Oldie Opposition in A State of Confusion and Disarray!

The oldie fellows who have been hell bent to block new blood and fresh ideas are coming home to roost in the opposition to the point that now in SUP elderly Colonel Robert Ernesta ex Rene man has taken over SUP.
Be that as it may, we wish you well Colonel Ernesta in your career as leader of the S.U.P. and Editor of Weekly. I hope you can get the sales back up to 3,500 per week where I took it from 700 a week. Ah yes, after I left it was all down hill…eventually back to 700 a week.

Oldies and Fuddies
The Oldies are doing it in total disarray again, each taking a swallow from the poison chalice of stupidity to bow down, and bow out, and off the stage in people’s minds and hearts one by one.
They do not leave gracefully, that I will give them.
The generation of 1990’s politicians most came out late from the 1970’s and 1980’s which I was the youngest 27 back in 1992 (on time) on my return before James Mancham returned to Seychelles April 12, 1992, have all stepped and crushed their political persona’s to a pulp, never realizing the way they did things in the 1990’s would not go down well in 2014.
Hindsight is 20/20 vision. Looking back they must all be saying: I wish blogs and tweets never happened. Most do not even know what a tweet is. It’s a bird! One guy told me he stop buying Seychelles Today because now it Tweets.

James Mancham Honors Michel
Did you see James Mancham honoring the launching of a book by James Michel at State House? Yet, Mancham, if he was a servant of Truth could easily write his own book on James Michel. Very likely, James Michel would never and could never hold presidential office with any international respect. So James Michel owes a lot to Mr. Mancham.
There is no honor in honoring your enemy to cover his crimes, but it sure does pay well, I suppose.
One young man asked me yesterday, “who is James Mancham”? I told him: first Seychellois to land on the Moon before 2020.
The young man replied, “ Sa wa dir mwan, en Seselwa lo lalin….Mancham Sa!”

Bernard Georges Loads the Accolades
Did you see Bernard Georges load the accolades on James Michel at State House. For a moment there, I thought Bernard was running State House and James Michel was a guest of some sort brought in the CJ’s car. Mr. Michel, if you keep on giving Bernard Georges access to State House so freely, you better put a GPS on the Secretary of State lovely Lise Bastienne. If she goes missing, do not expect her Personal Assistant to help you.  She works for Lise not you. Ask Bernard.

Charming SNP
You SNP fellows really know how to turn on the charm. There is Bernard, head brain of SNP on the podium wearing a dark red tie, white shirt, giving his little speech De L’Honor to the launching of the President James Michel censored memoirs and reproduction of his speeches.
You really have to admire the nerve of Bernard Georges, he does this speech, looking everyone in the face, straight face, then runs to FM RADIO to cover his ass and declare: “Yes, I am a chronicler ….and Mr. Ramkalwan had known about the event and speech, and he supports it 100%”- No Problem!

Wise Words From SNP Roger
Roger Mancienne  told me before my speech to SNP which has over 1000 you tube views, “make your speech short and simple, our members in SNP are not too smart”. No kidding  Sherlock Holmes…..Nojoke Roger and Bernard Georges. You turkeys look at your supporters as the pathetic ignorant to take advantage of.
I have a term for people like you. But my wife asked me to leave it out of the article.
You got that right you may think. But think again Old Fuddy-Duddys.
 But your supporters told me to tell you, they are not as dumb ass as you all take them to be since now, they have dumped you at the Providence Land fill and it really stinks there.
 What a way to go after all these years of spreading false hope.

Georges Is Notary on Khalifa Land Purchase
SNP leaders believe their supporters are so dumb, that Bernard Georges can be the Notary on numerous transactions for land sale to Khalifa and they will support SNP.  If this is true, the premise of SNP according to Mancienne that his supporters are not too smart, must be true.

