China woos Seychelles, SFP Says No Way!

The weekend's visit to Seychelles by a top People's Liberation Army official marks the deepening of the military relationship between the tiny Indian Ocean island state, and China.
The Deputy Chief of the People's Liberation Army, Gen Ma Xiaotian met with President of Seychelles James Michel on Saturday and reaffirmed China's commitment to deepen bilateral military cooperation.
Although Seychelles has close military and naval cooperation with India and the United States, it has been quite open to Beijing's military overtures.
Since the Chinese President Hu Jintao visited this strategically
located Indian Ocean Island state in 2005, Beijing has made an all out effort to deepen the partnership with Seychelles.
That China had a military and strategic interest in wooing the island was not difficult to see in Delhi and Washington. Straddling the sealanes between Africa and China, Seychelles has acquired a critical importance in the Beijing's expanding naval profile in the Indian Ocean.
Since 2010, Chinese naval ships have been making frequent port calls in Seychelles. China has also transferred two Y-2 turboprop aircraft to Seychelles to facilitate the maritime surveillance of its massive 1. 37 sq km of exclusive economic zone in the Indian Ocean.
Last December, after the first ever visit by a Chinese defence
minister to the island nation, Seychelles announced that it is to provide resupply facilities for Chinese naval ships operating in the Indian Ocean.
China, however, sought to downplay the announcement from Port Victoria. While confirming interest in acquiring much needed resupply facilities in the Indian Ocean, the foreign office in Beijing insisted "China has no plans for establishing military bases abroad."
While Beijing is keen to prevent any hostile regional reaction to its growing military presence in the Indian Ocean, those who study Chinese military strategy see the inevitability of Beijing acquiring naval bases and military facilities in the Indian Ocean.


  1. What we should do to stop them coming take your boats barricade port victoria that their can not enter your port.You make me sick seychelles politicians, only you say no way Sfp you can not stop it with taking action other countries will be a long time in streets with their plagarde.i support you sfp as a party,but if you always post comment on the blog with out action you can forget my support.

  2. May be another coup must happen to stop chinese and indians with you politicians no way.I hope you dont delete my comment again.

    1. I will sell my everything and every investment, I'll sweep each of my bank account, to make it happen!

  3. We do not need military coorporation with China,we just do not have anything historically,culturally,etc.. with China.Seychellois people have never asked Pp one-party state to sign whatever agreements pp had been signing in our names with Chinese since the Coup D'Etat.Chinese governemnt is a firend with pp communsit not the people of Seychelles as PP want to sell us.One party state does not represent the people and PP preCHING,BLAH BLAH ABOUT OUR SUPPOSED long relationship with china HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE PEOPLE OF SEYCHELLES AND SO DOES SEYCHELLOIS.

    Morevoer,Chinese is a communist state which rape Interantional Laws on Human rights,is threatening its neigbours with military intimidation,and occpuied a soveiregn state TIBET .

    Chinese want to control the Indain Ocean for its own strategic interests and geo-politic strategy,Seychelles assoveiregn State must not be the scapegoat of neither Chinese nor Indian military ambition.

    China has already under what is called"string of Pearls"thus a strategy of Bases and diplomacy,has already built Naval base in Gwardar port of Pakistan,Burma,electronic intelligent gathering facilities on isalnds in the bay of Bengal,funding a canal in the across the Kra Isthmus in Thailand,a military agreement wqith Cambodia,and building up forces in China sea,upgrading port in Sri Lanka etc....^but also have military convoy and present in mseveral African States --to do what?Ensure that their dictators that give China all its wants are protected --avoid Coup D'etat,democracy(Democracy wouold chase CHina out)And ensure that African countires positions in the United Nations do not negate CHinese image etc...

    In fact,the way Indain and Chinese ,two rivals are aggressively boosting their miliatary and the ambition to control the Indain Coean if allow become a great threat to the region than anything other threat we have known so far.
    Seychelles should not let them come a engage in military conflicts in our EEZ.we are niether CHinese nor Indain,and our soveiregnty must not be use to please Chinese or Indian interests.

    CHina should stop bullshitting Seychellois ,we have nothing in common with you,China should instead >FREE TIBET;stop agression against Taiwan,stop aggression aGAINST jAPAN,sOUTH kOREA,ETC... aND FINALLY GO HOME ,WE DO NOT WANT YOU HERE and you have nothing to do here.

    jEANNE D'Arc

    Seychellois people have nothing to do with rogue or communist state like China,N Korea,Cuba,these are pp communist firends not seychellois firends.Seychellois have their ability and brain to choose their own firends and they have never authorized any Pp thugs to decide who would be their friends or not.

