Seychelles Turn To China for Public Relations (塞舌尔转到中国的公共关系)

"The real news from Seychelles No Credits From State House"

VICTORIA, April 23 (BERNAMA-NNN- Xinhua) -- Seychelles News Agency, the national news agency of the Indian Ocean island country, has been launched, a press release from Seychelles' Department of Information said.

Seychelles News Agency will give daily "as -it-happens" news and features focusing on the islands' environment, defense and maritime security, energy, tourism and business development, news and views from other Indian Ocean islands and key African events, according to the press release.

The agency is funded by the Department of Information of the Government of Seychelles and has a partnership for world news with Xinhua.

"We are fully engaged in world affairs to fight climate change, as well as ensuring peace and security in the Indian Ocean and East Africa. We want to show the world how a small island state can be a model for sustainable development.

"The Seychelles News Agency will enable the world community to keep up to date with all these events in our islands and the Indian Ocean region," Seychelles President James Michel commented on the website of the news agency.

"Seychelles has a lot to share with the world, to bring its experience and expertise to the attention of the world community. The Seychelles News Agency will help to give us a voice on the world stage, and share some of the interesting events that happen in our islands," Seychelles Minister for Foreign Affairs Jean-Paul Adam said in his part.

With a population of 90,000 people, Seychelles is an African country in the western Indian Ocean. The country has 52 percent of its land territory protected by law as nature reserves, making it the most protected, conservation-minded nation in the world, according to the statement.

Seychelles News Agency is an on-line news service, which is the first of its kind in the small island state, a media official in the Seychelles presidency told Xinhua by email.


  1. If they are "fully engaged in world affairs to fight climate change" then they can start by walking into work every morning and switching the aircon off in the office.

  2. Who is funding this bull shit?

  3. One is a Serb, the others are a Bulgarian and an Arab. Where is the representation of Seychellois? What do they know about Seychelles?

    How can these assholes promote Seychelles when know nothing about the history of Seychelles? Do they know how many people were murdered? Do they know how many explosives devices went off prior to the Coup D'eta? Do they know how many Seychellois disappeared? Do they know how many Seychellois living in exile abroad? What a load of crap. Give me a f**king break James!

    How can a country prosper when they are paying foreigners thousands of dollars to run the bloody country? How can a country find a way out from the cesspit of debt when a government is plucking the country from prosperity. It's looking more like James bald head.

    Gary Tall

    1. Gary we have but one thing left to do now: take to the streets just like Rene taught us.

  4. It is a sell to any foreigner except Seychellois. We do not have a say in our own country.Why? Because it is run by a bloody moron and an idiot with no education whatsoever. 75% of our consuls abroad are foreigners. He does not trust Seychellois because the majority does not support his actions.

    Can you imagine German Police patrolling the streets of London? This is real situation in Seychelles. We have now Nepalese mercenaries patrolling the streets of Mahe and Praslin. Irish mecernaries in charge of the Finance Intelligent Unit and the National Drugs Enforcement Agency. His own Public Relations Officer at State house is from Serbia. My country, my place of birth, gone to the dogs!

    Gary Tall

    1. It's nothing more than a public relations stunt. Lies, lies and more lies. PL, do not lie to us unless you're absolutely sure that we will never find the truth.

  5. Broken promises, broken dreams and broken Paradise!

  6. Well, the Serb, we all know the history of the Serbs in former Yugoslavia, Bulgarians are corrupt and discriminates against their own Roma population and the Arabs? The only democracy in the middle east is Israel. That tells you everything you need to know about PL.

  7. That is Micxhel the Butcher NEW SEYCHELLES---- whereby foreigners/mercnearies are brought in to illegally control our institutions such as justice,police, if Seychellois are stupid,unable,semi--human,uncicilize etc..
    A soveiregn country representatives/ambassadors ahve the same duty,power and reponsibility of a minister.Thus ,a soveiregn country represnetative of high RANK.The question to thugtacrats PP is does the Constitution define seychelles Natives or people as foreigners,does the constitution stipulates that Pp thugtocrats can illegally appointed foreigners many of whom never knew about Seychelles ,not even know if it exist and could not even show you on map be ministers(ambassodors)of our soveiregn country?

    Not only that,these ofriegners are covered by immunity given to them illegally by PP,thus they could sell out passport,visa,etc.. in the name of Seychellois the country that is not thiers,and do not know anything about.

    The Internationally and normal accepted condition to hold the title of Amdassador/diplomat entails the condition that the person should be a NATRUAL BORN CITIZEN--that imply to China,USa and every single Nation or states in the world with the ecception of Seychelles,whereby a gang of half-brain donkeys think they have devine power to do what they want,the way they want.

    YOu waht PP seem to want get their heads blow up.They asking for it,i have warned them,and it seems the little half-brain are unable to register that.I would repeat it once again-- IF YOU DONOT CHANGE BY YOURSELVES MONKEYS IN 2016 YOU WILL ALL WITHOUT EXCEPTIN HAVE YOUR HAED BLOWN UP.iT IS A PORMISE I MADE TO THE PEOPLE OF SEYCHELLES,AND I WOULD MAKE SURE THIS PROMISE IS KEPT.I am not going to fool Seychellois like pp,i am going to physically prove it to them.

