Public Order Act 2013-The Sheep Realizes He is Covered in Wool

The Public Order Act of 2013 has passed without debate in the National Assembly.
The SNP leader Wavel Ramkalawan  has made a press release, saying he will now challenge the law in the Constitutional Court, another sheep act.

Electoral Commission
In the Electoral Commission, the PL agreed to send their leaders James Michel and Danny Faure to the Election Reform Conference, to give PL input on all legislation. They failed to do this and sent Simon Gill and Ralph Agripinne to the Conference. When SFP said this is a material breach of conditions, SNP and SUP ignored the protest and carried on while SFP boycott the process.

PL agreed not to change the proposals at the outset. Later National Assembly said it was free to do as it pleases with the proposals. The Attorney General sent a delegation to the meetings, but the delegation told the Election Commission it was instructed to take notes only. This lawyer resigned from the AG. SNP and SUP stayed in the meetings, the SFP boycott the meetings because the AG was not following terms of reference.

Today what do we have, Ramkalawan protesting the new law and saying he will take it to Constitutional Court.This is a sheeps answer when he realizes he is dressed in wool.

How many blunders will Ramkalawan make before his army of sheep wake up to realize that a sheep leader, cannot remove or even deal with a pack of wolves like PL. It take a lion to deal with wolves.

Go to Constitutional Court,for Three (3) years and appeals for another year, when you should be calling for unity and going into full on protest to repeal the Public Orders Act 2013.

SFP has been right all along, and SFP told everyone that PL will not keep their word. Why? Because, silly sheep, its their nature. Wolves take great pleasure on feeding on sheep. Now they are laughing at Ramkalawan and company all week.



  1. A public act passed without apporval of the Assembly simply means it is illegal ,it cannot be implememnted and Seychellois should reject it.I think how things should rpoceed is stipulated in our constitution.No one has the power to over rule Constitutional laws and rules except the people the supreme authority.AG representive should as law ask them to do ,participate in the debates not simply to take notes becuase Govinden also chief Escobar dictated so.Govinden is not above the law.

    RAM is saying he would hcallenge Pp illegal act,but can RAM explain to Seychellois why he praticpated in this debate on Public act and literally apporved it?RAM wants to continue fool Seychellois--he apporved it when he sould opposite it and therefore avoid that the act is past then tell us after pocketing salary increase(which he did not refuse to take)he will challenge the public act in a Knagaroo court in which triage justice is practice.I would rather ask RAm to first,give back the slalry increase as a sign on support to our hard working citizens who have been suffering from PP thugtocracy for the last 4 decades and then join hand with /unite the Opposition, join hand with teachers,military,nurses and other civil servants in a mass protest into the bring about chance this country and its people deserve.

    It seem FUARE wants to be an even monsterous dictator than both RENE and Michel----before he even take office from Michel he has forced a law that would allow him to increase his slalry and pension at will,and now passed an illegal act without Assembly approval.It seem FAURE is inspires by KIm of N Korea ,be the supreme leader with unless power and above the law.

    THis act even if Govinden and pp passed it ,must not be acepted,recognized,or even allowed PP to implement it on any citizen.

    Jeanne D'Arc

    1. The Constitution enshrines fundamental rights and one such right is freedom of expression. The Constitution expressly states that a law that is inconsistent with the Constitution is void. Hence the provision in the Public Order Act 2013 that prohibits protests is void. A first year law student knows this but AG Govinden, who is supposed to be the principal legal adviser to Government, is ignorant of this fundamental rule of law! It will take only a few seconds for the Constitutional Court to set aside this law.

      The international legal fraternity has lost all respect for Seychelles for passing inhumane and undemocratic laws. This bad reputation is the result of the AG Govinden’s unprofessional advice.

      Why the President tolerates Govinden after all these blunders is a million dollar question!! One answer is that Govinden is acting on the President’s instructions, hence the President’s hands are tied.

      In any other country Govinden would have been shown the door.

  2. Speechless!

    Ram turned into a Dodo.

