World Bank Praises the Seychelles Government for Corruption, High Debt and Bankruptcy

A senior World Bank official has praised the Seychellois economic reform programme and governance system, saying Tuesday that these should be taken as models to be emulated by other countries.World Bank executive director for Africa Group 1, Denny Kalyalya said after meeting Seychellois President James Michel at State House in the capital Victoria that the Indian Ocean nation’s economy was doing well and generating several jobs.

“He said that Seychelles has a lot to share in terms of good governance with other World Bank member countries, particularly the success of its economic reform programme,” the Seychellois State House said after the meeting on Tuesday.
It said President Michel and Kalyalya spoke about the need to boost World Bank programmes to increase support for Seychelles for technical expertise in various sectors as well as enabling access to climate change mitigation funds for small island developing states.

Kalyalya is on a familiarisation visit to the Seychelles following his recent election to the post of executive director, representing 22 countries of Africa.
The meeting was attended by alternate World Bank executive director for Africa Group 1, Peter Larose.


  1. Another stupid Baboon who is on a holiday and expenses paid by World Bank. Of course he has to say something gratifying to Michel for the free treats.

  2. James Michel deserve to be praise, he has done very well. He got married twice, sex the best women in the country, instant millionaire and the very best; bat latet bann boyo zot mama while bankrupted the country.. Pli bon ki sa a gate. Bravo Mizel you did well, we are not finish with you beze is just around the corner.

    Rene ki ti kwar y pou reste zen la y pareil enn labousi brile kin fon, ou lenmes y kurt Rene, fer sa serkeil met pare. Demon gran korn pou dezit ton boyo.

  3. what a joke!! He bankrupted our country and he got praise...How does this work, has the world gone mad or stupid???

  4. To all foreigners who wont to come invest in Seychelles paradise for a fake passport by pp I got this to say" keep your money where it is now>

  5. Foreigners will have to be very stupid to invest in an island such as Seychelles. Seychelles Island is not stable; Seychelles government is the biggest crooks among all mafias.
    When Seychellois decide to wake up from the shock of June 5th 1977 hell will break loose, and foreigners will be sent back to their country until a thorough investigation is done.

    Here in Seychelles we have some intelligent individual; however it is unfortunate that very little has done to rescue our country. Intelligence without ambition is like rainy season without reservoir to catch the rain.
    Lately some very good ideas have been shared over face book, but putting them into actions is yet another story!
    You, living in Seychelles need to reflect on Seychelles and your future. Decide where you want to be few years from now. Focus on what is best for your country and not only for you as it is greed that has gotten our country into this bad position in the first place.
    When you look around Seychelles, what need fixing? Is SPPF government overspending and pushing our children and grandchildren deeper into debt? SFP has actually volunteered their time researching and exposing the malfeasance of SPPF government for all of us to read and learn. Are we listening? Are we reading?, are we taking notice of all fences lately?

    Is SPPF government using our tax revenue as efficient as possible? We all know the answer to that, yet we only rely on SFP to tactfully do the job while so call opposition party fly on the wings of hope. The reason why IMF is on our shore day in and day out is because there are too many doggie dealings between party opposition and SPPF government. There! I have said it because it is true! Voila!

    Did you know that foreigners have more advantage in our country, than we do? Did you know that foreigners waste our water usage while we and our children are being deprived? Did you know that we are slowly losing our beaches to foreigners and being pushed further into the swamps?

    For the past year I have remain focus and have done a few research of my own. If you know what is good for your country you will support the party that is not afraid to expose the doggie dealings of such government. If Wavel was serious about change in Seychelles he would unite not only with his playboy buddies but also with SFP that has vision in making a positive change to help current Seychelles and the Seychelles of the future!
    Unity is the oxygen that our soul disparately needs to concur a positive and prosperous Seychelles!


    1. If they have not waken after all these years, they aren't going to wake up. Fadder Wavel get high on pussy smell, while Volcer too busy having wanking.

  6. well his playboy buddies and bunnies as well!!

  7. Window dressing by WOrld Bank to disguise its own active participation in the porlongation of the suffering and improvishment of the Seychellois people.The circus is back in town.playing us like a cheap fiddle.The public ahs the attention span of a gold fish,So they think.It^s time to change the flavor of the mouth.Time for a new game ,a new hype.What about corruption?Its a chic topic.

    The W-Bank representative seems to have come to diagnose the effect of World Bank^s corruption in Seychelleles.It seeems he is satisfy by the results and the damage W.Bank is doing in Seychelles----Our already astr0nomic debt keeps increasing,poverty keeps sky rocketing,etc..

    For those who ignores WAHT THE world bank does IN ORDER TO UNDERSTAND WHY the wrold bank is selling us poverty,pamper pp dicatorial system and selling us poverty --here is a brief aboubt W.Bank difined obligations:
    -First,its original name is INternational Bank for RECONSTRUCTION and DEVELOPEMNT--do not tell us pamapering a rogue regime is REconstrcution and developement of a country,Mr WORLD BANK?
    -Reduction of corruption and the promotion of Education and Healthcare-----pouring milion of doallrs in debt to a one-party state which ahs never provide evidence of how aid moeny is used--cannot be a strategy to fighting corruption MR W.Bank?