Millionaire Priest Driving Around In Mercedes Benz living in 3 Level House
SNP disrespects its supporters so much, and take them for fools so much, its leader built a 3 level house on the hills of St. Louis, painted it green, and then drives around in a Mercedes.  He pockets SCR 40,000.00 per month in pensions for the rest of his life with increments by SI regulation.
When he is called a Priest Millionaire by me, he sues me. Yet he is harvesting in a garden he is yet to sow seeds, something Jesus told us all not to do. What up Fada? Is what you do Christ like, or gangster like?
Mancienne was right, they are not too smart. The entire Executive remains in a state of cowardice silence. 
The SNP Womens’ Association act like they are hiding a child abuser. 
Get a life ladies. Ramkalawan has turned you into YES MEN!  PL would have turned you into potted plants with pensions. There is no difference. Stand up and fight for your dignity as women and as Seychelloise. Deal with the false prophet and his fake apostles.

Ralph Volcere Saga
Ralph took over DP when DP asked me to take over DP, I said No.  I told Ralph that DP is James Mancham. Therefore, it is not manageable as a Party. Ralph did not believe me.
Today, Ralph himself has proved me right 100%. DP went to NDP. NDP went to SUP. SUP went to the SOUP. Now Ralph is gone.  What is left of SUP will fold over in a few days. 
Ralph as a citizen will outlive SUP as a party. Why? Whether or not you like Ralph, he makes moves to survive.
If Ralph is leaving SUP, it means it is dying. 

SUP Chaos Again
You boys in SUP may think you have an issue with me…..you do not have an issue with me. Your real issue is facing TRUTH, and preferring to live a life in darkness and falsehood. That is why your political machinery cannot get off the ground, and PL will eat you up one by one. 
Don’t blame me. I am writing from Praslin.
 Ralph Brother, if you need to write an article send it to me, I will blog it for you and tweet it to 1500 address.
Same to you Colonel Ernesta and the next man who brave enough to dump Bernard Georges and Ramkalawan in SNP.
The time for hypocrites and parasites is up!
Seselwa Unite!
Sesel Pou Seselwa!
May God Bless All Freedom Loving Seychellois!


  1. SNOUP is a disgrace. All of them. I left SNP 2 elections ago. I feel sorry for those that wasted their time. Keep up the good work SFP.

  2. PL must be rubbing their hands with glee.

  3. If you are a freedom loving supporter who believes in democratic ideas then PL hates you. Come and join us, Seychelles Freedom Party.

  4. The problem is, once you ask one of these people about what they hate about politics in Seychelles, it becomes as much of a useful exercise as nailing jelly to a wall. They are angry about PL and SNP but are not sure what they are angry about. The election is coming, please make your mind up people, we cannot afford to waste anymore precious time.

    Enough said!

  6. PL have been in power since 5th June 1977, what do we have now, a crumbling economy presided over by an over-privileged millionaire obsessed with power, arming organ munching terrorists and spouting ad-hominem insults at anyone who disagrees with him, is this our lowest point, surely we can do better...... VOTE SFP!!

  7. PL are sitting pretty in power saying to each other, look say nothing, do not mention polices just let the opposition carry on we will come to power again without offering anything. Come on democrates get your act together!!!!

    It's becoming farce

    1. Correction: policies

  8. Can somebody tell us what is the real reason for Ralph Volcere to resign? Surely there is more to this saga than what has been said so far.

  9. Most political parties (quite rightly) regard their activists as a necessary evil - this is why they don't let them make policy. Most people do propose insanely simplistic solutions to hugely complex political questions - just read the Comments threads on any popular online news resource (mentioning no names) ...

  10. It's all quite scary as I don't like SNP, but all this is opening the door to PL - and more massive borrowing to spend on benefits (thus buying votes with a loan!) and continuation of the open door immigration means we are sunk without trace. Think we've seen recession yet? Imagine what happens when their new borrowing can't be paid back either? I don't think the Father gives a hoot about us, but is just marginally less scary than the *total* bankrupcy PL will lead us to.

