Violating Principles of Fair Competition

Apr 09, 2014
A senior management team from Germany’s Condor, a leading leisure airline, was in the Seychelles capital of Victoria last weekend to discuss future cooperation between them and the archipelago’s tourism industry.
Condor, as have other airlines flying to Mahe done before, followed an invitation by the Minister for Home Affairs and Transport Joel Morgan to discuss airlines’ challenges and the expectations they have, and following meetings at the ITB 2014 last month in Berlin between airline executives and the Minister for Tourism and Culture Alain St. Ange and his key team members, this latest exchange of views in the Seychelles was seen as hugely important to map out future cooperation.
Also in attendance at the Victoria meeting, besides ministry representatives, were key personnel of the Seychelles Tourism Board, the Seychelles Civil Aviation Authority, from Air Seychelles – which provides ground handling at the international airport to all airlines flying to Mahe – and from the Seychelles Petroleum Company which supplies the jet fuel at the airport.
Condor presently flies once a week from Germany’s largest airport Frankfurt to the Seychelles and, considering the number of German tourists visiting the archipelago, the authorities in Victoria have expressed their desire to see Condor add a second flight each week.
Condor competes on the German market with Air Berlin, which operates to Mahe under a code share arrangement with both Air Seychelles and partner Etihad and offers daily connections from across Germany via Abu Dhabi.


  1. PP is bossess to destroy tohers to favored ETIHAD then they come public and preach about "More flIghts,About EUROPE being our main makrtet"but in secret they do all to impede NON-Khalfia airlines in order to faovered and allow ETIHAD to monopolize the market and routes--so that Khalfai can fulfill his dream of making his airline the world biggest.

    Thsoe Kinds of practices must stop St Ange,it affect our Tourism industry our main source of National revenues especially in this crumble economy created by PP incompetency.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  2. Safe,affordable and comfortable air travel is a common desire to both passengers nad crew alike.This is why having airlines ot compete feely with each other,based onthe best product,qaulity service and price is a welcome and necessary precondtion ofr aviation.But to grow,connect people and creatre jobs etc.. Airlines should compete on a same level playing flield with a common set of rules.PP and Khalfia is pushing the industry to a point of turning into a race to the bottom,.ÈTIHAD has achieved its objective by increaingly sekking unfair advantages through market-distorting bisiness prwactices,economic dumping,light regulation and favorable taxation in Seychelles(arisey)that serve a FLAG convenience.WHat makes it difficult for other airlines,is that the Seychelles govenremnt has favorared Eithad and is on the way to allow it to monopolize this route just to please Khalifia and regardless of the negative consequencxes on our tourism industry.Eithad benfit by making a deal with AirSEY---light regulation,access to Airport infratructure for free,no parking fee,cheap fuel,no tickets taxes,environemntal charges as for instance European airlines,thus distoring the level of playing filed.

    More examples of unfair Competition by etihad with the help of PP.

    -arbitary relocation of business--i.e operating license and air opeartion certificate
    -The use if flexible lcontractural set-ups that are often at the hedge of what is legal and necessary to guarantee flgiht safety.These st-ups force employees into temporary contract situation.

    What St Ange should do?
    -stop favoritism--it impede competition and affect our tourism industry and lost of revenues for airport.

    -Promote fair competition by shopping abusive models,social dumping,subsidy-hunting,and regulatory FORUM SHOPPING.
    ;ensure level playinf filed competition,by treating each airline equylly.

    UNFAIR competition is one rerasons why Turkish Airlines and other pulled out.It is having a major impact on our tourism industry.Etihad and PP work hard ot drown new comers and competing airlinesthat rtried to offer decent customer service experience.
    The taxes and fees levied on tickets by PP is antoher major issue-

    In conclusion,this iunfair,and favoritism practice is a reasons why all our neibours' tourism industry are successful though our Islands are known to be the nicest and unique in the region.YOu cannot be productive like this St Anfe.Change your way dog,it is our country interest at stake dog,Khalfia obssession should not be the objective of a soveiregn governemnt which economy largely depends on TORUSIM.For toursits to come St Ange,accessibility,rapidity,price all play a big role when a customer,tourist plan its holiday and choose his or her destination.You could be the nicest country in the world but if their is limit access(which means also high cost)then the beauty of your islands could not be enjoyed by others even when you e^waste millions in advertisement.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  3. Saint Ange was planted into the opposition similarly like jokko to feedback the political strategy of the opposition to PL.He has been always William herminie they still the street to demonstrate after the mercenaries event.Herminie is now totally impotent politically if not sexually too.He is a lost soul very ou pas kaka oua Pete.