  3. Jeanne D'Arc-
    In the Election Commission pre condition discussions, we asked PL to commit to send Michel and Faure to attend these meetings, for a true national dialogue that would be binding on all parties like the drafting of the constitution.
    This was agreed. Why? The democracy promised in 1992 never took off, and this is why the Commonwealth in their reports consistently say: "Democracy is yet to take root in Seychelles".
    The Commonwealth Technician also went on SBC and said to the Nation and Michel, that the work of the Commission must be approved as is passed, because the simple detail that democracy had been derailed in Seychelles.
    When the meetings started what happen?
    Michel, Faure did not turn up. Instead, PL sent paper noters like Simon Gill, and Ralph Agripinne.
    SFP protested this.
    SNP and NDP played it down and played along. Ramkalawan is close friends with Simon Gill from the days they worked at State House together in the basement under Berlouis.
    He felt empowered.
    When the Public Orders Act came up, SNP and NDP discussed. SFP discussed reluctantly.
    It was agreed that Public Orders would be a test case. We would see if PL do not make any changes to it. This was the SNP line. They said they would not consider any further legislation until such time the Public Orders Act is passed as recommended.
    This later was not the case. They went over all the laws, gave them all to PL.
    SFP of course, we walked out and BOYCOTT since PL leadership was not turning up and SBC was not covering the process for the People to see.
    SNP NDP continued to please PL!
    Sheeps cannot deal with wolves!
    SNP needs to go run the Anglican Church, they are useless under Ramkalawan.

    Seselwa Unite!

    Sesel Pou Seselwa!

    Christopher Gill
    Seychelles Freedom Party

  4. When those politicians will unite to take streets?Come on you guys saw seselwa who determine you are for change and stop pp passing law that not been approved.

  5. SNP and SUP are NOT interested for change in this country's path of real Freedom and Democracy. PERIOD.
    WAKE UP "KREOL" SESELWA give a chance to SFP and you will breath fresh air instead of those toxics that SNPPF been giving you for decades. Think of the future of your kids and the next generation that will follow. The free baka of TODAY will bring you nowhere TOMORROW.

  6. In any other country in the world, even the Congo, the People would never let a politician like Ramkalawan compromise their cause for democracy.

    Of course PL will scam you. What did you expect, your friendship with Simon Gill to carry the day ?

    SNP should have walked out when SFP did. United, we would have had a much different result today.

    Now go lick your wounds for 4 years in court while PDM runs the next election, since you said you will not run in elections if Public Order Act is not passed as is.

    That makes sense because it confirms we are not in a democracy.

    But court action at this stage, is like putting a rope around your neck and asking PL to pull.

    They will pull, but not to kill you, just to keep you hanging in irrelevance, my friend.
    Seselwa stop wasting time with sheep! Support SFP for change.We will deliver with your support! We will not ask for pensions, we will cancel them!

    Seselwa Unite!

    Sesel Pou Seselwa!

    Christopher Gill
    Seychelles Freedom Party

  7. Hi guys first of all happy new year and nice to be back on this blog.The new power given to police officers and NDEA to enter private premises with out warrant.PP are realy looking for troubel Seselwa if their enter in your house with out a warrant, a new law which no other political have vote on it, pran zot gran koutou and put boby trap.

    Michel you know why in SDF have division, some of them johnny is in contact with and don't think you will brain wash those young soldiers like Far did in the past those are young generation with fresh blood, who want to see Seychelles stay for seychellios and not in the hands of invaders when all you old crooks have gone and bright future for their childrens.


  8. Once upon a time Seychelles was loaded with herds of sheep.
    Then few shepherds became wolves.
    And now owned by pigs.

  9. FAure dream of a police state in rule by arbitary exercise of power by the secret police STAZI and put them in place of regular operation of the administration of the state .Faure dreams of being Kim Jong Uns,Castro,Mugabe.We will not let you terrorisze Seychellois in the 21 st century Faure.

  10. Mr. Danny Faures greatest moments in life were in the one party state. He relishes the Albert Rene era. He tries to talk like Rene, walk like Rene. He even is growing a stomach like Albert to meet the mimmic.


  11. Faure knows is under qualified,won^t win any election in a free competition so he decided to trun the whole country into a Police state wherby normal instituions arereplaced by secret agents and police thugs.The same to the Assemlby,FAURE is decvied that the Assembly did not follow his dictation to SPEED UP approval of TAKAMA project that would have destroyed the environemnt etc.. Since then FAURE got angry with Assembly members for refuaing his dictation.He could not take it in,that his own party members oppsed his dictation ,he who consdiere himslef already as Semi _GOD to the likes of Stalin,Mao,Kim Jong UN ,Mugabe or Castro.For knows he won't win an election and he has already planed to rob elections ,so to ensure he can rob election and silenct the people he want to introduce a police state.He also think under a police state all those projects refused by Seychellois like at Takakam ,he would be able to force it on us to please Khalfia and thereby pocket a huge bribe.And Govi8nden cheif Escobar and Meriton would ensure that all paly according to his obssession of grandeur.

