Happy New Year To All Freedom Loving Seychellois!

New Year and Leap In Salaries
As 2013 brought itself to an end, the PL were on a parade of salary grabbing in the National Assembly.
Salaries of MNA’s are know to shoot up to SCR.. 30,000.00 per month from SCR.14,000.00.
The Speaker and Leader of Government Business, Leader of Opposition, are each to take home base what a Minister with one portfolio takes home: SCR. 63,000.00 per month.
Their pensions for life passed in 2008 between SPPF and SNP in legislative conspiracy will increase as well.
Yet, in the year 2013, we saw a economy regress with a mere 2% of GDP as in similar years gone by. IMF has consistently told PL to produce a GDP of 6-8% to repay its debts. 

The PL have been failing Seychellois every year. Yet they increase salaries for themselves. What the workers of Seychelles will be getting is nothing more than crumbs off the PL table after more devaluation takes root.
As a matter of Good Governance- no government that underperforms in economic growth performance has a right to raise salaries for itself and its politicians in the opposition. What PL is doing is nothing more than stealing and violating and abusing a position of power they hold at the expense of the People of Seychelles, and companies that pay taxes.
Since Michel took power, SPPF -PL raises salaries for its politicians every time it faces devaluation down the road in order to keep their political house in order as economic and financial chaos unfolds down the road.

2008 Was The Same, Same-O!
In the beginning of 2008, it was the same, same-o thing happening as in 2013.
At the time in an article “Leo Sticks His Neck Out For Money”, Weekly Publications (Ltd) I said:
“…I cannot tell you how let down I feel over the SNP accepting a huge pay salary increase for themselves in the National Assembly alongside the SPPF. SNP should not have taken this money full stop! Today all Seychellois are suffering dearly from the increase in cost of living, increase in PUC bills, increase in gas prices. But the SNP saved themselves, along with SPPF. They forgot about the People of Seychelles that elected them. It is as if they got depressed and thought about themselves only, instead of thinking about the people [at a critical time].
Further quoted:
In Regar, Leo says: “ Behold the turtles he makes progress only when he sticks his neck out”.
Rubna Haureau stated on facebook that Ramkalawan did not pay his dues.

Well in 2008, SNP conspired with SPPF to stick their necks out for themselves. The return was a huge shameless salary increase and a pension for life for politicians. Some had not even reached 45 years old, yet they were under pension for life.
[What a gross abuse of Public Confidence].
The opposition under SNP went to bed with SPPF to get a salary increase and a pension for life. That is what happen in 2008.
In 2013, SPPFPL used SNP precedence to set yet another salary increase with the help of PDM David Pierre, ex SNP golden boy, second in line to SNP leadership, since Ramkalawan said Jean Francois Ferrari was not up to it.
Perks of a Priest Millionaire
Fast Track Salaries and Pensions 2008-2013!
In 2013, Vice President Danny Faure rammed the salary increase through without much debate in the National Assembly. Mr. Faure introduced a scale system even for politicians, and introduced new regulations to hide future salary increases from the Public at large. In future, no salary and pension increases will have to be presented to the National Assembly, all will be set by regulations.
Where did Vice President Danny Faure get such audacity to increase salaries and pensions from? From the help of SNP in 2008. They set the precedence, and David Pierre in 2013 helped it along. This will insure, when Seychelles Rupee is devalued again, the politicians will not squeak, not even like a mouse, when the Seychelles Rupee dives again.

Armed Forces Risk A Lot and Get Paid Peanuts
President James Michel rustled all the armed forces in for a chat on January 1st 2014. Heavy growing division in the armed forces over corruption, nepotism, cronyism, and yes, bad salaries, bad pay, poor conditions are under mining the moral of the Seychelles Armed Forces. Mr. Michel knows about this, and he has called on unity in a vague, almost uneducated manner. Yes unity, we all call for it, but in what context Mr. Michel? Have you addressed the issues the Armed Forces are raising? There is no Sergeant Major, no CEO, but we have Gurhkas walking the ground we call Seychelles territory, calling themselves “Police”, which puts to shame, and disgrace, every single man woman in uniform which you appeal to for Unity.
These Armed Forces joined when pirates were at our door step. Where is their bonus for putting their lives on the line? Gurhkas get bonuses. Why is it that Bonus does not go with Seychellois soldiers?

Future of Seychelles With Armed Forces
Because Mr. Michel has seen it fit and proper to import Gurhkas, mercenaries, foreign soldiers to our shores, to rule over the People of Seychelles, which is in and of itself a gross territorial transgression of our national sovereignty and Independence, today, the future of Seychelles, rests in the hands of the men and women of the armed forces. It is up to them to tell James Michel, we will not accept any, any occupying forces, and personnel on Seychelles soil.
I urge the Armed Forces, to have Michel respect the sovereignty of Seychelles in 2014.