  4. William Herminie is a sex maniac.He has no control of his urges.Evidences of that is he fuck woman in his office as a minister at oceangate house building.He is currently operating there at the moment business as usual.
    Rumour had circulate that he set alight his ex partner Ms Ebrona alight with petrol in the 80s.Herminie ou pou bais payer pou Sa crime Ki ou ti commet taba lera.It will catchup with u man.
    Demonstrate Dan ou jep liki ou mamam.

  5. Oh my god.How can such s monster became a minister with absolutely no ethicical standard.His is a murderer who walk the street in our matter he look very disorientated when i saw him at STC buying durex and vaseline.sot dir Ki e pas rerd.Hermine prand viagra couyon.

  6. Dorky vre i rabase.

  7. Not only St Ange and Morgan violate Competition rights but also violate Consumers' right to choose. Goverment policy rather the market has always shaped Air policy.Howver,If a key aim of a signe aviation market is to porvide safe and reliable airport services at a reasonabel costs to users ,then carriers should not be burdened with excessive ,un-related costs for access to those infrastructures(which usually are pass on to users).
    Morever,in the absent of competition,,the key should be therefore to ensures that that the charges for services or facilities offered are reasonably ralated to the costs of porviding them.To ensure the cost-relatedness of airport charges,it is essencial to nesure that there is sufficnet degree of transparency,in the manner of which such charges are established ,so that the cost-relatedness can be prperly evaluated.

    AirSEY is supposed to fly to EUROPE this year (to Germany)Is impeding Others Airlines with Unfair competition tactics away for PP to get rid of Condor an establsihed Airline on this market?Donot destroy further our tourism industry Morgan-With your polcy of favoritism toward ETIHAD ,you have already caused lots of harm to the tourism industry.Csustumers are forced to fly via DUBAI,thus raping Protection rights of Consumers to choose.Our tourism industry is the rare industry that has been able to survive PP bankrupcy,mainly becuase of the sacrifice ,patriotism and determination of our hard working Seychellois in the industry.We cannot allow you to impede competition that would put our tourism at risks Morgan.You ahve failed to provide this important service between EUROEP and Seychelles ,crucial for our industry,what you can at least do ,dog,is allow Airlines to compete fairly for it is good for our tourism industry Morgan.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  8. Seeing little white monkey Morgan announcing that Air Seychelles made a $3 million profit for 2013, makes me want to puke! This announcement is a false publicity to boost Etihad. He thinks that all the people are stupid as he is; mathematically figures can be manipulated to suit the marriage between Etihad and Air Seychelles. Remember the saying which says that when an Arab shakes your right hand make sure your left hand is still there before he leaves. Well when Etihad will leave Seychelles, Air Seychelles will not have a single air-plane to fly anywhere!

  9. Alain St Ange has a great opportunity to add laughter and gaiety to his Carnival de Victoria, will be more cheers from the spectators than for all the scant-clad ladies from Brazil and Nothing Hills. Here is the idea St. Ange, prepare a flat float with an appropriate coffin and lay Zomme Lib on top of the coffin. Bet you the crowd will love it and will be awarded the best float in the Carnival!
    Go for it and play the well known song "Oli Kaiser - Kaiser y alle enterer"