    Pp rogue regime would like CHinese present in our waters for in return it would pocket million for themslves and CHina with ensure that the one aprty state stay forever of power for CHinese know that any democratic government would never accept their present in our EEZ.Chinese would defence their interests should we not forbid themin our EEZ just like it protect N.Korea of Kim JONG UNs,Sudan dictator,Mugabe,and other rogue regime around.

    Indain Coean must be free from sper powers military game and Seychelles should in anyway allow those countires in return for bribes to paly their dangerous military game in our eez.Seychelles is a non-align country and should stay so.

    Furthermore,We might ask PP why were they calling for a NO of US military present in the Indain Ocean (DIEGO GARCIA)In the 70^s that now P thugs think Chinese communsist,the latter worst a threat to the Region as USA should dance in our EEZ?Probably becuase Pp think communist China would protect PP communsit system and provide them with Interantional cover in case they committ more atrocities on their people---China will overrule any sanctions should Pp governemnt face sanction--(As in Syria)and even provide millions to secure the rogue PP system along as it gives China what it wants.


  4. One might wonder why St Ange hold Youth Indain celelbration in Seychelles as if Seychelles is aprt of Indai or Seychellois are Indain----well to make us forcefully love Indai,aceept their present in our country etc--Then after Indain Youth Celebration day ,St Ange is noe organizing Chines Celebration day...forb the same objective,hoping we would love Chines and finqally allow them ot rape our EEZ.which would also means allow Chinese to secure Pp dictatorship ,for n edemocratic system would allow them(chinese to dance in our EEZ and rape our sovereignty.

    Chines go home:Free tibet,Stop aggression agsint taiwan,S,Korea,Malaysia .

    Seychellois have nothing in common with you,yesterday,today and in the donot represent the same values when it come to human rights,mentalitiy,religion, Seychellois .

    Jeanne D'Arc

  5. Chinese might have the obssession to build military base in the Indain Coean,but surely this won't happen in our territories.

    Chinese are crooks by anture---Annexed Tibet,aggression agsint Japs.Korean,Malaysian.Chinese in Africa has not only invested multi billions but each comapny that it created is teemed with imported Choinese workers,Chionese workers are attacking Afircan in their ancestral land:poching has increase since chinese present in Africa-----Dito to Cooc de mer pochiong that was infesting Seychelles during sometime--it was Chiese behind it.

    Partilepep illegally allow Chinese to parad in Seychellois place on National Day---Pp four years ago extended the Hbour or port ,in 2013 partilepep teold us we must extend it once agsint and even buy new bigger tug boats--to do cater waht?Well Chinese plane carrier.Partilepep think of those old days when Soveit nalval docked in our habours as they wished.After the fall of Russia ,partilepep think it has found a new crooked communist fire d that could secure the one aprty dicvtatorship and depende fiancailly on.It is communist China.But you waht partilepep,we are not going to let it happen.

    Red Dragon has no palce on our territories.We not chinese and have no intension of being neither Chinese nor Indain.We are proud of who we are.

    Chinese is a threat to world peace,and its rrogance make it even more dangerous.China has never attack any country in it s history(that the past)yet is pose a great threat on world peace and stability just by it aggressive mental,and authoritative strategy as we have seen recently in teesion with Japan etc..
    And the combination of stunning economic growth(now soaring down a bit)and unpredicatable political governance causes great concern in the world too.Nopte also that Chinese main friends are dictatorial states be it over Africa--Sudan.Seychelles, Zimbabwe,Congo,Angola to S America--Venesuala.Cuba:Nicaragua and in Aisa-N Korea,Burma,Cambodia and so on-It is a encourage Huamn rights abuses,protect,sponsor rogue regimes as itself.

    No to Chinese Dragon no to India Elephant.Yes to Seychelles soveriegnty and independency.

  6. Each and every person in PL government is stealing from Seychelles people. Big cars and houses, expensive holidays are all being paid by you Seychellois, you are second in your country because you are a bunch of fucking morons.

  7. This the way communist work in politic,i was just watching a report on Aljazzera a few days ago there were sawing a poor chinese woman that become rich by joining communist and sponser by communist now she ruling all business in china.
    Those you see with big cars and in big houses pp is sponsering them with drugs money

    That is what pp had been promoted all the island seen years,ruling ala communist sytel,but in the same time pp is bringing back le pok Mancham capitalist is on the rise again.
    Some none criminals are behind bars,but most criminals are walking free for stealing,murder,drugs trafficking,human tracffking. And they are still committed crime, that me some of them I will give them life behind bars for murder and hard drugs trafficking.


