Kalawan Calls Seychellois Prostitutes To Defend Georges


The theme of unity has once again surfaced. With it, have come different expressions, ranging from satisfaction, anger, disappointment and sheer indifference.
When Mr. Bernard Georges, a member of the SNP Executive Committee introduced the book of speeches of Mr. Michel, many old diverse sentiments were stirred back into life, showing one thing:
The damage that the one party system and the continued political segregation of the people of Seychelles by the present regime, was very much alive across political lines.
The acceptance by Mr. Georges to deliver a speech aroused much anger and confusion among opposition supporters. Given the recent past of seeing so many turncoats, the biggest question on the lips of so many was:
"Has Bernard Georges left the SNP to become a member of Parti Lepep???" The answer is "NO".....
But what do we learn from such doubts and questions.
I guess that question was followed by another one, asking what he got or what he was promised or going after.
To me, this illustrates the sad side of things.
Seychelles has become a place where people have stopped thinking of... "sincerity, honesty and frankness".
But rather, the thoughts of our people are "opportunistic and mercenary". This is because over the years the concept of enemy has been rubbed "DEEP" inside our people, while on the other hand reward for services rendered has been the reverse side of the coin. Our people have had their morale hit in so many ways and literally been left as prostitutes.

Who is the prostitute Kalawan or Seychellois?
So, one of the big issues of unity is.... "SINCERITY AND HONESTY"... It involves a complete change of mind set and an opening that will see the leaders together with the people address all the major issues, while showing tangible examples of the preaching. Actions must indeed speak louder than words. It is only then that our people will start believing that indeed there is a positive move towards a "BETTER UNITED" tomorrow.
Take for example the report of that event by the SBC... Totally one-sided, a reminder of the SNP party convention, where the reporter did all the talking and not one sentence of my speech was included... "Why did the SBC not show
Mr. Georges speaking, many ask, but instead put on
Mr. Michel speaking forever??? This was quickly interpreted as a sign of a lack of "sincerity and honesty" because had they done so, the people would have been able to interpret his words and seen that Mr. Georges was in fact laying out many challenges flowing from the very words that Mr. Michel had written is his book.
The SBC preferred confusion in the opposition rather than truth. The unity of the people of Seychelles is complex.
This is why we have to find some way to put the past on the table, address it and then move on. The suggestion that we need a "truth commission" is indeed the way forward in my opinion. There is the South African model and there are other models that have resolved worse situations than we have been through. Surely the leaders of this country can have the courage to take on the bull by the horns for the sake of the people.

Bernard Georges
"UNITY" is not only in talking. Removing the statue of "Zonm Lib" from its present location, building a new monument for unity, or even Mr. Bernard Georges, a member of the SNP opposition making a speech at the launch of Mr. Michel’s book, will not bring about UNITY.. Mr. Michel, the President of our country has the responsibility of taking the initiative to unite the people of Seychelles. Politicians may have different agendas, but these cannot dominate over the unity of Seychelles. We all have to be humble and earn the respect of the people as we go about this most important task.
Mr. Bernard Georges has shown that an opposition member can retain his principles even when talking to his opponent. Can this be a sign of hope for what we can all achieve when we start to stop thinking of political gains and personal agendas, but our beloved Seychelles???
The challenge is enormous, but we can all surmount it and bring our country to greater heights.!!!


  1. RAm the traitor ,the political prostitute, dares calling Seychellois prostitues when he has himself been prostituting with Pp for decades.Seychellois never sold their arses with anyone.you donkey who has provide a perserse service to Pp for decades now--thus it was so lucrative that you have become Multi-millionaires. ,You the real venal crafty prostitute , PITAN. .

    Your politcal protitution has been threatening Seychelles for decades donkey.yOU WILL PAY BACK FOR THAT.

    TEll me RAm,you defending what PITAN?

    jEANNE d'aRC

    The real prostitute is you RAM.you a protitute who refuses to redeemed.

