Seychelles Moves To Defacto State of Emergency

The USA State Department Deputy Director for Africa has said : “there are no further programs for Republic of Seychelles, aside from those programs already in operation like the fight against Piracy”.
This ground shaking declaration has come the same day State Department Deputy for Africa announced that: “ the Public Orders Act (POA) -2013, passed by the Government of Seychelles is too over reaching, and violates numerous Fundamental Human Rights and must be revoked or amended”.

SFP walked out on the bogus Electoral Reform process when the POA was discussed by PL in a bull dozer mode reminiscent of the last days of the One Party State Era.
Specifically, the PL failed to keep its promises made at the house keeping introductory meetings with all parties, to send its leadership for a full open and Public negotiation on the matter similar to the Constitutional Conference wherein SPPF was led by France Albert Rene.
After breaking their promise, the PL treated the opposition as beggars when it came to recognition of fundamental human rights. Even for lunch, the delegation was offered take away boxes, and no per diem was offered. A disgrace knowing full well that the purse strings in this country are held by government.
SFP said:”Go Screw yourself PL Authoritarian Monarchs!” Guess what? They did. Now the whole effort is back firing on the PL and their accomplices in the opposition like PDM SNP SUP who sat through the Electoral Reform process, only to see their aspirations go down the drain. It is the SFP and soul mates for freedom like Viral Dhanjee rescuing the dignity of Seychelles today.

From DeFacto To De Jure State of Emergency
The SNP and SUP stayed on board, and passed the POA in the Electoral Reform, only to have it dropped and amended at will by PL. Disgraced, with the changes PL made with their cooperation, they filed a case in the Constitutional Court, only to fail to address the fundamental imposition of a Defacto State of Emergency under the law, and in practice, with the suspension of numerous Fundamental Rights under the PL, like requiring a Warrant prior to “Search and Seizure”; requiring “Probable Cause” to Stop and Search, Stop and Frisk, and Random Stop Checks, with SSU beating men collecting in the evenings at popular local points, a Seychelles tradition, the country is De Jure in an “undeclared” State of Emergency.

Viral Strikes Again On Point
The recent “Vanguard of The Conscience of Victoria”, Mr. Viral Danjhee recently filed a case to expose this charade by the Communist Party, which many have said, has taken Seychelles beyond One Party State to know a Authoritarian Monarchy under James Alix Michel as numerous SPUP have advised myself, leader of Seychelles Freedom Party.
SPUP  will not support SUP or SNP and do not trust Wavel Ramkalawan or Ralph Volcere like real DP people. They will support the party of” Sesel Pou Seselwa”!
That is Seychelles Freedom Party.

State Department Means Business  
The State Department Boss told PL that in no uncertain terms they need to reset their derailed Democracy at the fastest possible time. This includes revocation of the Public Orders Act 2013, implementation of a proper Electoral reform and completion of a Democratic transition in Seychelles, which the PL authoritarian regime has delayed now for over 15 years, to give time for France Albert Rene to die off. What is the hold up folks? Is Rene going to out live Zomn Lib?

Place Your Bets, Place Your Bets in 2014
Is anyone willing to place bets? Bets of course, must be done in a respectful and dignified manner of course taking into accounts the pundits subject matter?
Additionally, the PL have failed until now, to implement a solid credible program to fight Human Trafficking in Seychelles, a sore spot for PL’s Arab friends that use Seychelles as a point of contact for orgies with imported sex slaves from Ukraine, Russia, and South Africa.

Until now Joel Morgan Minister of Internal Affairs, responsible as well for the importation of Gurhkas mercenaries to Seychelles, has denied openly that Seychelles is a base for Human Trafficking. Naturally, Mr. Morgan did not see the 500 Indians in containers arriving by Antonov to build Khalifa’s cracking castle at La Misere, nor does he see the strews of sex workers in high heels arriving on private flights and Etihad, making their way to Kempenski formerly Plantation Resort and Four Seasons. But the airport staff see them Mr. Minister Morgan, like we see the apartments in Marie Jeanne Estate built on land reserved for Seychellois who are in need of land and housing. You really should give these apartments back to the people, if you own them. If your wife owns them, she should tender back for Scr. 1 .0. After all, you walk like John Wayne, talk like John Wayne. Why don’t you do the right thing like John Wayne? While at it, reduce the price of satellite TV. Man you control even our programs.
The State Department should know about that as well, they already have it in for you. Next year, I understand, they will tie removal of Seychelles from the Black list with your resignation and Ronnie Govinden’s termination as Attorney General.
What a mess you headless organization has gotten into. Gary Tall can tweet that piece of reality for you, for free, keep your scr. 1.0.

More Heads Must Roll For The Love of Seychelles
This little moment of arrogance and denial Minister Morgan before the National Assembly, denying any human trafficking is ongoing in Seychelles, is about to cost Seychelles dearly, when she is sublimed to Tier III on the US State Department Human Rights Black List.
Then the EU mission will be here to say: “There are no further programs for Republic of Seychelles except for existing programs like the fight against piracy……” guess what PL ? It  is already over”.
Seselwa Unite For Sesel Pou Seselwa!
May God Bless All Freedom Loving Seychellois!

P.S.- PL: FREEDOM LOVERS  NEVER GIVE UP, WE JUST GET SMARTER! Courage is contagious! Down with FEAR!


  1. Excellent article.Interantional communities and roganizations say it all,"No further progarmms for Seychelles" In other words ,all that have been made have failed becuase of the regime incompetency,ignorance,with under educated fools .

