Chamber of Commerce launches Praslin Subcommittee

12 April 2014

The Seychelles Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI) has launched a subcommittee to represent the specific needs of the Praslin business community.
The five-member board, which is comprised of Christopher Gill, William Rose, Miette Godley, Adrian Uzice and Nigel Hoareau, aims to improve the business environment and lend assistance to small and medium enterprises (SMEs) operating on the inner island.
“Despite Praslin being a key component of the national economy, businesses there tend to feel that their needs are either overlooked or come secondary to those on Mahé,” says Marco Francis, the Chairman of SCCI.

In order to overcome those challenges and encourage entrepreneurism on Praslin, the Chamber firmly believes that the nation needs more transparent and equitable policies across the islands.
Launching the subcommittee on Friday, Mr Francis urged Praslinois to consider applying for membership to the Chamber and supporting its drive to improve the ease of doing business in Seychelles.
“It is only by being united as a community that we can move the agenda of the business community forward and promote an equal playing field for the betterment of the economy,” says Mr Francis.
The main objective of the SCCI is to remove barriers affecting businesses in Seychelles, especially for smaller-sized enterprises whose needs are often not well communicated to higher levels.


  1. It ture that Praslin though the seocnd biggest island,has been too long ignored and left behind.And you also have the so Call Assembly member of Praslin ,who donot do anything,either becuase they themselves under qualified and donot understand the A.B,C of economy etc....

    I think also ,in order to ensure that Praslin move forward and that Praslinois develop their island according to their needs and expectation-----in the future,we should ensure that revenues genrate on PRaslin by businesses on Praslin,must stay in the coffer of Praslinois not send to the central governemnt to rob,and use illicitly to sponsor PP's lavish lifestlye etc...Then a percentage on the annual net revnenues could be paid into the cnetral governemnt coffer.This would allow Praslin to be more creative,innovative,and develop their island according to how they see it,how they think it should be,and the way they think is best from Them,for future genration and their general welfare--

    Local governemnt should have more power together with the participation of locals to take decsiion at local levels and that whethewr to central governemnt like or not.though all decsions must reamin in line with National laws etc...

    More power locally,would allow local authority more control over how they spend public money in their erea.Thus the autonomy and flexibility they need they to make sure that money is well spend and use in their districts.Which also makes it easier to trace in case of corruption,etc.. by officials.OLca governement is undoubtly better place ot make decisions about the needs of their community and thus can meet local people's needs.It would make politicans more accountable(Those donkeys now in the assembly would have to first be educated,know politics,and be more actives for their community for they would be directly scrutinize and be sanctioned when fialures occur.They would not be able to hide behind a central governemnt and put the blames on others.for they would be directly in the spot light.And i asure you,many of those existing members of the Aseembly now,who wanted to be in the Assembly to pocket a pension for life like RAm,would be discourage for most of them now have no brain,and shold not be in the Assembly due to the lacks of understanding,qaulifications,etc....Ietc..etc..

    Jeanne D'Arc

  2. The prices of many items are too high and unjustifyable--for instance--i donot understand why beeer produce locally by a monopolistic company is 1000 percent higher than in other palces regardless where you go around the owrld-Could ou imagine a Germany toursits who knows what good beers are and could have good beers for ONE EUROE at home come over here and must pay for a low qualitiy beer produced locally 1000 times than a high quality beer in Germany?it is just rediculous and unacceptable--thus they comnsumption less, a lost for Bars,pubs,restaurants,
    Dito,to food in restuarants---a menu though amyn items used are bought locally is sdo high that you could have enough money to pay a flight to Mauritius,go and return.
    Dito .to cigarrette producted locally and which the comapny has monopoly.
    All these things the governemnt should look into it and adsjust it.There is no reason that rice imported from Indai,thus not far for Seychelles which means less transportation costs,buying price cost 1000 times more when it reached our shores----The only explanantion is that it is articficially made high without justification and the llaissez- faire of the governement and its ineffective policy.Even when one looks at for instance wood imported from Asia or S Africa--those countries produce cheap woods but when it arrival on our shores it prices increase by 1000.This kinds of practices must stop.for it impede the powe of consumption which is important for economc growth,and decrease revenues that governemnt could have collected from consumption.etc...

    1. You are right however when Albert was the opposition party and rice or sugar price went up by 10 cents they cried and hit the street to strike. Why not now? Anymore more solda rene left?

    2. The only people who stood up against Albert Rene were the students of then Seychelles College while the rest of the population stood by and watch instead joining in.... This was the day that would have changed Seychelles once and for all. Why do you think Rene closed Seychelles College?

    3. Yes, there is one soldat Rene left in Seychelles. His name is Danny Faure, he is the future of PL, making sure of continuation for the next 40yrs. STOP FAURE NOW!!

  3. VAT is too high.
    Residents on Praslin pay higher VAT then Mahe, because they pay it three times for the same item. Truck delivery to jetty VAT. Ship delivery to Praslin VAT. Truck delivery again to house or business VAT. compounded it makes Praslin non viable.
    Hotel rooms are subject to VAT, but too high. 16, 5 %. Mauritus it is 6%.

  4. Self government for Praslin, not a subcommittee, free from the chains of the PL government in Victoria. People of Praslin are mature enough to make their own decisions regarding their future. For PL in Victoria, the people of Mahe comes first. Praslin should be second to no one. It is time to free Praslin from the restraint of PL in Victoria so they can trade freely.

  5. Time for people of Praslin to have a hard look at what is happening in Crimea, Ukraine. They should start thinking of autonomy for Praslin, to break away from an illegally and fake Government on Mahe.

