Breaking News:Seychelles woman nabbed with foreign currency

A woman from Seychelles was arrested by the Customs at the Bandaranaike International Airport today for attempting to leave the country with foreign currency amounting to Rs 6.5 million.

Customs media spokesman Leslie Gamini said the 45-year-old Seychelles woman had declared only 1000 Singapore dollars on her departure.

She was bound to Trichy in Tamil Nadu carrying foreign currency, including US dollars, Euros and Singapore dollars.(DS)


  1. Money launderying for herself or she was a courrier for Someone else?How can a person went throw an airport deparrtues with so much money without being indentify by Seychelles Airport authority?i guess she went through the metal detectros and check bags scannned(but ususally checking bags are scanned too)without being able to identified anything suspicious.

    Singapor is looking in the case ,it should be also the duy and responsbility of on one hand Airport authority to investigate the why tis personal fialed to indetified such amount placed in Hand or chercking bags becuase due to the amount there should be indication that the lady had in her possesion too much money
    Moreover,the lady should also be investigated by Seychelles authority to indentified the source of the millions that seemed were made,collected probably by illegal means in Seyhelles.I could imagine it is money from most likely Drug trafficking,thefts,embezzelement etc....and can deliver inforamtion on Durg escobars,who they are and were they are.

    Would Govineden who is himself beleived to be one of those Escobar open an investigation or just as always, sweep the case under the carpet to protect himself,friends as he has done in the recent past in the case of Houreau,DEJA VU and others?

    This case should us how bad personal at the Airport are,under qualfied,badly trained,ill-equipped,it seem that checked bags are not scanned like it is done and should be as in other country,That means not only when bags left but when bags,cargos enter the country thus a potential and easy means for Escobars,criminals to import Drugs,travel with tons of Dollars to be laundered,etc.....You know Seychelles unlike many countires has not physical boards with other country and it has two offical ports of entering or deaprts from our shores namely Habour or Airport,therefore the governemnt should in my opinion and it is a conviction that they should be able to control what enter our land more effectively than many countires including western countires due to our geographical position and for the fact we donot boraded with other countires whereby gdrugs,etc.. could be transfere,enter through of means like than sea and Airport.The lack of equippment,the laissez faire,corruption,bad governance,igonrance are the cuases that amde such illegal trafficks possible.

    Jeanne D?Arc

    1. Sa pa lot ki ban maron SNP/LEPEP....BAN VOLER PREMIER KLAS!


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