Public Orders Act Fiasco

In Friday 24th January 2014 issue of Le Seychellois, the SNP mouthpiece has once again tried to pass the buck on the disaster of the Public Orders Act 2014, and its stray from the intent of the Electoral Commission/Reform Committee intent.
This time, Le Seychellois is calling on the Election Commission to pronounce itself on the ACT which has made numerous severe detours from the recommendations submitted by the Election Reform Committee made up of all political parties, but later, boycotted only by the Seychelles Freedom Party.
Henrie and Ramkalawan

Reason For Boycott Was Clear

The reason for Boycott was clear: PL leadership had to attend these meetings and PL be bind by the agreed electoral reforms. This was set out in the PRE-CONDITIONS. When PL broke the line, SNP continued to deliberate without PL leadership in attendance. SNP Led by Ramkalawan, the Priest that acts like a sheep,  created the situation where PL could change whatever terms and conditions of the Public Orders Act. Gappy and the Election Commission has had nothing to do with PL breaking its agreement. It was up to all parties, to hold PL hand to the fire at the Electoral Reform process. If PL leadership did not show up, why proceed Ramkalawan?
SFP walked out, and Boycotted, while Ramkalwan stayed on board and enjoyed his take a way box lunch provided by the Election Commission.

Yes There Is Dissapointment
Yes members of the Election Commission are disappointed with the course of action of the PL leadership. PL has taken us back into an era of dark ages and laws that are dictatorship "AAA" . This law makes the Marcos era in Manila look like a cake walk. But the members of the Election Commission are not members of a political party at the table. They were officials charged with executing a process under law, to create a environment in which political parties could dialogue and reach consensus on electoral reform.
When PL did not turn up,SNP should have walked out with SFP. PL would then turn up and the dialogue would continue.
Electoral Commission Appointed by James Michel

Now we are faced with a situation that the very thing we wanted : Democracy, is on the chopping block. We cannot blame the Election Commission for that, or Mr. Gappy. They did their job. Blame Ramkalawan and beyond that, let us all see how we can fix this royally screwed up situation before it boils over and explodes into civil disobedience and unrest in Seychelles, which will happen now that the seeds of unrest, discord, violence have been well planted foolishly in the pages of the Public Orders Act.

A Word To Michel

As President Mr. Michel it is nice to dictate orders and assignments to others to free your mind and ease your day. Rene use to do that. But when Rene saw that when things are critical, it is time for real leadership. This Electoral Reform is one case where things were indeed very critical for you , your legacy and above all Seychelles. You failed to meet that call and did not turn up to the Reforms.You broke your party's word and sent Good Faith, and dialogue to hell. You Sir, thought you were too big for dialogue with the Volceres of the World, The Ramkalawan's, the Gill's and so on. If these people are too small for you, what about the rest of the population of Seychelles with an open mind? Are they to be silenced to please you into believing you are so successful, and such a great leader, when you have delivered for us nothing but hardship since 2004?

Be Big Man

I call on you Mr. Michel. Rise above petty politics. Undo this mess created by your bureaucrats. Cancel the Public Orders Act while it is still early. This Apartheid legislation has no place in Africa today, and surely, no place in Seychelles. Recall the Election Commission, start over, and send yourself and the leadership of your party as promised,to attend. Air the discussions on SBC. Be the hero you can be. Rise above the pettiness of the day. Let's get serious in this country once and for all.

Consensus must be meaningful and sincere. It cannot be winner takes all and pushes everyone over the plank.
Respect Democracy, and Democracy will in turn respect you.
Let's build a real democratic country, not a fake one, monitored and run by Irish mercenaries and Gurhkas, because we know it is fake.
Seselwa Unite For Sesel Pou Seselwa! 


  1. What a shame they forgot something, KUMBAYA IN THE RAIN.

    Kumbaya Gervais kumbaya
    Oh lord kumbaya
    Kumbaya Volcere kumbaya
    Oh lord kumbaya
    Someone is praying,lord kumbaya.
    Someone is sleeping with PP
    Or lord kumbaya

    P.P.and M

  2. C'est ce qu'il se réduit, le prêtre avide aux millionnaire de SNP poursuivant en justice SFP le leader M. Christopher Gill, pour libérer la vérité. Prêtre millionnaire poursuivrez-vous en justice M. Gill si je devais écrire une liste de toutes les femmes que vous a actuellement une liaison avec ? Le prêtre le millionnaire peut aussi avoir une caisse sur ses mains de sa propre famille, que diriez-vous de cela pour l'avidité ? Dites-nous prêtre millionair, la dame 'peace maker ' a-t-elle réussi à apporter la paix dans votre famille ? Comme je me rappelle qu'ils ont tous voulu prendre votre cul avide au tribunal.

