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Jan 19, 2014
Alain St.Ange, the Seychelles Minister responsible for Tourism and Culture, leaves Seychelles today, Monday, January 20, to join Bernadette Willemin, the Seychelles Tourism Board Director for Europe at FITUR 2014.
FITUR is the International Tourism Fair of Madrid, and it will be celebrating its 34th edition this year from 22-26. FITUR is the global meeting point for tourism professionals and the leading trade fair for inbound and outbound Ibero American markets. "Seychelles has been present at this tourism trade fair for many years, and I will be accompanied at FITUR only by Bernadette Willemin, our Director for Europe who is based in Paris. Members of the private sector will also join us on the Seychelles stand at this fair," Minister St.Ange said.
As in the previous editions of FITUR, the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO, FITUR, and Casa Africa) will join together to organize the fifth edition of the Tourism Investment and Business Forum for Africa (INVESTOUR), and this will be held on January 23, 2014, on the occasion of the 34th edition of the Trade Fair of Madrid (FITUR). The main objective of this forum is to promote sustainable tourism development in Africa by bringing together representatives from African national tourism administrations, Spanish government, and the Spanish and Portuguese private sector to meet and discuss about business and cooperation opportunities.



  1. St.Ange what happen to the Seychelles Brand?
    Now its "Just Seychelles".......what next?
    You are just using our hard working tax money to promote yourself!
    All tourist goes to Seychelles once.....no repeated one.....hell lot of money they say.
    Not worthy to go see white sand, coco de-mer, tortoise, sun and clock tower. When sun goes down its a ghost town. How many Chinese tourists are in Seychelles for China Day?

  2. I will disagree that all tourists go to Seychelles only once. I work in hospitality/tourism industry for many years and I have come across MANY repeat guests. Having said this, I agree that the costs that tourists have to pay are much too high, so very exaggerated in many instances. Guests I meet do complain about costs such as ferry to Praslin/La Digue, airfares to Praslin, entrance fees to Vallee de Mai, Botanical gardens etc. Airline tickets are already expensive, and some hotel rates are so ridiculously expensive! If we want to have MORE repeat customers we have to put more effort in solving these issues. It should be a high priority on Minister St Ange's list.

  3. My firend have worked also in hotel industry many years back .What is clear Millionaires maybe one or two rearely go back to the same country hundreds times and rarely go in the same hotels where other millioanires go.They want to be literally alone.So big five star hotels could never in aqny single day in the year fill their room at full pension.While some return again often they booked cheaper guesthouse of stay by Seychellois they made firend with--No really benefitial for the country.

    What i think is a solution is Devloping Low season tourism, It would give many potential tourists that would have like to come to visit us but cannot becuase as you say ,it is too expensive(especillay during the high season )To comeduring the low season(which in fact is the best season,No rain,No wind).OFF season tourism could not be offred the same price as during the low season of course thus giving many Europeans etc.. with limited budget having a chance to visit our country.Too low price is alos nto a solution...it will create mass tourism like in Majorca Spain thus more arrival less revenues and increase stress on water,electrictiy,environemnt,etc.... which would make Seychelles lost its reputation as a UNIQUE destination to a noraml destiantion as DOMINICAN REPUBLIC where there lots of arrival but less revenues becuase of too lower price.

    I think existing price offer during High season must be kept,but we can develop a low season tourism where during this time clients can have lower price.

    Moreover,there are goods such as BEER,Cigarette etc... which price are too high and unjustified.Imagine selling a German a SEYBREW for a fortune when in his country Germany he can buy litres of good BEER for the same price.Morover,SeyBrew monopolize the local market,alone there is no reason to be so expensive especailly local products.Even imported alcohol WHiskey are too expensive.Some hotel sell it 1000 percent of its original price ,that cannot be accepted St Ange.
    THe price of Domoestic flight can not be higher than a flight to S Africa ro Mauritius St Ange.There is no justification for this high price than the failure o PP to reorganize Airsey domestic flights and reducethe little handful of them who can afford won't amke a big different when it come to increasing arrival.

    The project should target in my opinion ,EUroepans etc... those who cannot afford to come during the high season,or who do not have big budget.Allowing them to booked in groups to make their cost cheaper.Allowing them for a pre-determined fix price Not all inclusive(but only HOTEL on BB or HB and fFLIGHT TICKETS)allowing them ot COMBINE these islands on one trip(Seychelles/Mauritius)Mauritius/REUNION etc.etc.etc.etc.etc.etf.