    Jeanne D?Arc

  8. THats the concern of the repected countries you mention---we are concern about our own country.Clean in front one own door before cleanng that of others.Israel,Serbia,ans so on these are foreigners not seychellois nor seychelles ,we must concetrate on oue own affairs,and problmes and find out how best to solve them and the means to solve them.


  9. They will be also allowed to vote in the coming election watch it carefully Seychellios they already obtain Seychelles citizenship.

  10. It is all a charade to hide the truth. Someone once said that what you see in Seychelles is just a mirage, nothing is real and lasting, how true!
    The Nation published what Minister Adam said in congratulating the Honorary Consuls for their work done overseas. He said "you are the faces and voices of Seychelles" False! they are not the faces of Seychellois, they are not the voices of people of Seychelles. They are using the Seychelles as a spring board to launch their own agenda. They are connected to their own groups of opportunists and mafias. Jean-Paul Adam went on to say " You are both our lifeline and our Achilles heel." What a crap! those foreign born do not give a hoot about Seychelles, their 'lombri-pa-ti-entere' Seychelles, and tomorrow if Seychelles takes a turn for the worse, they would not be around and would not be found anywhere.
    Real Honorary Consuls of Seychelles should not be afraid to voice their true political opinion; for example, the annexation of Ukraine territory by Russia. Let the Russian Ambassadors know wherever they may be, that Putin acted wrongly and he is a modern day political bandit that needs be taught a lesson! Let them convey the message that if Russia enters Ukraine by the East door, the West will enter Ukraine by the west door and where they meet will become the next Berlin Wall.
    Russian and Irish Mafiosi in Seychelles better beware, changes have to come and
    at the moment Seychelles is just a mirage!

  11. Public relations success requires a deep understanding of the interests and concerns of the clients,countrires etc..that is why a soveiregn country representatives abraod are National born citizens and not is similar to the position held by a minister--thus it could not be a foriegner.

    A country image can best be advertise,protected,defence by itscitizens not foreigners--that why all countries have National bron citizens as diplomats and so on and not foreigners.CHinese governemnt has no foreigners representing them and that is why we see the CHinese woman burst in laughter on the above picture for she is happy to be named minister of a foriegn country and pocket millions of dollars and happy to see how African idiots are real idiots and donot know their real values as Nations.Probalby she was thinking "how could those donkeys with EUROPEAN decendent be so stupid as Africans on the main Africancontinent?She also has never seen that and she was thinking to herself----Africans are real monkeys are they been depicted centuries ago,they just donot understand things,they are simply different from any peopple you would meet around the world.their thinkings come from another world,and they would probably stay this way in their ignorance,stupidity,slavery mentality until the end of time".

  12. No one can hide the turth forver.Truth is so powerful that not even God can hide,it will stay as long as the sun and moon shine.

  13. Good journalism begins at home – you can measure the strength of any reporting organisation by how it covers domestic affairs in its own country. SBC employees contest that the organisation is “fair and balanced”, that it functions like the BBC – state owned but editorially independent. But a quick perusal of the organisation’s coverage of Seychelles politics quite quickly shows this to be a lie. Their coverage of Seychelles' internal politics is pathetic, a “People’s Daily” style lap god for the regime. News on government policy is reserved for churning out press releases. I’ll give you an example. A news story on their website was called: “Michel promotes social unity”. All it does is simply quote from a speech Michel made, with no opposition response, no political context. Just a report on how the brilliant President is uniting the country. What journalism!

  14. Learning to a be journalist under coconut trees are not journalist they need to more professional Seychelles journalist especially those one at SBC and Seychelles Nation on there new website some time sport news you can find any sport news they can be better journalist but lazy to search for news or been control by dictators what to write or what to publish just bags of lies.

  15. "Seychelles has a lot to share with the world, to bring its experience and expertise to the attention of the world community.
    For example:
    1. How to conduct a coup d'etat.
    2. How to make people disappear.
    3. How to oppress the people.
    4. How to legitimize corruption.
    5. How to suppress freedom of speech and freedom of the press.
    6. How to rule by dictatorship and claim democracy.

  16. 10:02 I will add:

    How to sell arms to Rwanda;
    How to stimulate Genocide without culpability;
    How to bankrupt a small island state that gets more tourist per year then population;
    How to destroy a people;
    How to make Fabrikes citizens and blend them into news agency.

  17. How to a coward and hide behind anonymous.

    nikol roz

  18. Chinese think we are Tibetian--they can fool,rob,abuse,rape,animalize,destory,etc...

    PR is now done in CHina,Patrol boat specially made with Love and care for Seychelles.CHines Mabassador should rather show LOVE for the Chinese people they been enslaving for over 60 years.Love your people MAo,like you love yourselves first.Free Tibetian and show them that you really love them.Stop provocaking your neighbours and create peace in the region.Seychelles EEZ belongs to soveiregn Seychelles State,it must be respected by all Nations,including China in the same way that Chinese think Chinese EEZ should be protected and respect by others.

    Support Interanitonal norms and pratices--not Putin illegal annexation of UkrAIne,Support he Syrian popel nt Assad butcvhering his people.Love Twaiwan people and accept their freedom to choose their own destiny.

    And finally,there is nothing for you ,In Seychelles,Seychelles is for Seychellois not Chinese.

    Go home Mao.

  19. do not support the junta in Ukraine or the the warring factions in Syria.

    nikol roz


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