Protest Notification by J. Desaubin‏

Glacis Sorento
14th January 2014

The Commissioner Of Police
MR. Ernest Quatre

Re: Notification For Peaceful Protest

Dear Mr. Commissioner,

I Naboth, John Desaubin Of Glacis Sorento I am hereby putting you on notice that I shall be peacefully protesting against corruption in the form of clouded justice in my case the case of “Le Mariniere VS Seychelles Port Authority” .
Reason Enough is that a document stating that neither the port or any other authority should have evicted me from Le Mariniere while a trial was ongoing; and that was a court order which was then omitted or broken or by pass to sort that fish tail restaurant be established ignoring the hand of justice and  rule of law. No contempt of the law was issued nor initiated. Thus it is reasonable that due to lack of justice and fairness that the only course of action remaining is to peacefully protest and alert the world of what is taken and has taken place here in Seychelles.
I shall be protesting by myself with the use of a placard or protest panel at the entrance of the Mahe, Praslin Ferry Jetty, as now it is by law that I am to give you six days to reply though I feel it is not of Democratic practice I shall respect such until otherwise said or done by legal means necessary.

Yours Sincerely
Naboth John Desaubin
Tel:  2582511


  1. is your legtimate ,constituional,Huamn right to protest ,express your freedom of expression.In fact you should ask anybody to exercise your legitimate right.Your rights to protest is an ineliable and sacrosanct-To sin by silence ,when you should protest,makes coward of you.

    Sir exercise you legitimate rights,and refuse dictation from anyone who might attempt to impede you to exercise it.PP has no right to forbib any Seychellois to exercise their rights.

    Jeanne D'Arc

    You have all our support.

  2. Lets join him Seselwa not just words on blog,lots of problems going in Seychelles we should protest .Normally political party should organise protest and make oppressor hear our voice.Don't let one man stand alone Seychellois with oppressor and just look give him some support for god's sake.

  3. Let us see who are the brave Seychellois! Remember the protest against GST? Give the devil his dues, St. Ange was right there is front of the procession and to-day, where is he? To be recognized one has to be brave, so 'lever et debouryer' faire tender zotte la voix or Arabs and other foreigners will take your women, land and country. Give Naboth the support that he needs.

  4. Opposition is fragmented and divided in Seychelles. The only way forward is for each Seychellois to take his responsibility failing any effort by the players to seek true unity.

    That includes Police to resign as long as Gurhkas are employed in a civilian Police Force.

    That includes Armed Forces to call a meeting with Michel and bring him to Order on the issue of: 1. Lack of democratic practice as promised in 1991, 2. ongoing presence of foreign forces in Seychelles soil, 3. the abuse of Public Funds-huge salary hikes that are unjustified, 4. Propping a fake opposition and lack of transparency in state affairs, treating the state as a personal asset.

    If we are a democracy, the Armed Forces should be able to reasonably question their Commander on issues that concern the STATE and not just be spoken at.

    Seselwa Unite For Sesel Pou Seselwa!

  5. Sorry god sick!

  6. Let us see if SFP members will join him

  7. ou right.But we know the regime call Pp is rogue,crooked .Oppostion is divided becuase of sttoges like RAM,But who know why Govinden;Morgan and FSAURE want to rape public act law--?No! iwill tell you---They are afradi that SFP participate in the coming election and once FAURE robbed themjority votes.the people would come and ask for the votes in the streets.--RAM was talking about Boycott--he was hoping SFp will follow to give FAUREwithout competition pwoer and avoid mass protest.But since PP knows SFP leaderships walk the walk,the fear of mas protest is so strong in them that they are thinking of all means to avoid mas protest for it would crumble FAURE thus PP.

    That is to say,sometime going it alone works better than united with stooges.Once the people is part of the team all is possible and FAURE has identified that and fear that this would overthrowe him and therefore end in jail.

    Jeanne D?Arc

  8. Wamkalawam needs to wake up to himself. NO UNITY NO PEACE. Read and learn.

    Unity is when we come together with other individuals or groups to form something greater than any of us. For many people, the heart of spirituality is a sense of being part of something larger than ourselves, a unity or oneness with our fellow humans and with the vast and intricate Reality in which we have our existence.

    Unity is often built around a common purpose – a harmony of interests or values that create a shared identity. When people are united by shared values and goals, they can move together, synchronizing their efforts to attain things that none could attain alone.

    Unity is inclusive. It frees us from the divisiveness of prejudice. We see our commonality without devaluing our differences. A sense of unity can transcend our fear of each other. In unity, the joy of one is the joy of all, and the hurt of one is the hurt of all; the honor of one is the honor of all.

    1. well said, and yet Wamkalawam said not to give a snake leg to walk on. Be lekel pli gran snake dan sesel? wamkalawam limem the man of God yet preaches hate. The snake things he wrote was meant for SFP. A group that is working day and night to bring truth to the people of Seychelles, to bring peace and freedom for each and everyone in the land.

  9. et zot bann SFP aret maltret zot prozin.