    Well,to QARTEr and NDEA----should you follow the dictation of Semi-god FAURE who wants to be stalin THINK TWICe--for we are not going to let you aniumalize,brutalöize Seychellois in the name of Semi-God,Prophet MERITON and escobar Govinden.Should you amke the mistake of exectuing FAURE crimes and brutalize Seychellois expressing the irght to assembly etc....Thuink of your won Fanily and family members in their HOME--for anyone of NDEA or Police foofiers whoever make the mistake of executing FAURE/Govinden/MERITON paln astrocity must know that while you will be brutalizing Seychellois on the streetWeWILL be going home to home to Brutalize your family members in the same way that you brutalizing Seychellois on the Streets--It will be a tooth for tooth and eye for an eye.


    YOu can chose which side you want to be--with the people or with Khalfia and pp gangster FAURE;GOVNIDEN;QATRE;MORGAN:
    It is all up to you to make your chose.Make the right choice else you will surely regret ND THAT INCLUDING YOUR FAMILY.
    jEANNE DÂrc

  12. No! his dreaming of bring marshall law or military rule like in Egypt l,nou pou kas liki zot manman.

  13. Why did SNP and Volcere refused to boycott the meeting when SFp id so becuase conditions aggred upon prior were not being respected by PP?Well,it is not an accident that they stayed in the meeting when SPF walked out.The decsion by Volcere nad RAm to stay in a premeditation.They knew in advance that staying into a fake meeting until the end would give PP a certain amount of legitimacy.Second,that RAm and Voclere are now telling us they would challegne the decision in the Constituion court ,is also not a coincident,there also it is a premeditation?Ram And Volcere by experience know that whatever the ruling of the Constitutional court Chief Escobar Govinden would over rule it as it had happed in the past,And where come the third premiditated tactic call BOYCOOT wispering by RAM and voclere .RAM And Voclere know that Govinden would over rule te Constituioal court decision,therefore they know that ,thus the reason why they already talking about boycott.The boycott the already decided would be the condition after Constituional deciion would be over rule by Govinden is to solely allow FAURE to elected himslef without Competition for in any fair competition Pp will never win and this is more turue today than ever.The boacott that RAm and Voclere want to give FAURE is to allow FAURE to then exercise police brutality on any Leader ,and other Seychellois who would opposed fraud,by telling us we did not participate in the election so you cannot complain and protest ,if you do so we will elliminate you by police brutality and that od GESTAPO;SS;Or stazi secret police lead byIrish and GurKas.In another worfs, RAM and vVoclere show is a fake,thy knew in advance of their conportment and did consciously .

    RAm has no interest in the suufering on our people,if he did he would have refused his life pension and the recent doubling of hid astrnomic salary espeically for he is doing nothing and have no important responsibility than being a stooge,a collaborator,a millionaire priest who can only survive by sucking the blood of Seychellois.We could also ask why RAm and Voclere if they are serious not call on all Opostion leaders and proniment in the country to unite and oppose PP in order that their actions really have effect.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  14. 00-03
    Well,a person who cannot be himself but rather want to be someone else,is simply a person with personification problem and thtat is very angerous indeed.In history we have seen many of those types of persons without their own dignity.Castro wanted to be Stalin.Mugabe wanted to hilter(black hilter)Bocassa wanted to be Emperor BONaparte,FAURE want to walk,speak,eat,speak,shit like FAR-

    The little under- educated communsit wants to be the clonage of FAR.The different betwwen FAR and FAURE ,is that the latter have to some estend some brain,which explain why he was taken in Western University FAURE on his side was send to CUBA not into WESTERN UNIVERSITES like for instead FANNY becuase he simply does not have a ggod A-level which would have given him access to Western uni.In of word ,he is a maron playing to be wise.We do not even know in what he is supposed to be qualified--Maybe cigar production which remian to be tested and approved.

    Since he has personification problem FAURE has convinced himself that if he tries to put himslef in the shoes of FAR this could give him legitimcy and make him someone that he cannot be like posses supernatural devine power,potrait himself as SEMI-GOD,the MESIA send by GOD to decide in our name without consultation,etc...

    This is apsychological problem and we should ask ourselves if we would allow an under -qualified crook to the like of communist FAURE to lead us withoutdestoying the country further more even worst as FAR and Michel the Butcher have done so far.