  8. Johnny I saw the same program. You are right. Communism is the same all over. Look at PL MNA pushing their personal material gain forward, houses, land, money, cars, you name it.

  9. Seycheklios La rue Quincy pou ferm pou ka fete endou.Quatre i lord ek lape.Quatre sucker we did not bring endou in our shore!!!seychellios take your cars to drive by and drive on those invaders kaka malbar liki zot manman who are taking all seychellios work and businesss.

    1. Why is it indian can do a closing road for a LAPROSESYON and SNP can't do one for their party anniversary? Is it not SESL POU SESELWA.Kin arrive avek VALER POUR NOU TOU as Vice President Faure echoed last couple weeks. Seselwa a nation forget sooo fast. Antre dan zorey drwat sorti dan zorey gos! Give SFP your full support.

  10. Meeting on our blue economy in UAE----should it be with our neigbours Mauricina,Comorian,etc...?Idiot Michel told us we must find ways to devlop our blues economy.WEll. Michel one way that Seychellois have been waiting for for the last 4 decades is Having our own tuan seiner.Since 4 decades foreign Tuna seiners have been robbing our EEZ becuase the fialure of partilepep to the right things.Today Seychelles,only from its Fishing industry could have generated billions in dollars.Tons of BYCATCH ,discard in the Ocean another means to make billions in revenues.WHy you have build our own Tuna Seiner Partilepep?

    Stop preaching Partilepep we have been hearing such blah blah for the last 4 decades marons.And stop bullshitiing us with CHinese,Indain,ARABS..we are sovereign and can stand on our own feet,we have brains and can decide what is good or bad for us,.

  11. BLUE ECONOMY?>Butwhere is our Tuna seiner fleet?we have been waiting for 4 decades and we still waiting.Why BYCATCHE which equal the same amont of Tna caught annually still being discarded into the OCean instad of using it to for other products and genrate milllions in revenues.What about open water farming--not Tuan but of fish that would increase import and genrate more millions.What about processing Sea Cucumber locally and selling it ourselves on Asian market which would generate millions now pocketed by Chinese.What about other seafood products such as Crabs;lobsters,crabs,even the redearth Crabs(LouLou)a delicatess on Aisan market which could be farmed.Waht about another seafood canning company specialized in canning other seafoods like crab meat,lobster,sardines,markrelle,seashells etc...

    Michel and partileppe should shut up their stinky mouths for they have done nothing than robbing Seychelles.

  12. Pp and Quatre there is no seychellios born endou on the island we dont give a fuck about their celebeation on our road,may be endou seychellios that you that you have sell our passport and our land ban fes rouge liki zot manman voler.

  13. Is it the Chinese and the Indians who are stealing our fish?

    Microbiome :) :) :)

  14. Yes is chinese are stealing our fish all their elegal fishing boats are around African continent with out liesence. Aljazzera show them stealing fish in Sirea Leonon EZZ.Pp themselves said with their mouth that they can not control all our EZZ its to big for a small country to handel that size of this water.

    Now on Indian may be not stealing our fish,because their have also a ocean around them,but their know how to invade a land in just a year you cant not see Endou celebration hade gone bigger every year pp closing our road top please foreign endou.
    Malbar ENDOU Seychellios i know ,15 years ago there were practicing their religion at home or in their shop not on our street blocking traffick during working hours.


  15. Microbiome

    TAiwanese,Thailandese,Even Iranians(the latter you might remember,we learnt about their present in our EEZ when Somali priates hijacked and PP used tax payers money to free them.The question PP is what were they doing in our Waters?May have secret deals with PP ,for the latter seems no interested at all to fight illegal fishing in our EEZ).

    As to Chinese and Indian ,they might not be stealing our fish,but in the case of the tow rivals fighting f military supremacy in the region,their in intentions which consists of play their games of naval war game in our soveiregn EEZ and make it their main playing ground is a threat to our Soveriegnty,Security,stability in the region,and finally as a Soveriegn Nation-----WWe should in anyway pave the ground for such risky war game in our waters.Aisan sea is big enough,they can paly their game thier,and not import their war game in the living room of our home.