  11. Gill you are too good for the bunch of opposition amateurs. They hate your way with words, especially the truth which you get across in a sarcastic way. The political circus has to come to an end soon. If this circus carries on for much longer, we will end up in a political zoo. Gill, I am yet to understand how you intend to unseat PL soon. A Supporter

  12. Change in SNP can only come from the Women's Association. The Executive is finished.
    But the women now need to show they have the courage to remove a fallen priest or live with him for another 20 years.

  13. The events are like a bad movie. I have been a fan of Christopher Gill for many years and today I am proud that I have been. He has highlighted every political detail every step of the way for us. It is us and many of my friends who just did not want to believe him. Today what we are seeing is he was telling us all the truth all along-but we were too blinded to believe him. Keep up the good work Christopher. You are still young and you are a very strong person from what I can see. Seychelles needs strong people like you to deliver her. Keep your judgements fair and remember to pardon where it is right to do so.

  14. Seychelles Freedom Party Banla!


  15. When he is not tyrannizing his people ,Michel feel the butcher feels compel to wirte his own holly scripts to prove he is a genuis and show love for himself thus justifies his divine and absolute power and demonize Seychellois people.That dictators write books ,is not unsual, through out history dictators have been invetarate scribblers-----Mao has his RED BOOK,GADDAFi his GREEN BOOK,HITLER MEIN KAMPF,Kim Jong Il claims to have already written 1,500 books and so forth.Why does Dictators do strange things--well it is self-delusion,personality disorders such narcissism,sadism etc..All Michel's stooges,Lapdogs,gundogs were invited on glorify the butcher ,for else no ordinary Seychellois would attend such a comic show of absurdity.

    VOLCERE has finally taken SFP piece ofadvice namely"Find a Life".He finally cracked down ,and could not continue faking.

    We must go back on VOLCERE^s politcal history to understand why when leaders fial to lead themselves and lose thier way.Greedy Volcere jumped into the sea of politcs ,just like a fool who jumped into the sea and realize later that he could not swimm.When he realizes that he could not swimm,he grabbed onto the bakc of Pp and uses it a lifevest.Since then,he has played PP`s nonce ponce puppet,making the perp walk.

    After he presented his resignation,Volcere walked out the SUP headquarter,head dowm,almost in incognito,like a beaten dog in shame.He left behind him a SUP is disarrays and a legacy of fialures.Volcere has become the top signs of of poor leadership-----mendacity,ineptitute,servility,hedonism and so on.He demonstrates that leaders who lacks character and integrity will not endure the test of time.If they are prone to unethical behaviors,they will eventually fall prey to their won undoing.Optics,greed are not formulae for success.Volcere did try hard to prove that he is not an Imposter.But as the saying oges"Fake people are like soap bubbles,they pop out when the sun shines brightly.

    Volcere has also proven that leaders who cannot see it,would not find it--lack of vision cannot inspire people.If leaders cannot understand the concept of"Service above self",they will not engender the trust,confidence..

    Jeanne D`^Arc

  16. When leaders fail to lead,they delude themselves and mislead others within a losing legacy.Volcere realized now how the distance between want-to -be loved leader and depsied fialure is shorter than he believed.A fake leader who attempt to be someone else will always hevea diffifuclt times and finally fall.

    RAm should take example from VOlcere and give up:YOu cannot fake all your life RAm without cracking down like Volcere.Rememvber RAM,attitude reflects leadership,leaders with bad attitude fail.

  17. well said Mr Gill, SFP needs a lot more people like yourself, with ability and understanding of Seychelles past and future! Well done Sir! Keep pushing on important matters, you are the only one left as real opposition, cannot see any other! Stay focus and the rest will fall into place! Bravo to SFP Mr Christopher Gill!!

