"SFP Exposes Human Trafficking In Seychelles- UN Expert Coming"

Trafficking in persons: UN expert launches first official visit to Seychelles
GENEVA (23 January 2014) – The United Nations Special Rapporteur on trafficking in persons, especially women and children, Ms. Joy Ngozi Ezeilo, will conduct an official visit to the Seychelles from 27 to 31 January 2014.

“I would like to better understand the situation of trafficking of persons in the Seychelles, especially that of women, children, as well as men, and assess the State’s response to counter trafficking,” said Ms. Ezeilo.

Ms. Ezeilo
The UN Special Rapporteur is mandated by the UN Human Rights Council to promote the prevention of trafficking in persons in all its forms and to encourage measures to uphold and protect the human rights of victims.

Ms. Ezeilo will meet with representatives of various Government agencies, as well as the United Nations and members of civil society organizations working to fight against trafficking in persons.

“My visit is an opportunity to have constructive exchanges with relevant authorities and key actors on the progress made and challenges Seychelles faces in addressing trafficking in human beings,” said Ms. Ezeilo, who will carry out this visit at the invitation of the Government

At the end of her visit on Friday 31 January 2014, the Special Rapporteur will hold a press conference at the Regional Anti-Piracy Prosecutions Intelligence Co-ordination Centre (RAPPICC), former Coastguard Road, Bois de Rose Avenue, Victoria, Seychelles, at 11.30am.
The Special Rapporteur’s final observations and recommendations will be presented at the 26th session of the UN Human Rights Council in June 2014.




  1. When you come Ms Ezielo don't come only to have a nice holiday in 5 star hotel.Get though with those crooks.

  2. Best if she would go incognito. The Seychelles government will not tell the real facts or show her the right places. If she goes near the ex-plantation hotel she would see the sex slaves at work, and probably would get proposed herself by their Arab masters!

  3. She is not bad looking herself, in fact if she takes a stroll one evening in 'Bendcock' town she might get picked up by one of the Johns.

  4. When would pp stop its committing its crimes and get invovle in International crimes thus tarnishing our country's image abroad.

    No one expect Pp to tell the real fact ,criminals would always hold to their lies to defence themslves but the fact that the UN representative find it necessary to come personally in order to scrutinize pp governemnt on this issues speaks volume of the extend the problem is in Seychelles.

    Morevoer,Indenedent Local press and SFP have on several occassions brought up the issue for instance in regards to the regular Sex slave trafficking at Ex-Plantation hotel ,PP governemnt has never re-act and take actions against this hotel which in tislef is a proof that PP governemnt tolerate and pretend not to see,know about these cases.Porbably Childr of Expats are being also use as cheap labor,Human mistreatment and thoer Human rights abuses.Not to mention.Expats working conditions that do not respect interantional norms such as Working hour per day ,holidays etc....

    Seychellois is fed up with this handful of crooks call PP tranishing their country's image aborad.This is not Seychellois,it does not represent our people values and must be stop and those invovle apprehended.WHere Dr Govinden,Ngolrilla Ugnadan illegal chief-judge,and the other Pp doctors`?
    It seems to me since Michel met Khalfia ,the latter expert in gross Human rights abuses ,Seychelles governemnt has been invovle in inpresidented Human gross abuses from Sex slave to Huamn trafficking in COntainers by Pp and Khalfia and other gross abuses.

    Seychellois want their land to be free from State organized crimes and that of International organized crimesI hope that the visit of MRs Ngozi would not only put into light once aginst Pp organized crimes against Humanity but pave the way for an Interantional investigation on human trafficking and abuses that would lead to the prosscution of PP criminals invovle in these astrocious acts agsint Humanity once and for all.NB also MRS NGOZI --Human rights abuse is not limited to sex slave,children trafficking,DIctatorship itself should be consider as it should namely State organized teorrrism.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  5. The facts are knwon--did pp together with Khalifa transproted CHeap Indain workers in containers to hide them for Seychellois and public eyes--But SFp enveiled their trafficking.How many times have Seychellois challenge pp on sex salve ,young European girls many times under age being transproted to Seychelles secretly to be abuses by Arabs perverse at Ex Plantation Club.Cheapp Salary for expats is also a Human rights abuse---They are being under paid for the task----That explains why PP promote and encourage theimportation of Exapts rather than encourage the recruitment and employment of locals----They can be abuse,silence without noone knowing ---think PP thugs and it is good to allow Pp foreign firends make lots of saving on labour cost etc.....

    Jeanne D?Arc

  6. Human trafficking is a deal that arabs have force Michel and the rest of pp crooks in,by not respect international law.Look at all those modern countries in middle east like Qatar.UAE,kuwait,Saudi Arebia,Oman and just take a example at those construction made for world cup in Qatar 2018 you could have seen the real modern slaveries at work, working night and day and been pay a month for 50Dinar.

    Arabs are destroying our Christians land by not respecting Seychellios and our sovereignty and bringing bad reputation for our country.Our churches must make their voice heard to stop this kind of crooks behavoir that was never in our religion and our culture.Michel and all pp crooks would you like your childrens to be a modern slavery, shame on you devils.

    If Ms Ezielo get acess to plantation club they would take all of them and send on those inner island in hiding......Arab go home.


  7. I don't know about some of you, but I can tell you that Ms Ezielo will be bribed by Arab's petro dollars by PP thugs. I hate to say it, history will again repeats itself! End of the day Bendcock will get a clean bill of Human trafficking.

  8. It is ture that >Africans as they have demonstrated on many occasions are not to be trust ,easily corrupted....But lets give her the posibility to prove herselfand that she is the stereotype of Africans we have seen so far .However,waht ever her conclusion ,no one will tell Seychellois the contary namely that PP thugs are invovle in all kinds of illegal activites from sex slave trafficking,to drug escobars and other gross vices.Our country once a show case for iexclusive tourist destination is becoming a show case for Human right abuse,corruption,poverty,environemnt destruction, smallest nation with the biggest international debt and so on.

  9. By the shake hand and observation in the picture it says it all.
    HE already rubbed some HONEY on her LIPS just look for the HONEYPOT on the table. This picture translates 1 K words.

  10. Ezeilo tells us Pp governemnt is doing progress on fighting Human trafficking.The questions is Seychellois who lives with PP on a dialy bases do not see a signle sign of porgress on those issue.So on What statistics,information,analysis, ie Eziole comment bas?We would like to see too,these statistics showing improvement.

    When The USa governemnt and other interantional organizations keep blsting PP on its records and continued huamn rights abuses,Mrs Eziole statemnt contradicts International reports,and cannot be considered acceptable,proffesional,and well-thought.it is difficult to understand how Eziole even before looking fully into the issues that is hearing governemnt,NGOs,Oppsotion of positions on the issues just hours after landing made such pre-meditated statemnt base on intitution than facts.

    Eziole must understand that we not in Africa wereby most citizens are under educated,ignorance,or illeterate and buy anthings others tell them without conctete pratical supports or proof.

    One gesture that could confirmed that Pp is taking actions and fighting against this gross Huaman right abuse is for instance,in the case of Khalfia ^s tarnsportation of Cheap Indian slave workers in Containers--No single culprits invovle where vere questioned,apprehended,or even as window dressing face justice.The same in cases invovling Sex slave at ex Plantation Hotel--no investigation,no one apprehended,no investigation opened.

    Stop coming to waste time of Seychellois maron.

    Jeanne D'Arc


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