  10. Ramkalawam must come to the conclusion that he is unelectable, three times he has failed, another attempt will be useless as the electorates will see it as a 'deja-vue' and it will be a greater defeat for him. The best thing he can do is to show some political dignity and self-preservation for his party by stepping down. He can still play an important part in the Seychelles political future by uniting the opposition, this will help to nullify the negative allegations against him, or else his party will continue to loose support and his own popularity will sink even worse than Mancham's debacle.

    1. I totally agree with you. Well said.

  11. Pp Seselwa i komans araze,I told you it took one person to screw your ass,but people with courage and determination that will sacrifies everythings.We will support Naboth.Johnny is on the ground encouraging Seselwa to participate back him.

    Well said anonymous 5.01 if there was unity seen 2010 pp have disappear,but no some are hungry for power or come in politic to act as fake politifes until arabs start to walk on Seselwa like a red carpet.


  12. Go John go! Go John go!
    There are thousands of diasporas standing there with you in support!
    This land is our land! it was made for you and me!
    From Mahe island to Praslin island, this land was made for you and me!
    Go John go! Go John go!

    1. Well said! 'Go Johnny go!'
      As a diaspora I would add -
      'This land is our land, from California to New York Island!
      But Seychelles islands were made for you and me!'

      Remember, if Quatre locks you up today! You will be a Nelson Mandela tomorrow!

  13. John know his right,but 50% seychellios don't know their right when to act with courage determination to defend their right and its time to take back our land from those criminals and invaders.


  14. Opinion

    Each seychellois must play his and he role to resist this unjust undemocratic regime.
    John is playing his part.

    In the offices, they must play their part. Help Seychellois. Loose files if you have to.
    Make PL disfunctional until they give us real democracy.

    In the Police, they must resign en bloc because Gurhakas are paid much more then them and they violate basic pretext of democracy by being foreigners policing a alien population.

    In the Defence Forces, they must rise to Michel to protect our patrimony from being over run by foreign forces and sucking the dignity of SESELWA.

    Civil Disobedience without violence is the right of every people.

    Seselwa Unite For Sesel Pou Seselwa!

  15. Let us not anymore put our faith in failures.RAm i a failure,there are lots of capable Seychellois out there ,with talent,patriotism,inteligence and so.

    Unity is the most fundamental and factor in history of any Organization,etc...We cannot have any idea of common struggle in life without the unity of its members.A State cannot function properly(as we are experiencing under Pp one party system)if the men at the helm of affairs are disintegrated.Unity enable us to drive onward our entire main and might in a team -spirit.

    How as to RAM.Ram is one soul in a society of thousands soul.He is single soul and the majority must not depend of the actions of one man to determ the actions of the majority.RAM has been called upon to UNITE the Oppostion in order to end our people suffering,ensalvememnt but our once ppor protestant Pirest,made multi-millionaire priest by PP has become crook.His greed has become stronger and or power than the teaching of GOD.He has chosen the dark side of life instead of the bright godly light that should lead him to being Human,civility,love and onseness of our Nation.

    Unity of our people divided by RAm and PP communsits is much moe important than that of Piggy RAM.And the former is surely united in the beleif that PP is a gang of criminals,and that they must go and be brought to justice for crimes against A whole Nation.

    Seychellois know their rights:They know that it is their rights to live free as they were born free.they Know that democracy is the betest path to protect freedom that is why in the first Election in our country's history they freely elected MAncahm representing a free democratic party than SPPF communist etc..etc..etc..
    What is missing is having turn for passive onlooker(a result of 4 decades of one party dictatorship to active cititzens who take their destiny in their own hands.

    How we do that?There are many ways:1)Is by mass protests which citizens themslves can take the initiatives to conduct--for instance,in regards to the unilateral increase of ministers salry and not Teachers,Nurses,Docotrs,etc... they could join together and ask for the rights without necesaarily awaiting for a politcal leader to initiate the protest etc....To exercise our freedom is not something that must be dictated to us,We must feel it.Know it,and act to protect it tacitly when necessarily as organization.Nations,Groups.Community etcc..2)Politcal leaders can call on the people to act for instant,against stealing votes in election--That is becuase citizens votes are sacred and must be respected,for only citiznes have the power to decide,chose their leader.And if that is not the case,and their votes stolen than they have the legitimate to come a ask for their stolen votes on the streets.Majority rule not minority.

    That is why i beleive SFP with or without SNP should aprticipate in the election this time around--in order to ensure that our people votes is mot stolen,robbed by crooks that think they have a rights to enslave the majority.Thius explain why FAURE.GOvinden;MORGAn want to illegally robbed existing rights--becuase they know a mass protest would definitvely means an end to PP rule ,something those criminals just cannot accept becuase they think they are Semi-Gos with devine power ,sent by God to enslave us.We must make the choice not STALIN Faure orBalck Lenin Meriton ,two under-educated communists crooks.