  18. Friends and bloggers, the situation unfolding today before your eyes is not a situation that I conspired in to create and bring about. What is happening is simply the power of Truth taking its course, like a river flowing from the top of a mountain down stream.
    Water shall always find it own level.
    I have stopped writing for the Weekly for many years now. In that time in the dessert we have found our way to over 1.5 million views on blogs and now we have implementing a tweet program to key agencies that deal with Seychelles to keep them abreast on daily events in Seychelles.
    I have never been able to do all this by myself. Others have seen the toil, seen the sacrifice, and they have stepped forward to help. To them I say thank you.
    Those who chastise perhaps have not understood well the cause of Sesel Pou Seselwa. I ask them to reconsider and try to understand that the manifesto of MSR and the ideology of "Sesel Pou Seselwa" is the key to protect us all from Communism,victimization and displacement of the Seychellois people in their land. But it is like a staff or a sword. If you do not pick it up hold it high in your hands, it will not help you, and it will not bring change for you.
    Seychellois united under Seychelles Freedom Party, from SNP, from SUP, from SFP, from SPUP, we will unseat PL who even SPUP are a shame of today.

  19. (Continue)
    United...we can and must defeat PL opportunist regime, that is supported yes by Khalifa, yes by PRC, but worse, Seychellois in money laundering, offshore, and law offices of opposition parties, and worse yet, a fake opposition that wants to be paid to stay cooperative to the status quo.

    United, PL opportunist regime, cannot stand, not even with all the money Khalifa can give it.
    I call on all SUP to join us, even Col. Ernesta, join us.
    I call on SNP Executive to join us, even Mr. Ramkalawan's family can join us.
    I call on all the Women of SNP to clean up the party. It is their duty, because if they remain silent, mother Seychelles will suffer, and we will all suffer, worse, our children will suffer.
    After you have done your job, join SFP and SFP will run you as candidates not to expose SNP, but to remove PL.
    Thank you.
    Seselwa Unite For Sesel Pou Seselwa!
    Christopher Gill
    Seychelles Freedom Party

  20. I totally agree with Chris as most Seychellois does,at this crossroad the Oppostion must UNITE.heaping insults,gnashing teeth,and denigrating the ruling party alone erodes thesuperior moral positon of the Opposition and it distracting to the Oppostion in thier role of promoting accountability and tansparency in governace.If the Oppostion were not Divided(division as voluntarily tactic by RAM,VOLCERE to keep PP hold power,they ar(were paid by Pp for that,Pp would have been far less successful in imposing its arbitary rule and would not have survive the time.The myth od supermacy and invincibility of the ruling party and its leaders it built on the foundation of a divided Opposition.PP of course survives and thrives ,sûsing a stragety of divide and rule;and when the Oppostion itself is divided,it is easy for those in power to abuse,mock,and dinegrate themselves.Pp is not still on power becuase Seychellois like them,nor becuase Seychellois are afriad on being teorrize,or becuase the got the best policy,but instead becuase the Oppostion IS divided.

    Things have changed fundamentally and would continue to change even more drastically in the near and coming future,.That irrevesible change from dictatorship to democracy.There is no force on earth that can stop that change.No amount of swagger,bluster,bombast,hubirs or imperouisness by those clinging to power an stop the change from dicatorship to democracy.
    There is one question left to be answered----Waht is to be done by the Oppostion parites and the aggregation of civic society,NGOS,etc...?

    The new leader of SUP,should take this opportunity and make some deep reflections on how is S/HE going to restate SUP tarnishing image-----To show that she or he is not the reincarnation or clone of Volcere,the new leader should go the the people first to ask for forgiveness for the pariticpation of SUP in thier enslavememnt.She or he needs to tell the people "We SUP we let you done ,We are deeply sorry ,and would do everything to regain your trust and confidence.Somehow,the people deserve an unqualified apology from SUP leadership.They will be ofrgiven becuase the people of Seychelles are dicent,and compassionate.Oppostion must also abandone the destructive mentality"if you donot agree with me 100 percent your are my enemy".There is nothing worng with reasonable mind disaggreeing ,,Dissent and disaggreement are essnetial conditions for democracy. if the Oppostion cannot tolerate dissent within itslef ,could it justifiably condenm those in power for intolerance?