What Divides The People of Seychelles?
What is it that divides us as a people continuously? Division always works to the advantage of the divider only. History has taught us that over and over again. We must learn from it. The Roman Empire survived for over 500 years under one pretext: “Divide and Rule”. Hitler sought to rule all of Europe in World War II under the pretext : dividing the Aerain Race from less races and then rule. Pol Pot sought to rule Combodia through his chosen tool of divide and rule. Pol Pot embarked on a campaign of genocide of intellectuals and teachers in his country, to implement a policy of favoritism towards peasants. Today, Iraq is in a mess, because the key players there divide and rule between Sunni and Shiites religious divisions. Each day, dozens sometimes hundreds die at a time.

In Seychelles, we too have become victims of the politics of divide and rule. We must pray for strength, to gather courage, to not fall victim to the politics of divide and rule. The SPPF divide and rule all of Seychelles. They divide families, political parties, Armed Forces, Police, NDEA, District staff, business community, Tourism Industry. It is all divided to allow SPPFPL to rule. They are cunning.
When they speak about the economy they say every Seychellois should get their fair share. Yet, Seychellois alwys get the short end of the stick.
(The above was written In December 2008 by Christopher  Gill, “A Christmas Message”- nothing has changed).
The Priest Millionaire

But what did they do in 2008? What did they do in 2013? They took more than their fair share. This grand lie is deeply rooted in Communist ideology. It is false. Who gets a fair share? Is the Army enlisted man paid fairly compared to a Gurhkas who is paid $2,000.00 per month to give Seychellois balls on road blocks? I have been stopped on road blocks now for 5 times in 30 days. How many other Seychellois and Tourist, have to put up with Gurhkas giving us balls in our own country?
The politicians are the ones who BANKRUPTED Seychelles in 2007 and they took on an IMF Bail Out that lasted now for 5 years. Next March 2014, these fellows will take on another IMF plan and devalue the Seychelles currency again. Do they deserve a doubling of salaries?
James Alix Michel

People of Seychelles, in 2014, beware of division politics, see who really divides, beware of the Ides of March upon the arrival of IMF again, beware of politicians in the opposition who love too loose, love being second, and earning a fine living from it being No.2 . They are sheeps who want you to believe they are lions. Sheeps do not win battles. Do not trust your future in the hands of sheeps.
Hint, they usually claim FRAUD in elections, but never file a case in court.
Hint, its not Ton Jim, he has already gone to “peace” and pieces, the wool is covering his eyes by now!

May God Bless All Freedom Loving Seychellois!

Seselwa Unite!

Sesel Pou Seselwa! 


  1. sa ban'n armfors ozordi san menm sa ki bou bez o'vertro li demen. solda rene pe fini mor en'n par en'n. kaka dan nennen e plim tro bokou e zot pa nikapab espire.

  2. Gurhkas out of Seychelles soil!

    Sesel Pou Seselwa!

  3. Bomb gurhkas with bomb petrol,when their at sleep seselwa make them run for their lifeand leave our soil.They been train to fight for
    british royal and die for british royal but on our land their should leave soon include El Metri.Why Sfp dont give news on those mafia anymore we want to know if he still on our shore or not.About a canadian marine dont interest we seselwa not that much what we interesting with,is our freedom sfp.

  4. Take action Seychelles soldiers before you come the victim of foreign mercenaries.Last time they open the head of one of you with a knife next time they will start shoot at you,.But if you plan for a coup don't plan it like this wanker Berlouis who did have plane a plane that will remove dictator once and for all.If gurhkas put their foot on Praslin they are dead me say.

  5. Those monkeys who bankrupted and plundered our economy and country to not deserve salary increment and seychellois must condenm the rate at which those marons is emptying the Nation's coffer for it immoral and bad in faith.

    You understand why pp is addicted to power,simply to enslave seychellois ,take advantage and empty the Treasury by giving himslef and his ilks huge salalry at the expense of addressing the mountain of problem created by PP in 4 decades.

    Those marons should understand that leadership is about sacrifice not about increasing one's salary at the expense of the people of Seychelles.

    As must be noted none of those crooks be it in Assembly,RAm,PIERRE and Pp ministers pledge to refuse a pay increase as the country is still in Austerity.Too greedy and immoral to do so.

    I must say that FUARE shows already bad traits even worst than Michel.That he thinks he can just dicide by himself to raise his salary at will,speaks for itself.

    As to the red priest millionaire RAM the cuckoo,he is not even feel ashame sucking seychellois blood dry and collaborating in pp's atrocity.He even advertise the theft before even pp did by saying he should have a salry increase weeks before pp offical told seychellois "they going to continue rob them dry to the bone.You will face justice RAM for participating in state organized crime and state terrorism,make not mistake about that.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  6. The picture of the PERKS OF A PRIEST MILLIONAIRE is clear that he was attending Zonmlib celebration in the passed.

  7. Please stop posting these pictures of Father Ramkalawan holding hands with another woman.

  8. SNP does not want these pictures posted. Please remove them.


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