  3. Indeed it is sad the course of action Ramkalawan has taken to sue Gill. But worse, is the revelations of Gill right here, as to why SFP walked out and SNP with Ramkalawan stayed on board to let PL use them.
    Either Ramkalawan is an idiot or he is being used.
    In either case, the opposition cannot work with a idiot as a leader or someone who is stupid enough to allow himself to be used.
    One only wonders where does Ramkalawan get all the money he needs to keep so many women?
    Is the Anglican Church supporting his addiction to pootang?
    Or is it the SNP financial supporters?
    Or is it PL?
    Either way you cut it, the man is a disgrace, and for a rally, the photo of a leader closing his eyes, bowing down in defeat, in front of Progress House, painted in Orange with Ramadoss money is shameful indeed.
    Enough is Enough Wavel.

    1. It is about time you people realise that boycott does not work. It works only in a democratic society. Seychelles is not one.

  4. Apartheid Public Orders Law in Seychelles!

    1. Take the matter to court.You have capable lawyers on your side. Do not hedge or delay.Let Govinden face the music if he has the guts to appear in court personally.
      His knowledge of the law can be written on the back of a postage stamp !! How he was appointed AG is a mystery. Thanks to Perera no doubt. They were both hand in glove.

  5. Reply to Mr. Court-
    The point is this.
    Electoral Reform is not a court matter to resolve. It is a political matter, as highlighted by the article. It involves negotiations by all parties. The Electoral Commission provided the venue and the forum for this. All leaders were to attend, this was a PRECONDITION agreed by all parties. SBC was to film and air as well. It did not happen. Both key PRECONDITIONS were broken by PL. No leadership turned up. SFP walked out and BOYCOTT. Boycott is a highly relevant tool when done in unity.
    The court process avenue because there are many lawyers is a sheepish and I would say very foolish approach to this matter. It will take years. Even if their is a win, the entire Electoral Reform process will have to be litigated because it is expected PL will break/ignore all recommendations now that they have the opposition divided on the issue.
    Govinden is not an issue on the Public Orders Act. Michel could have told him to implement the proposed reforms as is. He did not. The buck falls on Michel's desk on this one. Pretending that it does not, blaming Govinden to get kudos from Michel at this late stage will not work. Relying on Govindens lack of law knowledge is not a excuse for SNP and Ramkalawan to proceed in the Process of reform, when PL failed to turn up with Leaders. Perera is not an issue either in this case. If they are both hand in glove what relevance does that have to the point that PL did not turn up to the Reforms, and SNP proceeded to negotiate with straw men of the PL party like Simon Gill and William Herminie who were already on the way out in Michel's books?
    A legal strategy never trumps a political duty and political solution. That is why men that disagree, come to the table and resolve their issues, face to face.
    SNP prevented that from happening.
    I suspect they did not want the World to know just how weak and pathetic Mr. Ramkalawan is as a leader, since the Georges and Ferrari were no longer holding his hands in unison like the good old days

    Seselwa Unite For Sesel Pou Seselwa!

    1. You have missed the point completely. It is not taking the electoral commission to court but to challenge the Public Order Act which violates the Constitution.

  6. 12:56 you are absolutely right][it does not work with communist country][if you boycott PP wins][my suggestion is oppositions need to do a primary election so the voters can see who can deliver most, but not promises] those who loose need to give full support the winner at all cost]so get together and work this out]2016 is approaching and PP should voted out a-la-gang-nam-style]

    Pti Pierre

  7. If only Seychellois could have a little bit of guts like the people in Ukraine, Michel and his Pp government would have been long gone.
    Seychellois are so gullible, give them music + drink + food, they will vote for you. But music + drink + food costs money and Pp has money lines from Arab Khalifa and the State coffer. The opposition has nothing, this is why they should unite and hammer home the sentiment that 'Seychelles is for Seychellois' into the mind of the mass! People power is stronger than the power of both money and the guns!