    FAURE probably thinks that following in the foot step of his spritiual leader FAR ,all those who supported FAR back rthen would rally behind him and pave the way for his own form of dictatorship and just do whatever he likes at will even beyond what A`FAR woud have not done.He hopes that when he poortrait himself as FAR he would be able to fool the people as FAR fooled our elderly,But the fact is FAURE,this genration won't let you foll them but also want let you dictate to them allow police and secret agents to massacred them like FAR in 1977.This would not happen in the 21st century else you would end up 24 hours later as GHADDAFI did.

    YS FAURE is dreaming of a police state to the kinds of N Korea,BEALRUS,CASTRO in order that he can find fun in terorizing the majority.You know Stalion ,Moa killed more of their own countrymen becuase of peramamnet fear of being ousted more than the NAZI did and should we let a little half-brain.cuba under-educated monkey to the like of FAURE dicte his will on us then he would probably break Stalin and MOa's record alone.

    We as majority will not let a little gang of old under-educated communist monsters rape our dignity in the 21st century.Any attempt by FAURW,GOvinden ,MERITON to enslave ,animalize Seychellois furthwr my men will reponse with the fire power that known have ever experience and seen in their little crooked lives.

    FAURE has a choice,change or i am going to change him.B I hope he is wise enough not to make the mistake of choosing the former not option for the latter will be lethal and unmercyful.

  15. If he follow foot step of Far will cost him and his the wrong man to rule seychelles for more decade.Faure bring back our 2.5 billion you were involed of making our coffer empty.Seychellios must a fucking fool or idiots to vote for you in the next election.

  16. MEEK black lamp RAm surely did not realize as sheep he has wool though we had seen him being WOVEMBERED on many occasions.And as sheep he follows his shepard PP unconditionally.And to rally every black tht exist in Seychelles has always been Pp^s goal.They are easy to control.And becuase he is short-mind The Sheep RAm realizes he is a black sheep each time Pp sheared and rooed him then minutes after we forget what happen to him.

    The sheep though his stupidity never miss an opportunity to attempt to sell Seychelles not wool but sheep flees instead of sheep fleece.he has convinced himself that we are stupier than him.

    It is high time to sacrifice Sheep RAM before he infest Seychellois with his zoonoses an diseaseof which PEIRRE ha already been contaminated with and cannot get rid of.

    Is it not time to slaugther RAM the black shheep beofre he spread his desease and contaminate the whole nation?For that we must first get rid of his shepard FAr and Herding dog Michel than only we could get rid of black sheep RAm and redicate the zoonose desease he has been spreading across the country for the last four decades.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  17. If snp come in power, Ram will follow the footstep of Michel by making Volcer becoming a fake opposition like Michel is doing with Pierre the judas,like Far did with Ram in the past.That mean nothing will change for seychellios future we will be back to square one.
    PP before you start with election registration pp,Seychellios abroad want their right to vote.

  18. SNP is a party in rapid decline. Power is not an issue for SNP since 2006.
    In that election, SNP had its chance. They blew it, by going home one week before the elections, and by focusing on raising funds money, instead of converting opposition to power.
    In 2011 they blew it again, and did not even come close to winning an election. Ramkalawan polled 34%.
    He ignored the Sesel Pou Seselwa Boycott, which had 15% of the vote.
    Then he called FRAUD. Then he did not even challenge the results.
    Instead covered up his failures with a press conference, that SBC was too happy to give him.
    On the Public Order Act 2013- the same thing happen. Ramkalawan made a severe blunder of proceeding with Election Reform, when PL had openly broken the promise of Michel and/or Faure to attend the meetings so the national issues like Public Order, Right to Vote for all Seychellois, Party funding, districts, Access to SBC for parties, could be aired out.
    He failed to hold PL to their word.
    SFP Boycott proceedings.
    SNP played along.
    Now what will happen to SNP and Ramkalawan when PL says Right To Vote is granted to citizens in country not abroad?

    Another Press Conference?

    Another Press Release?

    Another court case for 4 years?

    Its all SNP fault for screwing the whole process up when they should have helped SFP to keep PL in line and keep the word in the first instance.

    Seselwa, Seychelles will not make progress either with Turtles, Sheeps, or Preists in our politics.

    Today, we are worse off as a democratic country then we were in 1991.

    All thanks to Ramkalawan and his bamboo zoo ideas picked up in a seminary God knows where .

    "Seselwa Unite for Sesel Pou Seselwa!

    Christopher Gill
    Seychelles Freedom Party

    1. We are still waiting for the banana trees he promised!

  19. Politicians like Ram and Michel are like Maulwurf.

  20. RAM has been taken for a complete fool by PL.

    What happen to the promise of a electoral reform in 12 months and elections to soon follow?