    Jeanne D'Arc

    Jeanne D?Arc

  16. Tata, yours is not the first injustice and it will not be the last under SPUP, SPPF, PP. There are countless land injustices. See the latest building going up on Hassanali land in the heart of Victoria. See the Mouline building that was stopped half way. These are just some bold examples. Can you not call on your old friends to help out in this matter. They may not assign the Fish Tail back to you, but I am sure you can come to some amicable arrangement in exchange for The Fish Tail. I wish you well.

  17. Yes itotally agree,The Arm forces must deliver--it is their duty and obligation to defence our Land and people both from exteranl and interanl threat-External threat --piracy(Whixh has been already deal with and it is inexistacne though PP still singing aloud the piracy song)against foreign occupation but alos against interanl threat and one very popualr internal threat which Seychellois have been facing since almost 4 decades is Dictatorship(which is nothing than State terrorism--whereby Criminals have illegally conficated power in order to better perpetuate their gross crimes on the majority.They have the duty and obligation to portect the people from colonization,dispossession of their patrimony,their birthrights and their dignity.and many other human values.

  18. Is not the first unjustice,but he has courage to protest not like the rest to stay quite and let oppressor continue pressurise peoples.

  19. If Quatre lock you up burn their prison down ablat make pp built you new and spend more money or go on a hanger strike or we will come and free you by burning down their prison.Then we will see were pp will put criminals.

  20. It appears RAM places comments, but does not have the courage to use his name. Then he tells all of SNP in his circle, not to place comments.
    His argument is this: If a lawyer says a law is broken under the Public Orders Act then sue.
    This is ok for a ordinary citizen to do.
    But RAM we know is not an ordinary citizen. He was tasked with a major role to keep PL to keep its word along with all opposition in the Electoral Reform process.
    He did not do this.
    He failed.
    He failed badly, because he thought he could play along with PL through his friend Simon Gill , to replace PDM in the National Assembly. Remember, RAM after boycotted elections, did not have the stomach for BOYCOTT and was like a fish out of water, with his belly rotting in jealously over Pierre being called Leader of Opposition.
    Our politics must go beyond petty issues as position and National Assembly seats.
    Today, we have no Democracy in Seychelles.
    Today Individual Rights are worse off then in 1991.
    Today, Seychellois place in their country is more under threat then in 1991.
    RAM's answer is to file a case in court like a private citizen.
    Why do we need RAM around if that is the case.
    He cannot comment with his name;
    He files court cases when he should be leading politically;
    He takes everything in politics personally like a soft shell turtle.

    "Seselwa Unite For Sesel Pou Seselwa"

    Ah, .........that's me RAM...... Christopher Gill

  21. Then this COchon MAROn goes on Le Nouveau WEEKy and write about "Developing the culture of truth"Can a once poor priest made multi-millioniare by PP really devlop the culture of turth.I think being a poor Priest following God words could have provide "Develop the culture of turth he is refering to,not a priest turned crook.
    He is no different from FAURE preaching Our values are your values-----

    What RAM present us is fake crooked politcal leader in a comedy serial.His words are doses of politcal parody good for himself and PP his master.A FAKE leade,with fake words,fake smile,fake slary,fake peronlity thus a grand imposter.
    This donkey should shut up his arsehole and leave politcs for good.HE could use his time to preprare his defence for all this crimies he participated in with PP.

    You shall inherit the wind RAM.

    Jeanne DÂrc

  22. He delivered plae common and stay in anomynity for he is lying ,he fells shameful.,a sign cowardness,a sign that he himself does not bleive in the words that comes out of his Mouth.In a word he demonstrates the traits of a crooks feeling guilty of his acts.

    We should not listen to such trashes,we should ignore piglet RAm,we should shame him for that what he deserve.

    Remember him as candidate in the first election he participated---Seychellois rallied in mass to his support-Why did Seychellois rallied in mass behind Him?Well,they thought since their were no other leader it would be best to put their faith in a religious person who follow God and preach his teaching thus consider him(Now we know it was a grand msitake on the part of the people)as the honest person who they can trust becuase he was a priest.But after two rounds of being Cnaditate the people discovered the ral evil hidding deep in the soul of RAM ,They discovered a monster,wicked,greedy little once poor samaritian of GOD turned into a crook---who has put away his bible and preaching the communsits wordfs of MAo,Stalin, Castro to glorified his master thug FAR.

    Since then,pampered by Millions as pension for life by PP,the once little poor priest has become one of Seychelles most notorious crook who does not hesitate to committ his crimes in day lights like when he refused to leave the MEETING on electoral refrom raped by Govinden Pp^s agent.

    Jeanne D?Arc

  23. A total disgrace Ramkalawan.
    It takes people like Christopher Gill to expose PL?
    This guy is well off, he does not need to expose PL.
    Gill can stay silent and live a life of luxury.
    Ramkalawan is a disgrace.
    We counted on you and you just filled your pockets.
    How much is your pension now? 50,000/ a month?

  24. Opposition in Seychelles are powerless and have to fear in thier ass to take action or take in the streeets.


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