    Domestic tourism must also be developed.Of course it won't be that important as Interantional arrivals but it gives a big boost to the industry .For instance.In Philippines during the 2008 fiancial crisis ,the Philippines tourism industry was saved for collpase by Domestic tourism.Locals must be more attive in discoverying thier heritage---trips to Outter Islands In wekends --for Locals ususally go on short week-end trips and other attraction must be put in palce to make it attractive for them.

    Devloping our Outter Island.Maybe Vanilla Islands organization can start buolding a samll cruise ship fleet---Seeing the reveuens Cruise ships bring to Isalnds states in the Carrribeans it is weorth thinking about such an existing project inthe region.There is millions in revenues to pocket St Ange and their more than enough destiantion,Isoands in the region .ports for the Cruiseship to visit.

    Wake Up St Ange!

    Jeanne D'Arc

  4. Chinese do not come to Seychelles for CHinese DAy for Chinese is celberated each year in China,No need ot travel in a foreign country to celebrate oen own day.In fact When St Ange organized Chinese Dayhe robbed CHinese Celbration and it has nothing in coommon with us just as the Indai Day,Or Hindu religious celbration by Indain Expats etc...

    Those so called CHinese Day,Indain Hindu celebration,Indain Youth Day must be stopped in Seychelles nad SBC must stop using tax payers money to advertise celebrations that are not part of our culture,tradtion and have m^nothing to do with us.

    Instead Oppostion leaders, citizens should be given access to SBC ,National Media and the Media of the people not Pp.

  5. St Ange is running out of ideas and options, tourists do not come only for blue turquoise sea and sand that we heard St. Ange mentioning all the time. What products the Vanilla Islands Organization intend to promote? Femmes Lavanil would be a new idea!

    1. At least their under arms will smell vanilla essence!

    2. I can still remember once Mancham said tourist 'se nou diber'

      Later when Rene took over he said ' nou pa bezwen tourist,nou annan ase kopra ek lekors kannel

      Now JAM sent his messiah, Saint Alain to promote tourism. Go find them anywhere in the world and bring them back.
      I wonder who is saying se ma fot se ma fot se ma te gran'n fot.

    3. Now they have neither kopra nor lekors, but Pp has developed a new resourceful product - sex for sale!. Like Bangkok in Thailand, tourists flock there to get their cocks bend! through massage or otherwise. This is the trend that tourism in Seychelles is leading. Another 'S' for St Ange to add to his promotion slogan - Sun, Sea, Sand and Sex!

    4. Si, good idea! Let's change name Victoria for 'Bendcock'

  6. Vanilla Islands organization could have potential as i have said but it has no specific plan,strategy it is more or less just a catchword,that sound nice to hear.

    Hotels.guesthouses,travel agencies,Airlines,Toruism ministries of member states should advertise itself as a seperate product offering something special than what member countries are offering an idiviudal state or National strategy.

    Saying we have put in palce a new organization to boost tourist arrvials just by operating more flgihts between member states i personalily do not see an important return that one can say it is a success.Commoreans,Masgas do not travel becuase they donot have the air connection but rather becuase the poor ,earning one Dollar per day ,Maurtian and the people of La REunion travel already ,there is flgiht connections, it is not more flight that would make a different.Develop a common strategy whereby each member country give a percent on their annual revenues genrated from tourism to promote the Vanilla Island and make it a real brand.

    St Ange could maybe take advice from proffesionals in the industry.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  7. If St Ange really like to make days when we done with Chinese day let start with one that we all want to know until now spup/sppf/pl refused to say. Its about the men who took part in the coup. Let call it " THE COUP DAY/ we don't care if they already dead or gone] we already know mike hoare came and ran for his life,we were told in p3.

  8. Instead of CHINESE MAO DAY,INDIAN GHANDI DAY,nothing to do with us,St Ange under the umbrelly of VANIILA ISLAND could rathe ORganize A CROELE DAY,with our INDAIN OCEAN neigbours,with whose we share namy values in common--from language,culture,tradtions.OLast year they invited Apopular singer from HAITI (also a corle speaking country)that was okay for HAITIANS share with a CROELE LANGUAGE etc.. we can recognize oursleves in them as the do in us.

    Under Vanilla Island organization..an International YATCH RACEv from Mauritius,REUNION, to Seychelles could be a good international advertisement option that would make the VANILLA ISLANDS organization known.And many other serious things could be done that could Make the Vanilla Island organization idea a brand and a success.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  9. Seyselles will have the smallest china town in the world.
    Benezet street will change to china town street.
    In the mean time indian are doing a musical show at a cost of 200 ruppias while Chinese shows will be free! Errrrrrrr......St Ange don't forget to invite Mancham becauce son papa I sinwan. If not he will write an open letter the next day in Nation.


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