    1. Well said !! How many countries in the world prevent their citizens overseas and those in jail from voting?

  8. hahaha James Michel asked Fiona if she could ask me to buy some pink shirts.Yeah right kiss the devil .

  9. All parties with the exception of partilepep attended the Ec meeting on eletoral reforms.All parties are on equal footing and that incvluses aprtilepep.Since partilepep did not send representatives to the meetings as aggreed upon,it is therefore right for the EC to reject any demands made by partilepep.

    Morevoer,EC cannot allow one sginle party(minority)who did not participate in the meeting organized by EC to now dictates the condtions of the reforms and torpede what the majority has aggreed upon.Majority decisions must be the norm.

    As to Govinden.The intransigent incompetent,ignoramus-cum-AG does not seem to know his duty ,As he has done on many occasions he once aginst proudly demonstrated the old adage"Incompetent persons can only make incompetent decisions. What your role Govinden--.Partilepep representative or AG?Well,maron,you supposed to be in the meeting as AG that is rerpesenting the governmnet(people)interests not representative partilepep or any other party or attempting to dictate conditions and how the proccess should go.That is the duty of the EC ,dog.Nor should EC allow Govinden be allowed to discredit the EC,and make it lost its integrity and sanctity.

    It would be a blatant failure of the EC to implememnt rules and procedures that is the root cause of the eletoral malady.

    Ec proposed eletoral refroms ,is a modern refroms,it reflects the demands made by Interantional organizations such as SADC and others and address the democratic deficits that exist so far and provide the conditions that would allow Seychellois VOTES to chose their leader not by fruad,rigging etc....
    EC shouls not let PP continue to perpetuate criminalisation and communalistion of politics .As one single party who did not even attended the meeting,it should not be allow to modified,rape the work of the majority.

    Now if EC can stop PP-govinden dictation and arrogance then Seychellois (As the only legitmate authority without any conditions)Must decide by a REFERENDUM.

    Jeanne D?Arc

  10. PP_RAm do not understand that disaggremment is not a sign of wickness,and should not constitue animosity.It shows that civilized men should be able to discuss freely and with all the disaggreemnts it could entails.

    In regards to the Elctoral refroms--the majority decisions should be considered and be the norms to follw.Not that of a devil to the likes of Govinden an abuser of power,a devil who is citing his own scripture for his own purpose.RAtional decsiions should decide the outcomes of eletoral refroms not paritsan behavoirs .

  11. Chinese Day in Seychelles.Partilepep tells us it to honor our Seychellois of Chinese decendence.Sexchellois of chinese decend is aminority (o.oo2 percent of Seychelles popualtion).Seychellois of chinese decends never asked or was asked about celebrating Chinese dAY,tHEY NEVER ASKED FOR SUCH THINGS.nOR sEYCHELLOIS OF chINSE DECENDS ARE chINESE aMBBASSODOR nAD EXAPT WORKERS PARTILEPEP.Seychellois of chiesne decends are not even apeticipating in this celebration intended to make Seychellois love communsits china,make us get use to them in order that they can then come a dance in EEZ to boost their own Mitlitary intrests.

    Not to FAke CHinese Day celbration in Seychelles-We not Chinese Nd Seychellois of Chinese decends have nothing to do with Communsits china.In the first palce the live Chinea to escape Mao Communsists ,So do not come and disturb them in their New Home they are fully Seychellois with no connnectiuon with China communsit.Stop abusing and using our Seychellois Chines as scapegooat to promotze CHina communsit and dictatorial state.We are not Chinese and have nothing in common with Mao communsit china.

  12. Nathalie on her side ,is blaming her divorce with Michel on adlutry and Michel's gay past.

  13. When SFP says BOYCOTT ;RAM thinks he has already achieved his objectives which was to coddled with partilepep On electoral refroms ,to then go to the COnstitutional court so that then Govinden can overurle and nullified COnstitutional decisions and finally BOYCOTT the Elelction to allow FASURE TO keep a grab on power without competition.BPYCOT is for the elctoral refroms mascarade.Not participating in next election.It would be stupid not to participate for without particvipating one cannot then protest against Pp for stealing election or vote.We can ask pp for our votes back only if first we participate be it with an electoral refroms or not.

  14. In thec second picture above(with Henrie)what is RAMdoing pretending to be praying,or just saying C'est ma faute,Ma g4rande grande faute,or just trying to fool Seychelois making them beleieve RAM is still a man of GOD when he is in fact an atheist and anti-christ.

