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  1. Not only IMF,world bank and other international ifanancial instituions must stop feeding pp's dictators,but international community must go beyond that by sanctioning foreign companies that sleep and work with Pp tyrannt.There is no different from companies sanctioned for working with KIm Ll sung of N Korea than those working with PP.Huamn rights and lives are at stake they must not be sacrificed for the shake of profits.The Common ealth as well as FRANCOPHNIE should ban PP from the organizations ,as well as African Union and other International organizations.And of course sanctions must be smarts ,for dictators usually like bad sanctions,that really punishing the crooks not the population and the pooorest of the poor.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  2. The world is waking up to Seychelles' increasingly poor Human rights track record and that very encouraging.Seychelles is "a one party democracy "where there are parties but the same one wins again and again ,even when the people do not vote for them.In democracy the party with the best track recrods is elected and stay in power,in PP one aprty dictatorship only one aprty remains of power illegally.PP apppointed a so called Huamn rights Commission made up of stooges and thinks he can fool both Seychellois and iNTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY.Michel thinks Huamn rights is limited to check on Huamn rights absuese such as police brutality ,but not things like --Free and fair elections,access to Governement Media,etc.... he pretends not to understand the UN report.

  3. Michel appointed party stoooges on the Mdia Commisiion board.As Huamn Rights Commision ,Media Commisision ahould be a body of indpendent.regulating Meida,Broadcasting,inforamtion services In Seychelles.In fact Neida nad Communication should fall under an Indepednet Midai Commsssion not party affiliates and crooks.


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