Seychelles Value Added Tax Is Ripping Off Visitors and Residents Alike !

It is approaching Two (2) years now, that VAT (Value Added Tax) is in force in the tiny authoritarian republic in the Indian Ocean Seychelles. Each year, the government collects more and more revenue, bursting a budget ceiling last year of over Five (5) Billion Seychelles Rupees.
Late last year, the People’s Communist National Assembly (One party State apparatus still in place in practice) passed without opposition a budget and a huge salary emoluments bill that will double salaries of politicians-active and non active, in the month of June 2014 when the Seychelles Communist Party PL will celebrate 50 years of existence, though it has changed its name numerous times, to keep ahead of the murdered, the disappeared under the current logo at the time.

The VAT ATTACK On Business and Citizen Alike
Most Communist countries insure the workers own all systems of production through STATE OWNERSHIP of all the means, apparatus of economic production. During the One Party state this traditional style of Communism was implemented, and it lived a short life, as corruption crippled the ideology.
Today, under the PL, the Seychelles Communist Party has resorted to controlling and taking ownership of fruits of production through a excessive VAT system that breaks the norms of VAT and social decency, hence making Seychelles unattractive to shoppers, visitors, residents alike.
The VAT system in place places tax at a diabolical 15% on every single item purchased and every single service delivered. The Communist do not stop here, they tack on another 1.5% in CRT or Corporate Responsibility TAX on revenue, not profit of every single business.

What Effect on Business Visitors Residents?
Goods entering the country are taxed 15% on arrival. The value of the goods are calculated based on Cost Insurance Freight (CIF). Seychelles is 1,000 miles from anywhere. She is mostly 2,000 miles from anywhere. Just in this single administrative faux pas of dishonesty, the PL Communist raise the cost of all goods entering Seychelles by 30% across the board.
The just course of action that is intellectually honest is to apply VAT on a FOB basis : “Free on Board”, meaning, VAT will be applied only on the value of the goods, less the tax paid for it already in the originating country. VAT should not be applied in the case of island economies to shipping and air cargo freight. It is ridiculous and it is called: STEALING! PL Communist, you are stealing from us, and you are stealing from each and every single Visitor to Seychelles. It is your fault that Seychelles is expensive, no one else. It is a fault that can be easily be avoided.
When government taxes oppressively, they affect business cash flow, discourage investments, turn Seychelles into a red light “DO NOT INVEST IN ZONE”. This is what the PL Communist have done to Seychelles today with excessive, I would say oppressive taxing.

The Poor Visitors
Being in the Tourism Hotel Industry as a serious player, I cannot count the amount of times I have read emails from Visitors who say:
1.     we are a family of Four(4) we are travelling to Seychelles, but the tickets are expensive, the rooms are expensive, the food and drinks we understand, are expensive, we will look at another destination.
2.    Wow the islands are beautiful, but we looked around, everything is so expensive, the Air Seychelles ticket alone cost me euro 140.00. I could go on a 2,000 mile trip from Heathrow for that much. A Beer cost me 8.0 euro. A taxi cost me 40.00 euro for a 10 minute drive.
To the Poor Visitor, all I can say is blame PL Communist for these high costs for a holiday that force you either to cancel your trip, or in the alternative drink bottle water for 10 days.

The Poor Residents
While James Michel is writing book on book, as if he is some sort of Walt Whitman or David Longfellow or even Plato , the poor residents of Seychelles have to fork out 15% of all their salaries on every single item they purchase in a shop to feed their families. A person earning 5,600.00 will spend 840.00 on VAT.  An additional deduction of 3% on their salaries before they even touch it. All these deductions are fine in a rich country, where salaries afford luxuries. But in a country where salaries afford only Two weeks food supply, you are abusing your people, and beating them to a pulp. There is a big difference between touching Scr. 5,600.00 per month or Scr. 4,600.00 PL. What you are doing to Seychellois is a disgrace to the founding principle of SESEL POU SESELWA! You have turned it into “SESEL POU CRONY”.

SCCI and SHTA Need To Relook At VAT
The SCCI and SHTA need to make VAT a TOP PRIORITY on the agenda to deal with government and resolve this great abuse of a tax system.
Room taxes are not VAT. They cannot be 15%. They must be acceptable to the visitor and that usually means 4%-7%. Above all, room taxes cannot have the effect of pricing Seychelles out of the market with its regional and international competitors. Each year you lose a Visitor to another destination, you lose that Visitor’s revenue for that year forever, DUMBO.
VAT on goods in the store for consumption cannot be at 15% if you expect your population to act responsibly, respect the Police, respect the structures of State. They will not. What you take from them unfairly, they will retake from you by Ten (10) times.
 VAT on goods in Seychelles need not exceed 10% and it need not be applied to freight. That is called stealing.