  15. Pp sees any proposals for Institutional change a threat to its position.(they cannot win in fair and free elections,so why change things to make things much more risky for the fialed pp one party system).Pp failed to act of porpositions put forward by the EC even though the governemnt itslef was vocally commited to addressing the democratic deficits and had itself back then commissioned the EC to formulate a report and provide changes.Recognizing that anAssembly dominatated by a small minority it is clear that pp is hesitant to implememnt such a sweeping change-----Hence the best refree could only be the people deciding by a Referendum which the EC could ask for though the governemnt who does not has to conduct one.Calling on the people to dicide ,to speak out is one of the means to make Pp thugs retract.And of course Oppostion would have also to Unite or at least speak common language on this issue.RAm must stop his double game and speaking or else resign dog.

    Clearly the need of the hour is for Oppostion,civil society activitists,NGOs and other concerned citizens to get together and voice their opinions against this calculated attack on the EC legitimacy and power.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  16. For me if sfp have around 10,000 supporters they should to take part in the next election.Why if pp manupilate or fraund we can took in the streets and ask for our voteBut I hope Sfp don't do like snp just went to this jungle court with out achive any things from the jungle court like Ram and afraid to take to streets to call for reelection and ask for their vote,if sfp don't have that much supporters they should stay out of the next election.
    SFP how many supporters do you have seen forming.

  17. Answer my question politician,otherwise I take you also as politichien like Ram, sfp.i will stop supporting you if you can not answer question been put to you Gill and your members that all politicians in Seychelles are the same shit just posting article don't bring freedom to Seychellios are continue to pay the price every day you make peoples sick politichien.

  18. Reply to 01:52 and 03:01, Feb 1st and 2nd.

    Seychelles Freedom Party (SFP) stands first and foremost, for SESEL POU SESELWA. This means our motherland Sesel belongs to us and not to the 20,000 Fabrikes that bought citizenship from SPPFPLand with the help of SUPNDPSNP at times.Ownership has responsibilities and right to enjoyment.
    Right to responsibility of each Seselwa Rasin is to protect their motherland from corruption, invasion, sell out. This means we must be serious in our politics, we must be untied in our objective to preserve all our interests as Seselwa Rasin. We must be proud of who we are and reject the politics of PL that profess we are a port to all and country of every country , with no identity. St. Ange has been actively, promoting this spin over the last year, to counter act our ideology that has taken root in our people's thinking.
    Our Right To Enjoyment of our Country is inherent in our ownership of our country. No authority can tell a person that he cannot be part of Seychelles, if that person is a Seselwa Rasin or relative through marriage or other acceptable means.
    SFP knows its support is growing every day. But SFP is cautious to over organize at a time when the Election Reforms are still in disarray. The PL will manipulate our organization like they have the SNP and SUP.
    We are waiting for the reforms to be put in place.
    Once in place the SFP will make its position known public on the next elections.
    In the meantime, SFP encourages constructive diaogue between all Seychellois to foster greater unity, so that through unity, we can make Sesel Pou Seselwa.
    Taking to the streets is a valid strategy, but it is not about making noise and breaking windows. It must have purpose, and control, and above all strategy. SFP's vision is one that requires Unity of purpose, and respect for those that do take the risks everyday to critic this government that remains mentally fix in the one party state era.
    Our articles have now reached over 1 Million views. We have more views each week then Weekly and Le Seychellois circulation combined. If you do not respect what SFP is doing and how it does it, then you need to ask yourself if you are really SFP ! In SFP we do not attack our leader, who has made so much sacrifice, for Seychelles and Seselwa. Attacking leaders, is done in SUP and SNP and PDM PL.
    If you have something to share that makes sense, by all means share your points.
    Seselwa Unite For Sesel Pou Seselwa!

  19. Are you guys have fear for Gurhkas and Irish mercenaries,then Seselwa prepair for more struggle and pain.

  20. Make Seselwa know your position quickly,we got no more time to wait sfp.

  21. Unfortunately SFP can't do much. We can only voice our opinion. It is the work of the actual opposition to force changes where needed ,however David Pierre went to sleep on the same bed as Ram did. Now he is also dreaming about his fat pension and he hope all other oppositions will boycott 2016 election so he will get another term as LOO. This is his strategy.




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