    Seychelles has been postioning herself as NON_ALIGNMENT country,this position ,is a neutral position that is worth holding to and Seychellois would not continue to let a gang of irresponsible communsit crooks ,decide in our names who our friends should be.

    In regards to the 50 plus foreign Tuna seiners fwhich have been fishing in our EEZ for the last 4decades.It right to acknwledge the fact ,that these foreigner Tuna seiners have been in a way robbing our Natural resources and making themsleves multi-billion of DOLLARS ,while we have beenpocketing peanuts.If you add all the handful of peanuts we have pocketed since then ,i am sure you would come to the conclusion that we have pocketed not even in Billion dollars in revenues in the last 4 decades.Should we have exploited our Natural resources ourselves today Seychelles would not be begging the world,depending on interanitonal charity,indebted with an astrnomic debt which does stop to increase each year,and even basiled out bankrupted African countries.One could asked PP,whgy invest our tax money into OIL TANKERS (oil we donot have)rather than in TUNA SEINERS (fish we have in abandone)?

    There is also the other problem call BYCATCH ,tons of fish------(Non Tuna)are discard into the OCean while it could be use and generate multi-millions of dollars in revenues---But ignorant Pp thugs have not brain ,they donot even know where to get started becuase of their ignorance.

    You could have asked How then do we deal with this fleoh?IWEll,PP has told us that it has Satelite system to monitor what goes about in our EEZ,If it is effective and high performance as Pp want to tell us ,then again why are you not apprenhending them Pp?Due to the immense EEZ with posse,it is intelligent,and common sense to have a permanent Naval Base somewhere in the Outter Islands.A naval base in the Aldabra region would allow the SCG to intervene rapidly,less costly,,their interventions would be most effective,pertinent,faster,and more desuasvie.Less costly,fbecause the distance they now have to cover during a patrol in the Albadra region would be reduce drastically,fuels now used to only depart and sail to Albadra would be used for more patrol/operation,etc..etc.. The advantages is important,and would have much more positive results than the strategy conducted by PP now.Taking in to consideration the amount of illegal foreign fishing boats operating ij our EEZ,apprehending them could bring millions in revenues thus genrate enough money which could be use to upgrade,modernize our SCG whithout having to pour each years extra millions into the miliztary coffer taken from Tax payers money.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  16. Chinese and Indain forces threaten our soveiregnty and this happening not becuase they annexed us by force like China in Tibet but becuase Seychelles has a dictaotiral regime that allow it to happen in return for millions in bribes for party members.

    You may why so concern about our soveriegnty matter?Our nation must be governed by Seychellois not Khalifa,Indians or chinese.The Seychellois people adpoted the Constitution and created governent.If you donot have soveriegnty you equally does not have indepedence.If a foreign power shall tell us what do,and what we shall do,then we have indepedence yet to seek,and have contended thitherto every little.

    Moreover,in the same length,the purpose of a governemnt put in palce by the people is to secure the people's rights,interests etc...and the legitimately soveriegn governemnt derives it just power by the consent of the governed.Thus,Seychelles soveriegnty could be justified by the inherent ,God giving rights of self-government--not by decree,by Arbs,Chinese,Indains,Pp crooks or nay of crooks.

    Under Pp today,our soveiregnty faces slef-created threats,and the threats namely Interantional organization (like WTO)seeking to replace the Interantional existing system to replace it with a kind of Trans.national system giving up National soveiregnty and and some Nations lead by crooks systems are giving up the National soveriegnty and be govern by a Golbal consensus.The fact that Pp bow to this consensus does not respect National sovereignty,it put it at great riks.

    Indepedence now have Interantional flavors,governemnt targetted are forced to replace thier institutions.courts,police,Ambassadors etc.. with foreigners at their helm, etc... which repae the Deaƶration of Indepedence and sovereignty.

    The transnationalist crooked vision,pratice also carries profound implcations to National security.and many other threats.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  17. Check this lyrics on tube by Nasio Fontaine peoples rise up don't let them fool you any more.

    Jah bless for freedom on our island.

  18. I would propose the lyrics of Bob Marley which say "it takes a revolution to ge^t a solution or get stand up for your rights"--Bob does not only tells them to stand up but tells them why.Thus ii find it is more pertinent than rise up the message is clearer and straight forward and easily understood by all.

  19. FAURE---todl Seychelles--Our (His,Partilpep values whci are inherited from communsim shuld be Seychellois values).Our values are universal values these are:Freedom,peace,social progress,Equal rights,Huamn dignity,truth and love,etc--- values that promotes right,just actions not wrong or crooked actions.


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