  2. The unification of SNP and PL is long overdue.

    nikol roz

  3. PLAGIARISM in the Police Department.
    Superintendents Sean Jacklin and Bursick are both foreign direct-entry Superintendents in the Police Department coming from God knows where, last week they launched a 'Crime Stopper' campaign in the police force’s Victoria HQ, amidst big fanfare with press coverage. They did not tell the people that they stole a page from the recommendations made by a real Seychellois Professional several years ago, but President Michel and Police Commissioner then rejected the idea fearing it could work against SPPF supporters. Likewise for Automated Fingerprints Identification System (AFIS). I was there and I witnessed several of the presentations made by one of our own professional, unfortunately there was no political will to implement those recommendations. It is a real shame to see foreigners plagiarizing his works with Morgan and St Ange joining the band wagon. As the saying "you are never the true prophet in your own country"

    1. The Seychellois professional should not have left the files behind for them to copy. He should have done like they all do, take them away with him or destroy them. Anyway, it's been said that literary cooks who skim the cream of others' books; and ruin half an author's graces by plucking bon-mots from their places.

    2. Just read in the Nation Supt. Bursick has been appointed director for Criminal Investigation Department (CID). Another bogus appointment to fit with the mirage of Seychelles. The guy knows f..k all about criminal investigations, and has iota of local knowledge and language! Worse than in the colonial days when the Seychellois do the jobs and the expatriate officers get the glory. At least then the local officers knew their jobs, but now neither Bursick nor his subordinates know anything, and the Commissioner of Police is a big zero Gorilla.

  4. Seychellois should start6 challlenging PP,by asking PP under which consititution,and which cuases in it ,give Pp the autohrity to illegally infest our defence ofrces wih mercenaires of all sort?Could a soveiregn NAtion accept such crooked pratices whereby their National security and defence forces is controlled and manange by foriegners?In which planet are we?

    Jeanne D'Arc

  5. In normal societies,politcal parties is founded on ideologies,In Seychelles ith the exception of SFP,it is simply a matter of connection and influence,greed,and the will to rob the people.,and of course this thourgh out the decades has palyed a big role in the nature of our governement.In other owrds-politcal prostitution.
    The absent of any defined ideas put those stooge politicians in a position of flexibility that allow them to change their mind on any issue without accountability.SNP as SUP have been PP houses of politcal prostitution and Pp has made Statehouse , the brothel house like establishment where
    politcal prostitutes congregate and engage themselves in the immoral activities their soul,body and fabric of Seychellois for one's personal profit or pleasure.

    RAM is has finally demonstrated that he is,as we allows beleive to be a prophet of doom,and his actions demonstrates the hibris of an evil.whose world is breaking apart.THat he wants to open a Class Action lawsuit agianst the people he has been robbing for decades,.RAM is living in fear of change.The fears and lies itensify conscousness.RAM has beomce finally aware that change is for real.That makes him react as a monkey on hot plates.Your fall was programmed RAM;it was just a matter oftime.

    Jeanne D?Arc

  6. On the above picture,RAm wanted to be Steve Biko or Malcom X?Or he was already and simply demonstrating the symtom of a slavish,monkey-like person who imitate others?

  7. The Father is prostituting himself to PL and God if there is one and a church with a foreign name.

  8. Yes,the church of atheism.with Michel as God.

    Beranrd is wise enough,to be aware that polticians are public officials ,whose charge to act in the public interestrs,not vice-versa.The values which should govern policies must publicly defensive values.They must not be personal,idiosyncratic or purely ideological.

    Serving the public interests is not serving a majority party or other party.Parties exist as a means of attempting to find the best policy for the public which they serve.