    THINK GENERALLY;and ACT PRESENTLY----and in UNITY then we can have the change we search tommorrow.

    Jeanne D?Arc

  21. UNity is the answer for rapid change in Seychelles.No greate objectives can be achieved by lone individuals.SUP must have the will to improve and now that Volcere has gone,the new leader bojective should be to improve.For WILL to improve is the central feelings that defines UNITY.UNity is to stand and fight together SUP:RAM;and anyone who fialed to UNITE is flighting aginst the people of Seychelles and a better Nation.

    A Antion is found to be developed if the country has UNITY among the people.Satan greatest weapon is disunity it is ultimately the destruction of the souls as Volcere RAM are physical exmaples.,Donot Let half-brain monkeys like PP thugs disunite the whole country,it is time to unite so we can have the real change our people deserve.SUP should make a plea for harmony and unity among the Oppostion,.Should the Oppostion fail to UNite this time around,there would be no execuse to give the people.YOu will be judge in the same way as Pp thugees.

    Agina as Chris put it slearly,The success of PP is the division of the Oppostion-----It is now Up to the Oppostion to deleiver .and be serious and the first proof that SUP is serious would be to UNITE the Oppostion which would get SUP some legitmacy and finally get PP out of power.

    Time for a paradigm Chnage.The time is now.The Oppostion hold the key for change all they need to do is UNITE:

    Jeanne D?Arc

    1. Unity with who? It is like a boat venturing in dangerous waters. You cannot unite with sellouts or else you become like them.

      When apples begin to decay, they emit gases. If the rotting apple is mixed in with a group of other apples, the good apples can absorb these gases and begin to rot, too.

      One bad apple spoil the bunch.

      Stay true to yourself and stand up for your beliefs....

      No sellouts in SFP please. Keep them at bay!

    2. It doesn't matter how many times you see it. it's always a delight to watch.

  22. Unite we stand!!

  23. Well, at SUP debates tend to turn violent because there is no leadership. When thugs become leaders, anything is possible.
    Kalawan just dug another hole for his foot.
    Dig a little deeper Kalawan.
    You will soon have a hole fit for your political coffin.

  24. If SUP was part of a SNP Alliance, they would bomb ministries when documents are late. They would beat up each other over women and drugs.
    United with this hopeless bunch is a waste of time.
    Believe it or not, Volcere made them look good.

  25. Gill I get your point.

  26. The old swivel eyed loon hey.... The gloves are off now ;-)

  27. The opposition tearing itself apart......Pure joy!!!

  28. Its all over for the opposition parties in Seychelles.where there is no unity for purpose within all opp parties,destructions reigns.while the divisions is taking place,Seychelles cultural landscape is vanishing at a rapid paste under the natives eyes subdued by alcohol,hard drugs,prostitution and poverty.The new seychellios as they are called displaced the natives through jobs,housing,education for their kids.
    They looked down on the natives with disgraced in their own country.Seychelles belongs to them under the new Seychelles.They are the ruling party election winners for the forth coming election in 2016.while the opposition fights on petty things,behind the scene PL has put in place a structure for the next generation and keep power for ever.even the old spup is lost for words as they watch the dispossession in all areas of their struggle goes to the dustbin.The man that emerge from all this from the other side happy as a rabbit is no other than James Marie Mancham.

  29. The Oppostion has the duty for themslves and to their voters,supporters to play the role for an alterantive goverment.The best way to be effective is in unity.Now if SUP and SNP cannot lead themsleves or unity with themselves they should equally not distract the unity of the people with their of stoogery.Voclere has gone,if they cannot do fiddferently than Volcere and RAM,maybe they should consider closing their parties and find also a life like Volcere .The worse enemey is no longer PP,but the vonlutary disunity created by some Oppostion parties,that rpolong PP survival.Oppostion leaders konw the problem for they are the root cause of it--now they either get serious and unite the Oppostion to provide the real alterantive governemnt.If they serve nothing than provide some lazy,greedy,selhfish,slavish persons a palttform to enrich themselves on the back of the people as the ruling party does then they should closed their parites and find a life like voclere.