Government must learn to live within means that are reasonable. Cut the fat cat salaries, cut the fancy cars and flights to everywhere in the World but going no where, accomplishing nothing for Seychelles at the end of the day.  Get your feet on the ground PL, get off your false sense that you are the World. You are not. Your World is closing in on you fast.
The internet is catching up to you PL. Your scam on VAT which is an act of THEFT is exposed. By tomorrow morning, the World will know. By Saturday, do something about it. That is how the World works now a days, SFP will make sure of that.
Seselwa Unite For Sesel Pou Seselwa!
May God Bless All Freedom Loving Seychellois!


  1. However PL wraps it up, it's still a TAX bombshell...... Boom and PL gets paid!!!!

    1. This will explain why the Fuhrer is smiling.

  2. Where did you guys get that freaky picture of James Michel? He looks like the Dracula of the Indian Ocean.

  3. The dogmatic communist system, policy is"When you donot have real,effective economic policy and keep failing,then suck out dry the private sectors,ordinary citizens and even tourists--then Pp would have enough t o spend like a drunken sailor without control.

    VAT should be cancleled(or reduced) and not payabel on UNPAID Invoices,it is talltally unacceptabel ,it is killing our glooming baby(tourism industry).More VAT --then hotelier are forced to pass the bill to the guests which temper demands,shutter businesses and employment.

    TOurism is an invisible item,and it means to attract ZEO rating in term of taxation.So Tax exempt for tourism industry.

    Pp should stop burdening our main sources of revenues,and find other ways to sponsor its over spending.VAT is a disincentives for doing business and the increase cost of living(thus inflation)and make economy less competitive and more expensive,squeezing budghets,profits and payrolls,thus a slow in economic growth,and widden the debt to GDP ratio.In other words,VAT hurts economy,people and treasury.

    it is also the fialure by govenremnt to introduce a fair tax system that regrssive and non -progressive)for all citizens.

    For instance--Foreign comapnies(such as five star hotels)export to our country tax and tariff and VAT free from governemnt--maybe Pp should introduce taxes on imported products available locally,such as fish,etc.... thus good for our farmers,fishermen and economy.

    Governemnt need to set out a multi-year economic plan to grow the economy,eliminate decifits and start pay down National debts.It should have the following components:Boost economic growth by cutting red tape,lowering interest rates,cutting tax,re.examinig cretia imposed on banks by the central bank,reducing many costs such as electricity etc...reducing seize of governemnt lus their monthly salary,tax of finance transaction instead, a land tax would be fair,it would avoid property bubbles--(a land tax could also help finance investment in future growth.

    Must also find ways to improve porductivity and accoutnability.

    Jeanne D'Arc



  4. The fuhere is RIR ZONN---fAftervfailing the country,raping our peole rights, illegal practices such as sell out of patrimony ,birthrights,and amny other fialures,the Butcher hated by his people ,still want to be loved.Since,we donot love him ,thne the self-delusional vilain,invesnts his won mothology of self-grandeur,hoping he would be seen as a hero.A hero unfortunately in his own little donkey mind.

    it is hard to evaluate whethervMichle's believes in magical power,omnipotence,or direct cinnection with GOD.Howver,the psychopathic vilian has convinced himself that he posses devine power and he is walking in the shoes of the man of GALILE.
    Failing to gain legitimacy for the people.The butcher organized his own exhibition to pontify himself.He hang big portraites of the best wall and nothing could be hung under them.Thise portraits indicate that he is a living god and that we have to venerate the pictures and reminding oursevles that we depend on him.

    The vilain does not hesistate to abuse our children^s innocency to forced them to line up,in single file and one b one to worship him with all their heart and might.But dictator worshipping is the hallmark of state atheism,which defamate our christian beleifs.
    In other owrdfs, Michel thinks he can drill,thrill and skill our childrens.he sees himself as a shepard of the people still deamnds from others the submmissions of sheep.

    Look at this psychpathic donkey----he is living in his own imaginary world of cult personality-----you have mnetal disorders donkey.go see a psychatrice dog.

    jeanne D'Arc


    -Resident tax----that resident or temporary residents performing gainsful activites in our country should be subject to tax liability.

    -TAx on expats gross revenues



  6. On the above picture,Michel looks more like a Monkey who for the first time sees himself in a mirror.He discovers that he has teeth,two eyes,and that the monkey he sees in the mirror is a real monkey.

  7. Meriton wanrs to empower family for that he traveld to DOHA-an arab country where the definition of family is archaic,primitive and backward.Empowerinf families in Seychelles is best done by meeting the familioes,asking them their opinions and work with them,not go to DOHA to visit Arabs.Is he on a visit to empower family or accompanying Michel of his shopping trip?

  8. Seychellois families but also individuals are where,In Seychelles or in Arab countries?Meriton thinks they are DOHA.Empowering is to learn to be strong,indepedent,carrer for young people with special needs,etc.. and it comes from wise decision making.Donot tell me repalce young Seychellois with cheap Expats therefore make our youths unemployed is empowering families that is not contributing citizens,but a burden on family and society.