    Furthermore,When world bank comes to your shores as agent aginst the fight of poverty,It comes with not only a briefcase of dollars but harsh conditions,not to say dictations,attaches that froce debtors to restrcuture their economy in line with neo-liberal policy by cutting subsidies and price control,curbing regulations on lobour and polution,removing trade tarriffs,allowing foreign corporation to buy up public assets,bid on governemnt contracts and repatriate profits at all.

    W Bank acts as An interantional government,dictates conditions on sovereign states thus reducing a country's sovreignty and control of its own economy.

    These kind of conditions is one of the reasons why RICH or becoming richer and the POOR getting poorer.For it is conditions helps devloped what is know a GLOBALIZATION which in fact allow rich to invest all raound the world thus aloowing them to make billions of profits and allow them to make thier capital move without detections which also encourage money luanderying ,fianacial leakage.

    What W Bank does ,by attaching restrcuctural conditions to loans,the Bank can force debtors to channel all their avialable resources towards Debt repayment,forcing them to cut other expenses(such as much-needed subsidies and public services)and raise new funds by selling off assets,.In addition W Bank forced debtors to keep inflation low,so that the value of their dedt DOES NOT DEMINISHED,even though this denies poor countries an important method for stimulating growth.

    In other owrds,Restructural adjustment programmes was not designed to reduce poverty(in fact they spüecifically preclude poor countires from using that basic strategy that Western countries used to develop their own economy).Rather they were designded to PULL WEALTH from THIRD WORLD GOVERNMENTS into FIRST WORLD BANKS ,aaloowing many western countires to trasfer their crisis abroad for a while without having to deal with their own contradictions at home.

    W Bank pratices is like COLONIZATION ,Economic collonization at a distance,It is economic enslavement,and create the conditions to make debtors countries addicted to aid thus making thme depednt of aid,nother way of enslaving thme economically.

    Stop selling us poverty and sky rocketing debt W.Bank?

    Jeanne D?Arc

  8. I would tell them,cautious,For this sell out law is illegal put in palce by a one-aprty system whose decisions are not approved and not recognized by the Mass.THUs they could give thier One million to PP but they must know that after PP they would have to give it back for they had illegal obtained it.Selling and buying Birthrights was never a öegaö process to be Naturalize.NOwhere except in rogue Countires such ilegal and criminal practice is perpetauted,like under PP thugtocracy.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  9. Pp does not understand that to become a national(naturalization)the person concern must work for it,show their interest to integrate,etc.. it is a personal endevour that the perosn who wants to become a seychelles National has to provide and that by taking himself the innitiative.That entails learning about our hisdtory,tradtiions,mentality and most impirtatnly any foreigners who want to have our passport must fulfill existing conditions such as marriged to SAey National etc... and mustz have a VIRGINE Criminal records.The illegal condtion dictated by Morgan which litterally selling ouit out birthrights for one million to foreigners,who have no persoanl envy,inttention to in the first place become Seychellois-

    Birthrights are not made for sell as fish on the market and any laws,etc.. in this direction must be concidered illegal and inaccepted.

    I repreat UAtohrity without nay conditions PP,belongs to the NAtion,not Morgan,or any pp thugs.The eople is the sole authority to change,modifiy,define conmditions under which foreigners should abide with .not an illegal,unligitimate rogue regime.

    Jeanne D?Arc

  10. La vie est une brise dans l'Île Seychelles. Tout qu'ils font a boir du boisson et manger toute la journée prennent leurs photographies dde culs tres grass pour afficher sur Facebook.

  11. GM, they are not only flying on the wings of hope but also on King Mafia La Misere pay roll. Take Bulle for example, why you think he went quite? Dogie dealings for plantation club. He was paid a ridiculous amount that him and his family had to go overseas last year to bank. Aper vin pres sermon lo facebook

  12. YOu know i have asked myself on several occasi0ns what could amke Michel so slavish towards Khalfia.I discovered that one explaination and the most crebible is the fact that Michel the idiot never thought a signle time in his little crooked life to have a extra rich firend Like Khalifa.He never thought he could ever be a friend to such a power and rich men.Usaully Rich foreigners could coddle with such a person,But Michel made it and so happy about it that he was ready to sell everythings belonging to his people to keep the unimaginable firendship with Khalifia.It is ture that is rare to see a King of this caliber bing firend with a Donkey unless the former have very important interests that only making or pretending to be good firend could help achieve the King objectives and wishes.SOmetime Michel thinks"Look at me ,the little half-brain,i am the friend of a King.It makes me feel King too ,though i donot have a throne.Just thinking about having an imaginary throne makes me feel good".

    Jeanne D'Arc

    By the way Khalifia this week had a stroke,he might be coming at La Misere to relax.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  13. It's sad to see what has become of the home of my parents and ancestors for centuries. I grew up in Australia and am sad to think that Seychelles as the paradise that was described to me growing up will be no longer there to show my children and grand children one day.

  14. The Seychelles that was home to my parents and ancestors for centuries and described to me as a paradise growing up in Australia it seems has lost it's soul to corruption and greed like the rest of the money hungry world. I hope one day that Seychelles can again find it's soul and get back it's identity so I have somewhere to bring my children and grandchildren and tell them the stories I was told and for them to be proud of their heritage. I worry for the people good people of Seychelles


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