  10. The CODE -SHARE has tighten PP hands ,it cannot take decisions it wants and needed in regards to how AirSEY should operate without ETIHAD.While the underlying motivations for airlines in entering in to code-share agreement is to braoden the offer that airlines can make to customers in terms of the number of destinations and,in some cases,the flight timings that the can offer potential , customers,without the costs and difficulties involved in additional investment in equipment or in mergers with other airlines(which may be in any case be prohibited by legislations and International agreement).Code-share agreement also enhance the presence of an airline in market it would otherwise has no profit(usually at the end of routeaway from airline's home country),but also to allow AIRSEY/ETIHAD maybe to jointly ,domonate a market,allowing capacity to be restricted or prices to be raised.(or to ramian higher)mresulting in disadavantages for purchasers and discriminates against other airlines.Code-share agreement between AIRSEY/ETIHAD unable them to identify inter-lining passengers ,for whom demands tend to be more elastic than for passengers on direct flights.Thus,AIRSEY/ETIHAD are therefroe better palce to discriminate in favour of inter-lining and against direct passengers ,and in some circumstances the customer disbenefits arising from higer direct fares can outweigh the benefits of lower interline fares.

    Morgan and St Ange and Khalifa must stop impeding fiar competition.It is bad for our tourism industry Dogs.

    Jeanne D'Arc

    Moreover,Alliance membership implies a number of mutal obligations ,that goes well beyond those required by code-sharing,For instance,Frequent flyer programme participation is generally required.And of course ,agreements specified which routes would be covered by the agreement,either in generic terms or within an explicit list within an annex.Hence,code-share agreements can reduce competition by deterring new entry or pressuring and discouraging other Airlines by all kinds to froce deals--like Morgan is forcing Condor to operate two flgihts to Seychelles etc....And of course ,the deterance could most likely be on routes where only one of the code-share aprtners operates(in this case ETIHAD),since the effect of introducing the code-share in these circumstances is generally to depress profitability,and therefroe reduce the attractiness of entry.Morgan/st Ange anti-trust)policy inthe airline sector tends to focus on indirect entry deterrance effects,to discourage CONDOR.

  11. Herminie was in RWANDA his first training trip to be future minister.In seychelles under Pp,one is made minister and than only one starts with the training to gain experience.Alos member of the Assembly would be atending courses soon.,such comedy can only happen in ADSURDISTHAN(Seychelles new name) under PP.

  12. A CARNIVAL should be a paradigm for Seychellois and whose purpose should be to renew,cleanse,and revive the community/Nation. .Can you imagine how rediculous is it for tourists who come to visit us,thus want to know more about our people,country ,tradtion and culture ,but rather see Chinese dancing Dragon dance,Brazilian Samba etc....this is a shame and disturbing for our people.St Ange Carnival does not attract more tourists,it is a waste tax payers to import foreigners to not prmote Seychelles but that of foreign culture and tradtions.In a way,PP used tax payers' money to advertise others culture,tradition and thus their countries.
    In contary to Brazil which Carnival festival contribute 90 percent to the Brazilian's economy in domestic TOurism.,in Seychelles it genrates nothing.Either from domestic or international tourism.--it is infact an expend without returns,thus a lost.

    St Ange should try and leran and understand his own culture and traditions--ionstead of being cultural slave of foreigners.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  13. Tell Russian mafia to keep their hands off our oil!

  14. Russian Mafia has been invited to Carnival.
    They will have a crocodile float!

  15. How many container they are coming with and it will be big sale on carnival day.

  16. Carnival is not just a tourism promotion effort to bring in the cameras and world press.
    It is part of the PL opportunist philosophy to import Fabrikes welcome them, make them citizens, to dilute Seychellois Rasin place in their own country.
    This means Seychellois Rasin will get less opportunity for progress. We will then get poorer and poorer, while PL and Collaborators in the opposition like SNP leadership will get richer and richer.
    Recently Bernard Georges gave an opening speech on the launching of a book by Mr. Michel. He says this is in the spirit of dialogue and unity.
    Well Mr. Georges, in the spirit of dialogue and unity, you should be asking James Michel for the placement of the dead body of Hassan Ali and the names of the persons that killed Mike Asher and Simon Denousse. You should seek justice for those fallen souls, closure on the brutal murder of Gerard Hoarau, who was involved in a coup, but it was a coup to place James Mancham back in power. What crime is that? Why was he not put on trial instead of being murdered in the streets of London. In your quest for Unity with PL, have you forgotten the little details of the fallen at the hands of PL?
    Only a person who does not know what it is like to have the responsibility of a child or never see a fallen love one gunned down can over look such a detail.
    Seselwa Unite For Sesel Pou Seselwa!


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