    Beranrd,and >Co sdhould set aside their own personal morality and strive to find those reasons which best serve the public interests.
    Hence Mr Bernard,The unification of our country,the unity of our people,unity of our various...is what genuinely represents the PUBLIC INTERESTS.it is a governemnt/system that serve the people to maintain public order and safegarud the interest of the people.UNITY,MR Beranrd,is stability,progress,peace,and the time now is not to make speeches of UNity but it is the time to dedicate and work to make UNITY a reality.And.one more thing Mr Beranrd ,the most important force in providing UNITY and stability,is leadership.Honesty,and sincerity.And MR Beranrd,is not by being the cheerleader of PP,that Unity would come,but by opening the doors of Statehouse and discusing,debating,finding solutions together with all politcal parties that exist in the country.It is time Mr Beranrd,to ask yourself as JF Kennedy puts it"Not what your country can do for you,but what you can do for your country".As to what your country can do for you--well----by robbing our freedom,it has allow you and clics to be multi-millionaires,It has also made even poor priest Mutlti-millionaire,noe it is time to do something back for your country.And you can do and need to do,is simply UNITE the country your crooked friend divided in 1977 with an AK 47.One undeniable fact in history Mr Bernard,is that ideolodies base on the primacy of groups abuses,invariably institute dictatorial regimes.Now it is high time you take politcal responsibilites and stop barking only about unity.
    And you know how to start Mr Beranrd to unite Seychellois?it is not by making speech on SBC but taking your phone and calling all Oppostion leaders and setting a time table to start meetings of how the Oppostion would proceed and concocting a together a National programme in which all parties find themslves.

    Act Dr Bernard------Let RAM run amok--his time is going to n end.Unity ,RAMy scares,he already recognized that it would reduce its monopoly and influence,and above all,make him able to dictate the Oppostion.He recognized that a United Oppostion would destory him,and he would probably end up as Volcere.RAM is geneticcal greedy,he would do everything to keep the status quo,for that is the only way he can continue existing,and survive.Seychellois is calling on you to UNite the Oppostion ,not to please them but becauseit is necessarily should we want to protect our people interests,the soverenty on our land,and dignity of our people.It is no time to make long pseeches now,but to act immediately.

    TIme for change.

    jeanne D'Arc

  9. The butcher is drunk with his own silly propaganda,idiotism,narcism.SBC was preoccupied by portraing Michel ,akin to a saint,.The praises showered upon him were more tha needed to canonize him.While the Nation propaganda machine want to paint a demigod,it is only fair to complete the story.As they say"journalism is"the first rough draft of history".

    None of Michel's books written in the vein of Hilter, are good books,and it they are unlikely to be bought at all by citiznes,as anything more than footnotes to accounts of highly unpleasant epocs.Comapre to other Books written by Dicators,The butcher Books is not even on the last bottom page of the list.to demonstrates how trashy,rediculous,sadism his writtings are.
    Try with a book entitle"My coup D'etat,or how i butchered a Nation,or me and Khalifa,the endless love etc...etc.. they might be a hit a best seller Michel.Wirte on issues you know best Michel,Criminality donkey the changes to sell a dozens copies would be more probably.

    jeanne D'Arc

  10. Mancahm to oversee democracy in the world while failing to do it at home.

  11. Chinese Communist Tells us Patrol boat SPECIALLY MADE FOR Seychellis. or From CHina with Love.The Chinese Ambassador,says that the Boat was specially built for Seychelles and for her EEZ.In other owrds Indain Coean is different from other Coeans that a special patrol boat must be built.I remeber them telling that they specially trained for the illegal goose march they illegally conducted last 5 th June on our Nationa L day in the Stadium.It seems when it comes to Seychelles,everything Chinese do or gift Seychelles is speically made.Why should all be special MR MOa.

    The Communist CHina ,belives that when it tells us ,or uses the OWRD psecial ;Seychellois on their side would consider in return Chinese as SPECIAL for Seychellois,and hopefully they beleive that would allow them to rape our EEZ in order that they can extent their own geo-politcal interests in the detriment of others soveiregnty,rights and terrirtories.

