Voter Registration Boycott!

Voter registration and verification in Seychelles is underway. The process last for the month of January. Turn out in the districts is very, very low by voters. Perhaps likely to be even lower then last year when it was only 3.5 %.
The registration process is ongoing under law, in spite of the law deemed unfit, out of date by the Election Reform committee.
The PL have yet to implement the recommendations of the Election Reform Committee.
The situation is now placing the whole election process and system in Seychelles as not credible, and the Public is expressing their lack of confidence in the system by boycotting the voter registration inspection process which in 1993, was 90% verification.


  1. The one thing that PP must note in the this unserious process is that this low turn oout is an important warning call and sign of waht tocome should pp rob thier votes ,more than ever it is disapproving the system , a wake call for PP,for it means any attempt to keep the status quo in order to rape election in 2016 won't not be accepted and tolerated by the mass.

    You can drag your feet on reforms in order not to conduct refroms,to gain time whatever Do it or not the people would take their decision this time around by themselves and it is not fake figure that would decalre FAURE winner that would convinced them not to ccome in to the streets to get their stoeln vote back.

    As Authority without any conditions beleongs to the people,should pp not approve the reforms to keep the status quo.Pp must no this time the people is coming to exercise the rights to chose thier leader and they would not depend what GAPPY give them as figures which would change their position.

    The fact that tjhery donot turned up for verification could indicate what pp fear most,that they are probably going other means to make PP thugs resprect their rightzs and telling Pp thugs that the masters of this country in the people not a gang crooks ,you would accept the people choice or get out.

    Other factors behind the low turn out:Decline identification with the ruling party
    -Decline is system efficacity
    -The Double salalry FAURE gifted himnslef and gang at the benefit of teacheers,nurses,doctors military etc would have it effect .
    -Poverty and exculsion
    -lack of civil participation and deliberation
    -Bcause of APATHY, under Pp their vote does not count,they want it to count this time namely in the streets
    -It tells us that we not in a democracy for in democracy ususally their is always high turn up.
    -In other words Seychelles want to see the voting systwem that allow them to chose their leader not the one that have been robbed to keep pp thugs on power.It is amessage to PP,this time around Thier vote must count and dicide who will lead this country not Pp frauds..

    Jeanne D'Arc-

  2. Low turn out is a boycoo/a protestt in itself,and ti not only boycott the process but thwe regime too.This is also the first step that shows the Nation isfed up with theives,sell out,crooks and won't paly the crooked game of Pp thugs this time around.Faure should be disappointed for it prophetize what is about to follow .

    Zhis Pp might think is a lostz of confidencee in the ballot box,No Pp is a lost of confidence in Parti lepep.too long too crook.The people seem to be opting for other means to get their vote count and respected anmely by mass protest.They would amke PP accountable by other means something PP did not want to do for decades.We have told you PP,change is irreversible.They are fed up with the elitists,arroganct,crooked,and corrupt PP Dictaorial systwm robbing their rights,their freedoms,their soveiregnty,their everything.
    Low vote reguistration turn out means illegitimate electionSeychellois refuse that their civil rights keep being robbed by a gang of thugs.

    Their vote is their voice FAURE,you won't shut them down by fraud,manipulation this time.It is signal of more fundamental problems in Seychelles politcs.

  3. PP Seselwa had shown you the yellow card for the moment,but in 2016 they will show you the red one now you can start dig out the deads to put on your registration lists for 2016.May be the 3.5% are foreigners pp have make them becoming Seychelles citizen over night.

    Unite we stand my peoples and we get to move on one by one to get rid of them crooks.


  4. Boycott,boycott Seselwa ser zot gren.

  5. Johnny
    Seychellois has given PP a Yellow card ,the Red one will follow in 2016 unless FAURE hurry and get up and bring about change himself .It would be much more intelligent for FAURE to bring about change himslef than waiting for the people to bring change to him.The altter might put his life at risk .like in the case of GHADAFI.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  6. Seychelles Government is like a broken car, they are stuck in revers et prezen zot tuzur enayer. PITY!

  7. Praslin nou pou ekri e plak lo la boutique MAL bar,lo peye coco lo bor semen starting from Anse Kerlan to Anse Lazio beach BOYCOTT Praslinios,BOYCOTTPraslinios.

  8. Boycotting the next election on a large scale would send a strong message to the rest of the world; that the situation in the Seychelles is not what it appears to be!


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