise,polution,etc.....

    Secondly,pp repeatedly preached about the importance of our main torusim market EUROEP--instead of put direct lfight from our main market,PP and his foreigners told us it might buy a third Aircraft to transport ,Arabes Nad Afircans between Asia and Africa and that help our toursim industry,absurdity at it^s zenith.You know as the proverb goes"once a monke,always a monkey"

    Jeanne D'Arc

  8. Pp to not beleive in the potential of its people.Eiher becuase PP thugs do not know their on values,or feel becuase they are stupid then all Seychellois are stupid too.Or pp uneducated fools think by surrounding them with foreigners they automatically become intelligent,or it make them qualified.

    Not only Michel think like this ,but all pp thugs including St Ange.the latter for instant,think Seychellois has no culture,tradtions that he imports foreigners to come a dispaly their cultures and tradtions on our streets,and thus selling tourists a fake produce that had nothing to do with Seychellios,How foolish could someine be ,to think the culture and trandtions on his people is that of foreign culture. irepeat agian,Should tourists want to see .--Indian ,hindu religious celebrations then they go to Indai,Maruitius,Sir Lanka --Hindus Antions,when they want to see Chinese Dragon Dacne then they go to China,Hong Kong ,Taiwan,if they want to see Orthodox relgious ceremonies then they go to Greece,Ethopia,Russia ,donkeys.T

    When toursits choose to come to Seychelles is becuase they want to learn ,expeirence not only the beauty of our land, but learn about Seychellois traditions and culture,and about its peopole.They donot expect to see us celelbrating fake and foreign celebration,proccessions in our land.wqhatnthey want St Ange is a CARNIVAL that dispaly Seychellois tradition and cultutre and tell then a story of our history,tradition and culture not foreign cultures and traditions donkeys.

    If you donot know your own culture and tradtion donkeys ,you like a tree without a root,you cannot exist dog.

    Stop wasting Tax payers^money for promoting foreing cultures and t5radtioons on our soveiregn streets St Ange.Seychellois have 3 hundred plus of hisotry,a rich and proud history....we want to see carnival that shoe,dispaly seychellois culture and traditoons on our soveiregn streets not to promote chinese communsim on our streets donkeys.E.g Michel has the profile,the wickednnes of LA BUZZ he could dressed himself a LABUZZ then tourist would leran something about our history,RAM could disguise himself as Cart puller of the Governor,and Morgan could disguise himself as Brit Governemnt,Herminite could idsguise himself as domestic,Pierre as the ogvernor cook,VOlcere as the ogvernor shoe cleaner,GOvinden as graderners , St Ange as GOvernor^son,FAURE as gate keeper etc....

    Jeanne D'Arc

  9. So, the Short360 has been retrofitted to carry 3.5 metric tons of cargo and is scheduled for only one flight per week to Praslin departing Mahe at 0900 on Mondays only!
    What will the plane be used for during the remainder of the week?
    Carry birds eggs?

  10. As museum docor to glorify PP achievemement qwhcih are failures.The fact ,that it would operate a weekly flgiht only ,shows how ensure PP is about the project--it was probably done rapidly in order to sell it to Seychellois as achievement but without real commercial strategy.However,apart from One weekly trip to Praslin ,it could for instance also serve Outter Islands,Denis Island,Air post service.It could also be modified-(that it could be rapidly coverted into a Air Ambulance.or at least one of those air-caraft could hasve been covered into a an AIrAmbulance to deal with mergency when occurs both on Praslin or Outter ISlands.etc..etc..etc..

    Jeanne D'Arc


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