    I would advice the children of MAO,to instead have Speical LOVe for tibetian, and It Asien Neigbours,they need special love from CHIna,and respect and want to see Chinese Communist respect International norms,others territorial integrity etc... Not Seychellois.

    Chines governemnt should also show love for Chinese villagers who are being treated as foriegners,non-chinese Nationals in Shanghai,where their rights raped.Do you Know that Villagers coming from other Chinese villages/cities are not consider and have not the same rights as Born Shanghaians?Do you know that even their childrens are not allow to neter or get acees to public schools in Shanghia,and their parents have qoutas to fulffill that last deacdes in order to MAybe only be given a resident permit and right to live forever in Shanghai.

    Chinese could also show more love to Muslim Chinese in the North Of CHina,who have for decades opposing Central CHinese Governemnt dictatorship.

    Chinese governemnt seem to beleive that becuase Seychelles is small we probably do not know their dictatorial history,Human rights abuses,illegal land annexation in Asia,etc.... Each time they come to our shores,they want to make us beleive they are Human ,honest,loving,respectful etc.. and that are traits they posses genetically and want to past it to other Nations.

    No MAo,you as tyrannic as Partilepep criminals------There is no need to cmaoflage yourself as a CAMELEON.We know very-well your communist history and pratices.

    Of course partilepep crimials who are hoping and praying MAYBE seychellois would Love CHina then As in MREMEA ,we would have a big tyrannic borther to protect us,cover and defence our astrocity but above most,keep partilepep forver on power.This partilepep won't never happen.Should we see Chinese boots on the 5th June in our Stadium on our National Day --Bombs may fly.and you show cancel by force.

    Chines,Arbes,Irish,Gurkas,Indian,and the rest Go home FOREIGNERS.Donot tell me i am a racist-----you accept that you are foreigners,becuase ti si right-Therefore as such go back home.

  12. Values for one-values for all---partielepep bring Indain,Pakistains with flags.Partielepep has made them beleived Seychelles is also from them--it is part of india and Pakistan

  13. Both partielppe nad Chines would have like piracy still exist.Though piracy has been redicated for almost 3 years now,Partilepep is still singing about piracy.The Chinese Ambassador also preached about piracy,for he would have like piracy stil exist ,for then it would have provide CHines and partielpep a cover up,to disguise and justifies CHG9ina Naval present in our EEZ:Without piracy .partielepep as well as Chinese have no base to jsutfy any Chinese Naval present in our waters.So keep preaching about piracy.When piracy hitted us,Michle governemnt could not do anything about,When piracy is over,instead of saying thanks God that this dangerous fleoh has been stopped,Michel advertise it and thereby endangered our tourism industry.

    There is no piracy in our EEZ Michel.What there is ,is illegal fishing by Chinese,Twaiwanese,Thais,Pakistani,Sri Lankan,Iranian,Korean,and so on...robbing our natural resources while you just look,It has been like this since partielppe took power by an AK 47.The consequences million of ton of Tuna robbed from our EEZ with impunity.What there are partielepep,is partilepep crooks transporting and importing hard drug to our land to destory our youth,in order that they could be replaced by foreigners,the same foreigners you advertise on SBC under the banner of "Value for one ,value for all"Indain values cannot be that of Seychelles,nor could Seychellois values be that of Indian.

  14. A NAtion values is about its common culture ,tradition etc.. thus nothing to do with those indian,pakistanis etc.. raising their country's falg in our soveiregn land ad if we part of india,pakistani etc...

    Already it is a sign that Paretilepe does not understand whatn vlaues are and do not understand what they talking about.

  15. Ira Scully now Bursick!Scully!Jerry Adam been held for murder,scully were you under his commend in 1994?because the list of murder names will be realist soon that's why you come and hide on our shore and been protected by another group of criminal.

  16. Mancham promoting democracy around the world?A funny clown!


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