    The report of Un,USa or let call it the FAILED STATE INDEX is out;and the land of corruption;gross Human Rights Violations,stolen elections,and Poverty is re-certified as FAILED STATE.And of course we has MICHEL and his thugs to thank for this dubious honor.But there is a simple fromula that can predict the evolution of a failed state in Seychelles:SNP + SUP(k)time=FS.Somply stated PL,and his stooges syndicates(SNP(k) operating as Kleptocracy(governemnt of thieves)over a period of 4 decades,(/time)have produced a fialed state.

    What is a fialed state?Over the past couple of decades,various euphemistic neologisms have been invented as descriptors for certain arnarchic and dysfunctional States,in countires like Somali,Zimbabwe,Sudan etc...While there is no single universally accepted definition of fialed states,scholars and researchers in politcal science.sociology,economics,and even Interantional law, use the phrase to descript a regime,that is incapable of meeting the most elementary functions of governemnt.A failed state is most ready indetified by the existence of rampant corruption,criminality in the state apparatus,massive Human Rights violation,rigging elections,predatory elites with portracted monopoly of power,absent of rule of law,depp economic crisispolitcal persecution,etc.....

    How,is failed stateconcept a valid analystical approach in understanding states that are inflicted with chronic ,deep- rooted and heightened level of politcal and social instability and protracted economic decline?Or is it merely an ideological bludgeon use by Un,USA and so on to beat developing countireis Like Seychelles?Morgan,thinks naturally yes,But it is a opinion share only by himself and thugs.

    Butchers and surgeons:Is Sechelles a fialed state,Or is it a state that has fialed leaders and a failed regime?it is accurate to say that Seychelles s politcal institutions,have been corrupted to a point where they have become ineffective in perfroming baisc governmental functions,.But an important distinction, can be made between Somali and Seychelles.E.g Somali is a^the archepytal failed state becuaseit no longer has in existence instituions,or government structures that perfrom basic function, or public services such as security,education,etc..
    But Seychelles has failed state not beucase it has disintegrated or non-functional politcal institutions,but becuase its public and givernemnt institutions and processes are manipulated and distorted for the singular purpose of maximazing the survivability and longevity of FAR and its crooked regime.

    Nation-states exist to provide a discentralized method of delivering politcs(pulbic)goods to persons living within,designated aprameters,(borders).Havng inherited ,assumed,orreplaced the monarchy of yore,modern states focus and answer the concerns and edemands of citizenries.They organized
    and channel the interets of the people,often but not exclusively infurtherance of National goals and values.They buffer or manipulate external forces and influences,champion the local,or particularly the oncerns of their adherents,and mediate between the constraints and challenges of the International arena and the dynamism, of their own interanl economic.politcal,and social realities.And etc..etc..etc..etc..

    Jeanne D'Arc

    Jeanne D'Arc

  2. When are SFP gping to challenge the legality of the POA in the constitutional court. Or are ypu letting others do it for you

    1. Is there any reliable instititutions in Seychelles? If there is any, i would like to know.

    2. Yes, only if one supports PL and keeping ones mouth firmly shut.

  3. No Mr >Virla is doing it himself as he has in the past demonstrated,Should he ask for support which he asks ,he would be supported.Note Mr Virla always get the mutual support(of SFP and genral public) as others,t othe likes DEAUBIN when standing injustice,abuses,etc.... Support doesnot have to be physically,it could be morality,psychologically,etc.. ..

    Jeanne D'Arc

  4. Arab pedophiles together with partilepep criminals are destroying the image of our CHristian land.Arabs pedophiles,perverse,sex addicted,must be banned on our land.Since their illegal present of our land,our christian country image has not stop being tarnished.Sometimes,one got the feeling it is a tactic they using deliberately tarnished our christian land and people.

    Lempenski,Arabs brothel,is often us by partilepep to hold Intenrational conferences hoping this would brushpaint the damaging image of this Brothel,or organize school visit as a means to polish away their bad image and cover up their real activities.

    it is time to consider whether Lenpemski hotel license to operate as a hotel should not be cancelled,annul,and simply give the establishment back to his real and legitimate owner.We should alos consdier if the whole maanagement of this establshment be investigated for operating an illegal brothel on our shores,and abuse the licenced to operate a brothel for Arabs maniac,perverse,sex addicted,pedophile,etc...

    Revoke Lenpenski licensed,investigate its manager for participating in sex salve,Human trafficking and cover pedophile pratices on our shores ,thus breaching National laws and make our land brothel paradise for arabs instead of real tourists
    Lenpenski is not a hotel ,but a brothel--it hotel license should be revoked partilepep.It is abusing license rights and National Laws,it cannot be tolerated and accepted for Arabs are damaging the image of our land thus a very bad promotion for our tourism industry as the dignity of our people.

  5. SFP cooperates with those who e fighting for real change.
    We do not work with collaborators and sell outs.
    We do not spoon feed sell outs.

  6. NDEA seizes drug worth 20 million,yes,but why S:NATION never show seychellios peoples the drugs they seize and the names of those escobar.It seem even told the media to be proffersional they continue to be amateur.

    NDEA THEMSELVES WILL PUSH THIS DRUGS ON THE STREETS they just burn some of this drug.

  7. ANd asl always a GRASS dealer ,not the hard drug dealer protected by Partilepep.DOES Seychelles need foreigners who are constitutionally illegal in our land(or paid criminals) to arrest each year two to three unarmed persons selling GRASS which is either create criminals as Hard Drug ,nor cause a stress on healthcare for with GRASS you donot need REHABS?Does NDEA need Ak -47 ,war riffle to arrest unarmed GRASS pushers ?Names are not given,where does the money confiscated goes,we donot known,what happe to the drug we donot know,and why should partilepe give inforamtion on durg traffickers,amount confiscated, and whereabout of thr money confsicvated if there is nothing to hide?Do money confiscated sponsor or is used to pay Scully and his gang of mercaneries?

  8. Courage is contagious. I like that. Good to see Viral step up and out away from these sell outs.


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