PRC Second Aircraft Carrier For Indian Ocean

BEIJING (Reuters) - China is building its second aircraft carrier, which is expected to take six years, and the country aims to have at least four such ships, Chinese and Hong Kong media reports said on Sunday.

After two decades of double-digit increases in the military budget, China's admirals plan to develop a full blue-water navy capable of defending growing economic interests as well as disputed territory in the South and East China Seas.

The country's first aircraft carrier, the Liaoning - a Soviet-era ship bought from Ukraine in 1998 and re-fitted in a Chinese shipyard - has long been a symbol of China's naval build-up.

Successfully operating the 60,000-tonne Liaoning is the first step in what state media and some military experts believe will be the deployment of locally built carriers by 2020.

In comments carried on Chinese news websites, Wang Min, the Communist Party boss of the northeastern province of Liaoning, where the first carrier is based, said the second carrier was being built in the port city of Dalian.

Its construction would take about six years, and in future China would have a fleet of at least four carriers, Wang told members of the province's legislature on Saturday, the reports added.

Dalian is the port where the existing carrier was re-fitted for use by the Chinese navy.

Some of the reports about the new carrier were apparently latter removed from the Internet, as links to the stories did not work.

Hong Kong's South China Morning Post, citing unnamed military sources, said the reports may have been removed either because the government wanted the construction to be low profile or because Wang did not have the authority for such an announcement.

The Defense Ministry did not respond to a request for comment.

The Liaoning successfully executed more than 100 tests, including those of its combat systems, during drills in the disputed South China Sea last month.

The exercises off the coast of Hainan Island marked not only the first time China had sent a carrier into the South China Sea but the first time it had maneuvered with the kind of strike group of escort ships U.S. carriers deploy, according to regional military officers and analysts.

(Reporting by Ben Blanchard; Editing by Clarence Fernandez),0,6528288.story


  1. Chinese building Carrier for Indain OCean however the Chinese must know that it has no territorial water in the Indain Coean and in anyway Seychelles EEZ must be the playing ground for Chinese Naval is knwon that Pp would like to let its communist firend come and dacne in our waters as if Seychelles soveiregnty is not important,We have heard Pp talking about buying bigger tug boats ,extending the Habour with the intension to cater Chinese naby in our port.

    Seychellois say no to both Chinese and Indain naval intrusion in thier EEZ,any decision of nay foreign present in our EEZ must have the apporval and consent of the people and that by referendum.AUTHOIRTY WITHOUT CONDITIONS,PP,BELONGS SOLELY TO THE NATION NOT A GANG OF CRIMINALS.

    jeanne D'Arc

  2. THe integrity of our territories and soveiregnty must be respected as defined by Interantional conventions.therefore we will not chinese,Indain, or whoever milit<ry present in our EEZ come to rape our territories to please CHinese ambitions.

  3. You right,the maintaining of Territorial integrity and sovereign NAtions is enshrined in Interantional law and the United Nation charter and it is an integral part of every country's to security,self-government and maintain9ing its exoistence.

    THe Dragon new teeth must stay in chinese mouth in Asien Sea not in our EEZ.Yang Jiechi Chinese foreign minister is already facing a barrage of complains about China arrogance and China Behavoir in the Aian region.Annexation of Tibet,threat on Japan,S Korea,Malaysia and Taiwan,China worries the world not only becuase of its military build up,but also aboutthe lack of information of how CHina is going to use it.The American strtegy-guidance documents spell out the concern"The growth of China's military power"it says must be accompanied by greater clarity of its strategic intensions in order to avoid causing friction in the region.

    Whatever Chinese military ambitions,Our EEZ must not be the playing flield of Chinese or anyother foreign military.

    Our Terirtoeiral integrity and soveiregnty must be respected and defence.

