'Reclaiming Power'


  1. Mr Rival is competely right,but he must not forget that he is dealing with monkeys and they donot understand either how things work and what the duty,responsibility and limits.As Mr Viral says,The constition give the President defined and limted power as in any societies and that above that of ministers.Ministers must haveb the apporval of either the President or Aprliamemnt to act above authorities that is regulated and defined by the Constitition though they have relative indpendence to direct their ministry.

    inisters are beneath the laws like all citizens,The have to obey anf work within the inherited law codes.If they trangress indiviudally or collectively they couold be sued,chareged or juridically reviewed.The POWER comapre to the rest come from two main sources:1)They can command the money and personel of governemnt to do what the law allow with publci money resources and 2)they can ask,advise that a law etc be altered but the final decision is debated in Parliament.

    Stop raping rukle of laws aprtielpep.

  2. LIke SFP has been doing, Viral Dhanjee is exposing dictatorship.
    We support him for this.


  3. This time Viral may have a chance of success. Remember the wind of change is blowing in the air and those judges appointed for life including the Chief collaborator Francis Macgregor, realize that their jobs are on the line, so they may be a little bit more reasonable in their judgment. Unless they are prepared to face the mass-dismissal on the day of people's judgment.
    However, Abraham Lincoln said "The probability that we may fail in the struggle ought not to deter us from the support of a cause we believe to be just"
    Viral you are a warrior and a true patriot, congratulation!

  4. Canada will suspend funding to the Commonwealth while the chair of the secretariat is occupied by Sri Lanka because of human rights concerns. Well done Canada! We appreciate and felicitate Prime Minister Stephen Harper's wise decision for boycotting the last Commonwealth Conference in Sir Lanka. Not like the President of Seychelles James Michel who was ass-licking the Sri Lankans throughout the conference.
    Viral you are fighting for the same cause! Human rights!

  5. Who will buy your book Michel with devil philosophy written in it?I hope in it you wrote how you become president of Seychelles and you mention also the coup 1977 and those loving Seychellios you and Far made disappear and kill and also you wrote in in your book why you kill your son Jam.
    Michel what is the titel of your book!Murder he wrote and who want to have a book of a criminal in his living room.

  6. Michel licking ass because he bankrupt this country no money in the coffer,now his licking all Asians country like India,Sri Lanka,China ect.. to get cheaper rice.

  7. Thank you TODAY for covering this effort. It is the right thing to do when weekly and les seychellois will not cover out of intellectual dishonesty,they have fallen short and are too stupid to see it.

  8. So Bernard Georges has join Michel now. How much was he paid? are there any Seychellois who cannot be bought.

  9. Has the idiot and incompetent Govinden and his Indian stooges filed a reply to the Petition yet? Love to see that.

  10. Bernard Georges has been working for Michel for years. SFP exposed it in the digital recording of a conversation with FIU defendant Terry Scholes and Steven Scholes involving $1 Million seized from Barclays Bank.
    The digital conversation recorded by his client, who did not trust him, exposed him.
    It has been going on for years.
    We loaded the blog with it. You can reference it on reality and listen to it.

  11. Working for Michel.FAR,Khalifia,Ramadoss,Siva,etc.. a conpsirator too.

  12. How can SNP even claim to be an opposition?
    Make Ace Sabbadin the leader.

  13. Ace Sabbadin trumps makes Bernard Georges look like a pussy in the boots.

  14. Ace take over SNP. Run it like Gossip Column. HAHAHAHAHAHA! Half PL Half SNP that want to go back to PL.


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