    How do Meriton would increase famuilies self-infficent when Parents have not had a salry wage for fourty years?Where is the earning power?How they become successful when they are burden with aprtilepep never ending debts,devaluation,higher prices,jobless,and so on?

    In EMpower the word Power means authority.Power itslef invovle incommunity decision-making and policy determination,while empower means tTO UNABLE or TO give power to an indivual or groups.For that Meriton should advice aprtielepep to give the people their country back,and to allow them to freely choose their leadeers in elections--that would be the best mepowerment he can never provide to the Nation,than families empowermemnt etc.---Democracy itself will them provide the others forms of empowerment.And it is not in DOHA you will find it Meriton ,but right here at home.

  9. my wife was laughing like a mad woman, so I thought I'll check what she was laughing about, Michel's picture LOL wahahahahaha

    1. Oh my god; now I know y Natalie left him; especially when she look at him fas-a-fas. LOL wahahahahaha. her heard ache is over.

  10. The TAX in Singapore can be verified by looking at President James Michel's Raffles , Singapore room bill.
    Mr. President, you will see that the Room Tax in Singapore is 7% , Sir.
    In addition to 7% there is a 10% Service Charge for staff service, which makes total surcharges 17%.
    In your Seychelles, under your government, the man of the people, 15% room tax, plus 1.5% CRT (Corporate Responsibility Tax) on gross, not on profit as CRT is applied in other countries. Total excess Seychelles tax on a room is 16.5%.
    This sounds close to Singapore, but guess what, in Seychelles you left out: SERVICE CHARGE.
    Basically, you have sent your people to hell and even tax their salary in a country that relies on Tourism and cheap labor.
    Seselwa Unite For Sesel Pou Seselwa!
    Christopher Gill
    Seychelles Freedom Party
    Happy Easter!

  11. You knwo ,once Michel told us,he wants to make Seychelles looks like Singapour.i would have prefer instead that he take a look deeper into how Singapour tax system works for a good tax system that works(one that is equitable)would boost economy,create jobs,growth,etc....not wastage,building grandiose building ,to simply show his self-granduer ,and then just to keep those buildings empty.etc..

    The tourism industry,after taking all the economic brudens created by PP,should now denefit from Tax exempt.for a few years,then only the governemnt could see if therei s a need to reintroduce it,and surely not that high as now,or simply repalce it by other taxes,for instance,amking foreigners benfitting from all kinds of incentives,fre duty,tax free to contribute more.

    Our economy is still inshit,though millions were poured to PP by IMF,WOrld Bank,and other foreign instituions ,but without seeing any results as UN,USA has confrimed).We need to boost the economic growth and since the oturism industry is the pillar of our economy,governemnt should reduce tax burden on them,in order to be more perfromance,more competitiive,and give the pepe the economy needs to get out of this vicious cirlce Pp put us in.

    Instead of givving them selves double salalry incrememnt,Pp should increase public servants wages, thus give them mopre purcahe power,thus boost. consumption thus growth,.Thus compensate void taxes.In stead of Pharaoic VAT burdening private sector in the tourism industry--Introduce Carbon tax---reduce emmisison,polution,good for the environment,or trasaction Tax....

    Stop trying to kill the goose with the golden egg PP.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  12. CSR tax on profit is simply robbing owners for the net profit.CSR should be strcitly voluntary.CSR cannot be band aid Pp,that one aply on your business activities,to make them look good.

  13. CRT is being placed on Gross monthly revenue. It is a bigger act of theft then you think. Traditionally, jurisdictions that apply CRT apply it to profit. Why? So they do not over tax businesses with shortfalls in cash flows, which are usually fresh start ups or companies in an expansion phase.

    The more government takes in cash from productive sectors,the less money these productive sectors will have to expand. Hence, this will slow down the economy and hurt Government revenues over the medium term.

  14. I heard Ahmed Afif railroading the Government of Seychelles on the Radio 95.FM on excessive taxing. He is rights 100%.
    I am proud of Afif. He has stepped out of his skin as a PL supporter and now he is supporting the People of Seychelles.
    He has exposed the dubious system Laporte implemented at Customs ASYUDDA, which was given to him for free and is totally screwed up.
    He has exposed the heavy handed practices of Customs.
    Afif will be able to sleep at night,now that he is exposing the PL and not hanging the people. Bravo Afif, keep it up, you will earn the respect of the people of Seychelles.
    I call on others to reject this corrupted system, and call it what it is, St. Ange has a huge task ahead of him to wake up the Consul of Ministers from their sleep and dream. If he can do it, he will be respected by all Seychellois. If he cannot do it, he may end up as a float in the next parade, because unless something is done fast, next year we will have Carnival, but no Tourism in Seychelles.
    Pl, there is only so much you can rip off from Tourist before they send you packing.

    Seselwa Unite For Sesel Pou Seselwa!


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