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Breaking News
 The US State Department Deputy of Africa A. Jackson has
 pronounced himself on the Public Orders Act 2013 today at
 the US Coast Guard Base.
 Deputy A. Jackson said that the Republic of Seychelles
 Public Orders Act 2013 as drafted goes too far and curtails
 Citizens fundamental human rights. The law he said, as
 enacted, even curtails the ability of NGO's to function in
 the country and this will have repercussions on assistance
 to these NGO's since they cannot gather in groups of more
 then ten (10) persons without prior approval.
 The law will have to be amended, or revoked, redrafted to
 bring it in line with modern democratic best practice.


  1. Faure trying to make smile but Mr Jackson is having none of your smile Faure.Mr Jackson mean business what he say and every time some one call on them at State House they try to put a smile on their evil face.Faure we are reminding you you will never be the next president of Seychelles dead line to take pp out in power is 2016.

  2. How stupid is the POA. If I arrange a function for over 10 people at my residence I need approval from the Commissioner of Police!! Govinden has lost his marbles.

  3. The law must be cancelled and either re-introduce laws put in palce just after Indendpence or rewrite a new one.To achieve the later and ensure that it provides and protects our people rights ,it must be done by all political actors in the country t,that is Pp Oppostion parties,etc..

    I beleive that both UN REPORT anf the USA state should be enough for the UN to start punitative actions agaisnt the tyrannic by---Asking IMF and World Bank to immediately stop sponsoring State teorrism,That the UN decalre Dictatorship as State Terrorism(or State organized crimes),sieze and blcok all accounts of those theives including our 2,4 billions in Swiss Bank,that ICC open an investigation agsint Pp for murder of its citizens,that All members of the gang are banned from travelling to Europe etc... else they be arrested,etc.....

    UN,USA,EU and Indai,if the later thinks it is friend with Seychelles(seychellois and not Pp terrorist)sshould stop also sponsoring Pp dictatorship.

    The words of Un, USa,on my side,give Me and my guys ,the legitimacy more than ever to get those crimes controling our instittuions and enslaving our people out of power by all means including the use of force.

    UN,USA.SADC and other Interantional organizations as well as SFP have been asking PP to change itself,it seems that Pp thugs cannot change by themselves,they need to be changed .You known what.The refusal to change testifies that PP you asking for execution you will have it donkeys.

    Jeanne D?Arc

  4. Aprtilepepe thugs in the Assembly is under going training on public accounts.Seychellois expected that when a person is candidate in high position Like member of the Assembly that they already have the required education,expertise, know how,etc.. to deliver his duty proffesionally.In the partilepep you take a position than go to school after.

    Look at all those monkeys in the Assembly,they< do not even feel ashame of thier incompetency.

  5. A media Commission should be firstly made of indepednt experts chosen by civil soceity not by appointment,and secondly it should have total power to regular,cordinate,etc.... everything that has to do with MEDIAS and ,communication and information---not the government.

    Now we have an appointed thus illegal Human righzts Commisssion,A meida Commission,soon a latrine Commission,an unborn Baby Commisssion,A food security Commission,An expats Commission,etc....which would make us the smllest isalnd state will the most Commission.

    Do Michel need a Media Commisssion ;appointed by Himself to undestand that State Medias belong to the people and alll parties shopuld havbe eual access to it,it difficult for Michel to understandthat as stipualted in ozur Constitution ,there must be free and fair elelction that is As SFP;UN;USA have said before ,namely that the people choose thier leader in free and fair elelction and not by fraud,theft,manipualtion,etc..IF this is the case Michel,you not fit to leade this country donkey.

  6. Some in the Assembly canno0t even tell you or define in a simple words what their ideology is,or even what the purpose of the Assembly but here they are all being member of the4 Assembly.Note also,most have never left Seychellois in their lives to see the developed,democratic,advance world--thus difficult for those monekys to understand what UN,SFP,USA is talking about when they talk about Human rights,Parlaiment,modernization ,free society,those little donkeys knows only Partilepepe thus the<y annot have an opinion for their nothing to realte to or compare to for them to see or understand the differences.

    Once a monkey always a monkey. the got the monkey sees monkey do habit(just follow old monkey mate Michel when you donot know anything.God Michel would make everything happen-

  7. Those monkeys in the Assembly are idiots ,PP likes to use to legitimate PP 's illegal actions,There are are like monkeys,you just have to give them a banana OPPPS they happy about it even after you going to cage them.Those Donkeys,never hold for instance,annual meeting in their districts to inform their masters in the districts what they are sdoing for them.They do not know that they are accountable to the^people in the district they represent.They all wnat to do and be Like RAm and PIERRE,namely be a member of the Assembly in order that they can pocket fat cat salary and finally a pension for life,so that theyan suck tax payers' blood dry to satisfy thier selfness,greed.It is Pp examples of REnaisance Moral.

    Jeanne D'Arc


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