    EX SNP

  21. RAM has been taken as a fool by PP even before he became priest.FAR discovered his slavishness when he visited RAM JR back then to discusss the building of ZONM LIB.He was then pampered by Berlouis until promoted to fake willingful Opposition Party leader to fake reality.

    RAM screwed the whole process willingly for he does not wnant change-----RAm knows in democratic society he would have to work hard like the majority of Seychellois to make a living and not by robbery .
    RAm is a contefeit leader and he would is growing old and would probably until the very end stay a counterfeit Leader motivated by greed and self-aggrandisement.f a
    The habits og counterfeit leader like RAM consist fo three main traits--1)Put your game face mask on----When you enter debate arena or step up to make big speech,never let them see your sweat,.Get that Alpha dog body language going and smile that they see your teeth.2)Follow the formula of lies 3)and allow make people beleive your different than the crooks you collaborate with.

    Jeanne DÂrc

  22. RAM is a useful idiot .He is a propagandist for a cuase whose goals he doesnot understand but follow it without question, solely base on greed,and his obssession for self-aggrandisement and illusion of grandeur.He is obssess by his own selfness,greed,and the temptation to do wrong,for he find fun in it.

    RAM did not chose doing politcs becuase he had something different,alterantives to offer than that of PP,he never had any interest in politcs as such,but chose politcs becuase he was asked by FAR to be the sacred cow in return for astronomic salalry and life pension.RAM is a shame,a disgrace, greedy pig and a failure.He function like a Automatic vending maschine ,one has to throw money into it in oder to work. ,,HE must be made accountable for his collaboration with PP which has resulted into the enslavement of the majoritIn other owrds,RAm is a greedy pig between PP thugs.When these species are in campaigne,they portraied thmeslves as the best honest persons in the world.They pretend to be social and to posses the ability to interact with people.When yoi meet and come across them their faces are wreathed with smiles.But iam not sure if that are plastic smiles they were.But them once get what they want they deasaspeared into the woods,their supposed gentle smile are replaced by greedy menacing smiles.They become corrupt morally and ehically and are ready to butchered anyone who oppose their bad behaviours.They hijacked the will of the people and impersonated it.

    Seychelles have the possibility and the power to unroot this politcal environemnt with its rotten concepts and men with no they have testified against themslves as being lowly and fallen.We cannot allow that people will face years of misleading and cheating where the liar,the crooks,will be taken as turthful and truthful as liar.

    Seychellois never chose greedy pigs to rule them nor sheep to represneted them.It is time for those greedy pigs to leave.

    Jeanne d'aRC

  23. Amen!
    It seems Ram has been caught in knickers in public!

  24. RAM the poor priest made multi -millionaire priest by PP, than turned crook before finally ended up as Anti-christ.What for a career of this little communist indoctrinated greedy pig.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  25. SNP followers of Ram who have been let down, betrayed by this false prophet, who you must protect your women and young girls from, do not think SFP is trying to destroy SNP.
    We are not.
    We are empowering SNP to help it clean up its leadership mess.
    Ram time to go off to the streets and resign from priesthood.
    Then you can have all the girls you want like Pere Tirant and others.

  26. Seychelles popualtion has increase by 20 000 over night.Not by New born Seychellois in hospitals but by illegal sell out of our passport to terorists,criminals,and famtoms.

    Partilepep targettedly elliminate unborn and new born Seychellois childrens in order to repalce them by fake Seychellois of which most do not our language,our culture,trandtion, and amny do not even want to learn about our culture,tradition,and some holding Seychellois passports like N Korean spies who had never set foot in Seychelles.That is how State organized crimies are organized,that is what state terrorism is all about.

    Continue killing Seychellois babies in hospitals partilpep than you can repalce by the new foreigners who Morgan wnat to sell our birthright for One million rupee overnight.

  27. The selling of passports is a strategy to raise personal income of officials.
    No payment for a passport is banked in Government of Seychelles accounts.
    The President signs off and approves each sale.
    That alone represents $7Million in corruption (84Million Rupees over the years), split between high officials and passport issuers.
    Each passport sells at a minimal charge of $35,000.00.

  28. Every Seychellois has a valid reason to be mad.

  29. Berlouis used to sell passport for 25,000Rs when he was minister of immigration. He will force the malbars in Seychelles to buy his junk car at an overvalued price + 25,000 Rs for a passport.

  30. What is he doing nowadays? Selling kapatya or waiting Far to kick the bucket so Jam can give him kaboral dan larme .


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