  6. Praslin needs a larger share of the taxes it pays to upgrade its roads, electricity, infrastructure.

    Praslin needs government to stop controlling its land use to death, affecting housing development, population growth, small contractors, truck drivers, etc....

    Praslin 50 meter restriction policy is ridiculous since most seychellois own land above 50 meters. If land cannot be developed, and is restricted from development how is seychellois suppose to participate in economy.

    Our population on praslin is dropping because PL neglect praslin every year since James Michel took Nathalie away.

    Now this is over. Solve the problems of this island which is getting too much before people start set fire to Vallai De Mai like tried SPUP and did.

  7. It is about self-governemnt in thr sesne of being an autonomous district,but giving local administors enough power to really decide on projects etc... that take place in their districts.They know better what the people needs in their districts are.Morevoer,the revenues genrate in a districts,(Praslin)at least half of it should stay in the district coffer who generate the revenues to reuse,reinvest in the same district.They are best placed to know what work best in their districts and what are the needs.An example------Praslin as second biggest island has literally no nightattraction for tourists,Curiese Island a National Park on which a Botanical garden and Insectarium could be built as a second toursits attraction after Valley De Mai-----Should Local ogvernmnt has more powr and the money genrate on Praslin would stay on Praslin ,we could have started the project ourselves without waiting to diece if they will do it or not.

    Of course,Not all Districts in Seychelles has the economic returns to do so,but Districts like Praslin,La Digue,Victoria,Beau Vallon and others could be given more powe to decide and paln projects in their own districts.etc..etc..etc..etc..

    Other advantages---discentralization will reduce corrutpion and increase accountability and decipline.

    More power to local governemnt and keeping HALf of the money generated in the districts,would more Seychelles forward instead of stagnating like now under PP,with massive ocrruption,bribery,theft,and all kinds of illegal practices at the Cnetral governemnt.The actions of the later affect the Whole Nation and when bad policies are unilaterally imp0lememnted and there is fialures the whole country suffer as when Michel bankrupted us in 2008,and the burdesn of the aftermath are still persistence.Should we have a system whereby Local governemnt have more dicision-power and define the distircts economy,the probably that we would not have suffer as now,is real.Look at countires with similar System,be it Switzerland,Austria,Sweden,etc-- all those countries were able tzo survive the fianancial crisis witohut big dififculty while those like Creece with powerful centrqal governemnt taking and miaking all decision ,in many cases against economic trends, people will,ended it shit and some are still in Shit including Seychelles.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  8. There are lots of things that needs to be done on Praslin.The first thing,is creating more attractions both day and nights for tourists which is now unexisting,and are needs to generate extra millions in revenues,and create jobs.

    Praslin needs to get its water shortage fix.The possiblity is to build a small man-made lac,At FOND MALBARES(a place where a few times wild fires broke and destory vegetation)unstil now nothing grow,Hence since where the fire destroy the forest in between three hills and at the same time there are few important rivers that flow up there,an man-made lac could be easily done,thus solve Praslin water shortage for centuries to come.NB Waters from Praslin ,is alos use to Supply La Digue.

    A Laundry Shop/stores-----it is needecd and it would work.Many small and medium seize hotels ,now having their own Wahsing machine thus extra cost burden on them,would surely use such a service,to reduce those extra costs,Even some indiviudals would use it,but governemnt could also contract the laundry shop to wash Hospital clothings,etc... thus reduce hospital costs of expenses etc..

    Many Praslinois even those living up the mountains have private leisure boats,and many would like to posses one but stay too far from the sea to pruchase one and also becuase of security reasons(no time to go down hill during raining seasons to check if boats still afloat etc...),For this a new business can be created,For instance,where the first temporay Mariner was,it could have been converted in to a small MAriner--but SOLEY for locals boat owners.Thus they can pay a monthly amount ,(Depending opn size on boat)to park their boat at this mariner,(just like renting a private carpark etc..).Should owners need extra services like getting their boat cleaned,painted thus the mariner owner would charge them extra .etx..etc..I could imagine that alos Boat charters owners who during north east monson need to go many times during the nights to check their boats,would be enticed to use the facitility too.Of course,Mariner owner once boat in his mariner would have the competely responsibility of those boats.etc..

    Ideas are many ,Pp can contact us for more.

    jeanne D'Arc

  9. We need more power to decide and have some of our contribution stay in the district in which it was generated.That is not Federalism---descentralizatio,thus less dictation,laissez-faire,inresposibility,better control of people^s money and how it is use.make politicans at districts level more active and acountablr.and they would not just try to get themselves elected to simply end up in the Assembly in order to participate in bereibery,theft,corruption,and in retrun pocket a pension for life they donot deserve while never goiing back to their communitis to answer questions to those who elected them.

    Jeanne DÂrc


  10. Political, economic and cultural freedom, freedom of expression, freedom to think, freedom to trade, freedom of movement, freedom to choose, not PL cronies sent to every districts to brainwash people just like the Nazi and the KGB use to do in Germany and the USSR. There is good news, the Nazi lost the war and the USSR lost the cold war. Freedom loving people will prevail even if it takes a 100 years. PRASLIN DESERVES BETTER MR MICHEL!!

  11. Salazi Praslin praslinios are with out a perfect road and no light near those road some peoples from Salazi have to go home before dark afraid to walk now that crime are rocket rising under pp.
    Yes my friend Praslinios deserve better but its time also for them to think who they give their vote in the coming election if they want to have better infrastructure on Praslin,PP have always hate Praslinios seen 1977 till today 2014.


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