Sailor Dead SBC Silent!

The death of a Halifax sailor while off duty in the Seychelles is being investigated.
The body of navy Lt. Andrew F. Webster was discovered Thursday in his hotel room in Victoria, the capital city of the Seychelles, an island country in the Indian Ocean northeast of Madagascar.

“He’s from the Halifax region, a young guy,” said Lt.-Col. Christian Lemay, chief public affairs officer with Canadian Joint Operations Command, in an interview.
Webster had been serving on HMCS Toronto. His death is not believed to be suspicious.
The circumstances around Webster’s death are being investigated by authorities in the Seychelles, who are keeping Canadian military police posted, Lemay said.
Canadian officials have been in touch with Webster’s family. It will be up to authorities in the Seychelles as to when the body will be transferred to the Canadian military, Lemay said.
HMCS Toronto, with a crew of about 250, was in port to provide some rest and relaxation between operations.

The frigate has been participating in Operation Artemis and conducting maritime security and counter-terrorism operations in the Arabian Sea for most of the last year.
“I am deeply saddened by the death of (navy Lt.) Andrew Webster, which occurred while he was deployed overseas during a port visit in the Seychelles,” Gen. Tom Lawson, chief of the defence staff, said in a news release. “Our thoughts and prayers are with the member’s family, friends and colleagues.”


  1. Not the first time that foreign nationals have died in hotel rooms in Seychelles. Past cases have been drug-related, indication that the drugs trafficking in Seychelles have infiltrated their hospitality industry where they peddle their dirty and deadly substances. Sailors and visitors beware these islands are not as pure as they were once. They are infested by the most vicious characters from Russia, Arabic countries, China etc. Where everything goes and everything sells for money. Consequences of being a pauper State with a fake Government!

  2. No time for such infos.SBC is at the moment busy glorifying Michel and partilepep thieves for thir crimes and failures.You hear Michel taking about values as if dictatorships have values.

  3. Silent! PP are always silent on these issues. Air Seychelles with only 2 planes received 4 stars they are doing we-le-le at the airport covered with steel since 1975! Why don't you fix this airport given to us by Langleter as PIE with Les Boys said in their song. Seychelles ships are bankrupting and no we-le-le.WHY? You notice Alain StAnge and JPA went silent too! In the meantime Jam is giving medals to the BEST in the army! He can hardly elevate his hands to the shoulders of the BEST! You can clearly see the pictures veins are popping out as he tries his very BEST!

  4. Busy dan tro fes sa rat call michel.


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