    UNity among the Opposition would biuld the foundation for the future.Now,the important thing afdter Volcere resigantion,is those who are going to bear responsibilies need to make their philosophy not about revenge ,but about creating unity and safegaurding it for the future of Seychelles.If they fail to do that,they must be treated as PP,as non patriot,but insteead as conspirators.

    Seychelles Oppostion challenge can be effectively addressed if the Oppostion practice the basic principle---Country is a collective responsibility.The problems of the Oppostion do not orignate in their differentces inideology but theOpposition's problem originate from those who want to use ideology and divide as Seychelles' eschatology(an ideology of doom).If Oppostion consider they iddfenret from PP,then they should aiming for unity.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  30. 05.37
    UNite with whom?LIke a boat venturing in dangerous waters.Well,the actual situtation is the real dangerous waters.That is why unity is needed in order to has one captian and one crew on the boat in this dangerous waters your referred to.
    We must unite--rather those handful of persons who disunite the country,should change their way by joining the majority or go find a life and stop doing poltics of divide.

    1. Unity with kalawan and Volcere? Is that what you want? You must be living in another planet or you urgently need a reality check.
      Volcere has run a political party to the ground and kalawan is busy enjoying his pension pot.
      Inviting these two idiots on board will be the biggest mistake. They will be after Gill's bank account and who says they will not destroy SFP?

  31. Are you back? Did you enjoy your kangaroo steak?

  32. Volcere is done,RAm is decaying they have no role to play .Unity is similar to when you disagree with someone.It is with those you disagree that you try to find agreemnet not with those you agree with.Unity is what the people is calling on Oppostion to do,Now,those cannot listen and serve their masters( the people )then they are in the wrong place,position and doing the wrong job.They should therefore follow Volcere.

    Domocrates cannot agree a 100 percent--that is democracy---Only dictators want 100 percent agreement ,just when they always win 99.9 pwercent in elections with the exception of 1 percent , which is the one of vote of the dictators thmelseves.They vote against themslves to show that even when they do not want to stay in power ,the people love then and kepp them.A sign on divinity that they like to display.

    Jeanne D'Arc

    1. Please help me here. I have asked questions about unity but no one has tried to give me a straight answer. I will ask the question once more.

      To which political party or to which political leaders do you want SFP to unite with?

  33. Le tan zot war kouyon pe met la cord dan zot licou...Bez les zort mort en padan.

  34. Individuals want ot be leaders becuase they want to guides others to a common goal.showing the way by examples,and creating an environment in other time team members feel active involved in the process.etc..etc..etc.Should the leaders of SUp,SNP think they donot have what it needed to lead,work with others,Unite the people to get them behind them,then they should not be inspired to be leader.
    Leadership is communicating to people their worth and potential so clearly that they come and see thmeselves.

    What is the contribute those who want to be the leaders of SUP,SNP want to make? This is the answer the new leaders should ask themsleves beofre even accept any leadership.If nothing stay at home,go drink their BABAK,and simply leave politics to those who want to leader,serve the people,care about them.For personal agrandisememnt ,the best way for those fake leaders is to find a job and work for a living.

    1. "Should the leaders of SUp,SNP think they donot have what it needed to lead,work with others"

      For God sake can't you see that one has bite the dust and the other is in limbo. There is no one to unite with. They are not leaders just idiots looking after their own pockets. Why don't you change the subject and talk about the best way forward for SFP. SNP/SUP are deadbeats and turncoats. You cannot unite with these sort of people. Zot O!

