More Rehash Press Release Someone Lost The Marbles??

In a bid to tap into growing tourist numbers, Hilton Worldwide has opened its 30-room Double Tree by Hilton Seychelles-Allamanda Resort & Spa. This is the Group’s third resort in the Republic of the Seychelles.
Claus Steiner, cluster manager of the Seychelles Hilton Worldwide welcomed guests to the property in the presence of Alain St Ange, Seychelles Minister responsible for Tourism and Culture, Sherin Renaud, CEO of the Seychelles Tourism Board, PS Steve Fanny, Ambassador of the Russia, and Consuls representing Germany, Mauritius and Indonesia, John Stravens, Chairman of the Seychelles Hospitality & Tourism Association and local Destination Management Companies.
Minister St Ange said: “As we analysie the year-on-year official statistics of visitor arrival numbers, we realise that we need to do more as a country to increase yield from our tourism industry. We need more facilities, activities geared towards our visitors so that they can spend their budgeted tourism dollar in the Seychelles.”


  1. Acorrind to law passed should establishment up to 30 rooms be reserved for Seychellois pp?What would Seychellois eat St Ange ,when would seychellois start beneftiing from their own economy PP?
    St Ange says we need more facilities,activities,Yes St Ange we have been telling for a while now,the question is when are you going to start provding these actvitives,facilities,amenities,night life etc..?it must be noted that more hotels is not a good strategy becuase at some stage it would become too much thus hotels would have to competet between themsöeves at local level,which including dumping prices,might result in degrade of servcies,accomodation and finally a destination for mass ,cheap tourism which would not necessarily bring more money but more stess on Natural resources.What need to be done St Ange as we have told you,is develop LOW/OFF season tourism,take our outter island from Glenny Savy and develop it as Maldives,You can even go further by developing DOMESTIC tourism which is also important for a tourism destination.The latter in countires which have already develop DOMESTIC tourism ,during the fiancial crisis and due to lack of arrival ,these countires tourism industry was saved just because an import DOMESTIC tourism while other countires like Seychelles was strving to survive.

    As to VANILLA Islands project it lack substance.There is no vclear plan,strategy that we can say YES it would help boost aarival.What they proposed now is just advertising together the region but they do not offer anything different from what each of those countires are offering Now Nationally.As i have said---offering tourists the possibly to combine their holiday for instance,two Seychelles and two week Mauritius a package would be more intersting than just advertising the region but offer nothing attractive,different than what he know now.To make this combination interesting All establishment should participate ,which would give tourists intersting for such combinated trip to have choices on price.Eg.offering a fix ticket price while tourist would have the possiblity to opt for different standard of hotels,guesthouses etc..thus different price rate for different category of toursits with different buget.Airlines of those countires would have to work toegther.For indstance,should a toursit booked his combinated trip MAuritus/Seychelles..he could start his trip on Marituis thus flghit with IAr MAuritius than Seychelles thus flghit bakc home with air Seychelles or Seychelles Air and vice versa.

    Jeanne D'Arc


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