    No to Communist CHina military present in our Home,No more Chinese boost in our Stadiums.Stop using our National meida to advertise CHinese Clelbration Day or Indain Exapt hinsu relgious celelbration or Indain Youth DAy,We are niethe Chinese nor Indain, and our National Media should instead be given access to Oppostion leaders ,the public,and use to informa Seychellois on economic freefall,National problems not that of foreign crusaders.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  4. If its ok for Russians, British, USA, Indian and other navies to visit our shores, then we should welcome Chinese Navy as well. We are a non-aligned country - Friends to All, Enemy to None !

  5. Seychellois must choose thier firends not PP.Indian though we think should also atop dancing in our territiories is a democratic country ,dito toBrits,usa,frensH ETC... AND MOST OF THEM WE HAVE REAL LONG REALTIONSHIP WEITH AND NOT FROCED OR DICTATED RELATIONSHIP but genuine.And the reason for that is they respect our Nation.

    Friend to all enemy to none-----Yes,but when those who suppsoed to be your firends want to rape your sovreignty it is no longer a friend.Enemy to none is not achieve by allowing Dictatorial countries to dancein our eez but by mutual respect.

    RUSSAINS is not okay for it is not democratic--Pp bring thme here ,Like Khalifa present in our Lnad.When the come to our land invisted by PP it does not means we love them ,PP is a dictatorial system it does not represent the will of the majority but itself-That PP is friends with Castro,N korea,and other crook countires it doesnot means Seychellois approve Pp friendships with crooked states and statemen-That Michel love Khalfia and tell us is a friend of Seychelles does not means Seychelles apporve iMichel illusion.

    Other Nations who visit our land,Have no intension to rape out EEZ ,to paly war games in our EEZ,.while China aND EVNE iNDAI THINK THEY HAVE A RIGHT TO DO WHATEVER THEY WOULD LIKE IN OUR eez,AND EVEN THINK OUR TEERRITORIES SHOULD BE THEIR MILITARY PALYING ,TRAINING GROUND.


    Refusing a foreign country not to paly naval gwar game in our EEZ is not being enomy but making others respect our soveiregnty,territorial integrity as define by International laws,conventions the same that make for instance CHINA think that it hAS A RIGHT TO DEFENCE ITS TWERRITORIES,wE HAVE THE SAME RIGHTS.

    wE ARE NON-ALIGN COUNTRY AND MUST STATE NON-ALGIN FOR IT IS BEST FOR OUR NATION--- it is a bit like Switzerland being NEUTRAl .which provide what you say--we firends with all and enemy with none.

    Not allowing a country especially a dictatorial country to abuse our teerritoral integrity is a rights not a sign of being an enomy and this right must be respected.Of ocurse there are countires who are arrogance,disrecpectful LikeCHINA who might think we should have an obbligation to let her dance as CHinses dance illegally in TIBET,wants Japs island and territories deifined by International bodies,and threating Taiwan-These countires Like Hcina or RUSSIA disrespecting International laws,other territotiral integrity should not be dancing in our waters.Ourv people love democracy and eemocratic countries/Nations not tyrrannic nations and leaders.

    jeanne D'Arc

  6. Chinese day be prepair seselwa to eat dogs,cats you name it,chinese only their shit they can not eat.
    What chinese have in common with seychelles culture.Nada

  7. TO the blogger who says" FRIEND TO ALL AND ENEMY TO NONE--We hold as a Nation to these principles--for being non-align or neutral is much better to have the balance and conditions to achieve "friend to all and enemy to none"

    However,FRIENDSHIP between Nations is mututal knowledgemaffection and esteem.IBut there are STAGES;LEVELS OF FRIENDSHIP---For instacne ,a firend that you consider or ahve achieved BEST FRIEND STATUS Or the guy you grew up as Child ,went to school with and still today your best firend is not they same as someone you come across occasionally at the Market or at the public toilet-The foremr you allow him or her access to our home even private life while with the latter the level of firendship is limited to a HELLO;How are you in public palces etc...

    Hence;Seychellois friendship with the FRENCH people for instance ,is stronger than that with te Chinese and that because With the FORMER we do shares many values in common from culture,langauge,tradtions ,history etc.. while with te latter literally nothing.

    Jeanne D'Arc


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