  35. Karl Marx once said "The meaning of peace is the absence of opposition to socialism". Please do not let it come true, it will be nice to prove Mr Marx wrong.

  36. Some people change their party for the sake of their principles; others their principles for the sake of their party. Mr Gill, save your strenght for the next election, stay focus.

  37. Larme SPDF pe al prend pei.

    1. Sergeant barefoot?

    2. I clicked to review some quotes of James Michel on Nation and what I got were Bullshits and Bolsheviks.

    3. They have been bullshiting us since 1977, they must be doing something right.....lol

    4. The Nation or Pravda?

  38. 01.44
    They are afraid,and seem to have understoodd one thing--change yourself or Seychellois would change you.It is the later they fear most,for it is lethal.

    If they doing something right,good for them,it would save the asses.But they must not attempt or beleive they can preach about unity,reconciliation becuase it would avoid their distitution,it must be real,else they would face lethal forces.

    All we can do is advice them to, speed up things,stop dragging their feet,and act to their words.

    TRash.gardage,one qoute that Michel could write is It take times to create complete chaos,I beleive in Atheism,for without God in the image ,you become your own God.When i feel the pain in my ass,i know is Khalifa penetrating it.etc..

    Michel seems to have liked to become a great someone-----A great leader,now he would like that Seychellois sees him as Seychelles greatest,most talented,unique book author.It is a psychpathic symdrom of an idiot,nothing else.

    Michel what are you such an idiot? Have you ever speaks to the idiot you see each morning in the mirror.

    1. Maybe he does......

  39. Those women in SNP,SUP(the machimos like RAM),should leave this fake party and join in with parties that provide a prospective and show a genuine interest from them,as active,able members of their parites,but not like SUP,SNP,.It should be cristal clear for them by now,that since they been in SNP,SUP,though the gains they made in recent years are substantial,they have been left behind by the machismo culture of anlog of patriarchy that exist within SNP.SUP.RAm has been simply using you to pep his own interest-- Let us take for instance,issues such as DOMESTIC VIOLENCE(RAm could have at least preach about the need of crminalizing Domestic voilence to at least fake as usual) ;Sex slave,we did not ,have not and would probably not hear a word from the leader of those parties.Not becuase they donot aware of the problem but becuase leaders of those parties have the machismo culture ingrain in them.

    Women as in almost everywhere made up the biggest part of any Nation or population,but their rights,equal opportunity,talent and so forth have been neglected by Pp,SNP,SUP so far,though,so many of them are highly talented,brillant,show high proffesionalism in what they do .etc..etc..
    My peice of advice to them,especially those in SNP,SUP,wake up,anticipate yourselves,join SFP ,thus gain the plattform,thus given the equal changes to put your talent,proffesionalism,etc.. in to pratice so that you so could participate in the developement,decision.making,progress of our country nad Nation.For example---fighting for same salary for the same job,that maybe,even father could stay at home instead of only the mother to gaurd a new born ,thus share the gaurding,and raising up on your kids,etc..etc..etc..

    Jeanne D?Arc

  40. RAM is surely worry.For unity would means for him--no more monopoly of the opposition that allows him to to negociate whatever hi likes with Pp for his own greedy interest.His aprty would be a shadow of itself ,and would have no power to influence anyone than RAm himslef.In a words,it neutralize RAM ,make him vunerable,useless and worthless.That as consequences could affect his pension for life,lavish life style,and you could have a Unite Oppostion aprty calling for investigation of those crooks,and rrevokating their fat salry and so on.
    This surely creates fear,worry,paranoia.UNITY would affect the influences of stooge party.

  41. A monkey writes book(monkey with a typewritter)-you get peanuts or bananas.

  42. There is a video on tube monkey with AK-47.

  43. The monkey with Ak-47 is Michel in 1977,now he is sitting behind a typewritter.

  44. NATION--wrote tou trvayer i nob.Yes they are---Is Theft,robbery.embezzlement NOB,too?


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