Suddenly AG and Morgan Turn Up For Public Orders Act‏

Morgan and Govinden
Extra,Extra, and every news cast since two weeks ago has covered the Public Orders Act and the Minister of Internal Affairs Joel Morgan and the Attorney General Ronnie Govinden.Last night, they even brought notes on the law, the constitution to discuss the Public Orders Act with the Nation on SBC.

Vacant Seat For Attorney General
In the Election Reform process, not only was the PL leadership suppose to turn up, which they never did, but the Attorney General Ronnie Govinden was suppose to turn up and attend the meetings, but he showed up only once and was absent for most of the process. When he did show up, he was completely silent, saying nothing, proposing nothing. Now what do we see? Attorney General of Seychelles is telling us that our new law is as good as Uganda's law. Wow! We have made great strides in Seychelles.

Joel Morgan Absent
In the Electoral Reform, when we discussed the Public Orders Act, we asked for the presence of the Minister of Internal Affairs. We were told that Simon Gill can best represent his views and that Minister did not have to be present.
Now, all of a sudden, the Minister is studying the Constitution and the law on SBC right in front of the whole Nation.

Bogus Law Bogus Process
The law as it stands is bogus. Why? It does not represent best democratic practice. Even William Herminie told us that the law must reflect the UN HUMAN CHARTER and democratic best practice. But that was just to fool the leadership of SNP and DP. Man, did it work! SFP did not even bite at that bone.

Bogus Process
The entire process of the Electoral Reform has been derailed completely by the PL in a brash and haphazard manner. When Govinden is saying this is the right of the Executive, the National Assembly, remember Mr. Govinden:"Seychelles has yet to make a transition to Democracy since 1992" (Commonwealth Election Report 2006). 



  1. Govinden can not attend the meeting to busy waiting when his next kilo heroin will be arrived.


  2. Can Govinden tell the people of Seychelles how much money he received from the consignment of illicit drugs from the owner of Charitas?

  3. Let the Constitutional Court decide on the legality. Goviden can fool some people sometimes but not all the people all the time.

    1. Constitutional Court? Court cases in Seychelles takes years and it is not independent. Give me a break man. SNP always believes in their own hype.

    2. You have dug your hole alongside Lepep. You better find a way of getting out. We are not here to help you as long as Ramkalawan and Volcere keep drinking tea, eating takeaways and shaking hands with Simon Gill.

  4. Cases in Seychelles jungle court take time and when cases come for judgement day their just run,with with out fair judgement.Lazy butts.

    Seychellios must beleave in SFP to see democracy and stop corruption ect ,man who came in power with Ak47 and every election steal vote and buz vote there is no way forward for democracy.

  5. Reply to SNP Court Fan-
    Let me refresh your recollection.
    After the elections of 2011, Mr. Ramkalawan and Ralph Volcere called for press conference after they ran against each other to guarantee that both lose elections.
    Ramkalawan called the elections: "a sham".
    SBC asked Mr. Ramkalawan if he will take the case to the courts.
    Mr. Ramkalawan replied: "No, we are not going to court, the courts are fixed in favor of the ruling party".
    What has changed Mr. SNP Court Fan?
    Additionally, if the 2006 Commonwealth Report said: "Seychelles was not in a Democracy and has yet to make a transition from one party state", what was SNP doing in the National Assembly with PL all these years, aside from collecting a salary and pension for life?
    Why did SNP proceed in the Electoral Reform if PL leadership did not turn up as promised and revealed by Mr. Gill?
    So far I have not read anyone counter viewing his point, so it must be true.
    We all know we will not get justice before the Constitutional Court.
    We all know it will take years because their must be an appeal to Court of Appeals.
    We all know who gave David Pierre his seat in the National Assembly.

  6. Public acts concern the whole Nation therefore it cannot be decidied by two communists criminals,rapers of public acts.Who the hell Govinden and Morgan think they are to come and tell Seychellois what is good or bad for them?Do they think Seychellois are semi-Human and do not have the capacity to think by thenselves?

    The people want to decide themselves ,which expalin why the opted for democracy in 1976.That means that they are convinced that very citizensregardless of his interest in politic "HOLD OFFICE" ,everyone of us is in a position of responsibility,;and;the kind of governemnt we get depends how we fulfill those responsibilities.WE,THE PEOPLE,ARE THE BOSS,and we will get the kind of political leadership,be it good or bad,that we demand and deserve.

    Seychellois need public reforms that give themlsves the power to participate more actively in the decisions making and direction their country should go.Not dictates from two marons,that think they can limite,regress the power of the majority to introduce a POLICE STATE that would secure their grab on power and allow them to sillent their opponent and the majority at will and perpetuate their culture of ensalvement.You are our servants Govinden/Morgan not our masters-DEGAGAE CONNARD!

    Seychellois want democracy not police state Govinden.they do not need thugs to come and tell them what is good or bad for them.

    Govinden,on SBC gave us a glimpse of what a thug is---igniting in anger and into spontanous combustion,the hallmark of a crook.It seems a mystery for Govinden that arbitary deprivation of a Nation its liberty is a crime against Humanity.Listen to the two marons coming into meltdown mode,one cannot help but imagine them to be cartoonish thugs.As comical as it may sound,Govinden reminded me of Yosemite Sam the that looney tunes cartoon character known for hid grouchiness,hair- trigger temper and machissmo,and readiness to blast anyone tp smithereens.The no-comical part of his farce is that GOVINDEN manifests no proffesionalism,civility and ethenic awareness.Listening to him,it is apparent that Govinden has the personality of a porcupine,the temper of Tasmanian Devil,the charm of an African badger,the intelligent of an Afgan hood,and the social graces of a dung beettle.But thr rest the high and mighty flouting the Constitution and abusing their power.

    Seychellois deserve to have honest people to rule them not thugs,thieves,psychpaths,Hard drug addicts,genociders,or those invovle in sex trade,human trafficking,and all the other vices .

    PUblic acts concern the majority so it is up to the majority to fix the balance,the rule of the game that guided them not two rapers of our Constituion and rules of law.


    Jeanne D'Arc

    1. Govinden facing Court !! He will be shit scared and will send one of his Indian stooges who will not know the right leg from the left!!

  7. Cases do not only takes years ,it does not take place at all.You remember Lucas,Houreau,Deja vu and amny other cases.Each time a pp thug is invovled,>Govinden tells us he has opened an investigation but the thing is that the investigation never ends,for Govinden has given himself the power to overrule anythings especailly when his friends are invovled.

    An indepedent justice cannot deliver,and a justice teemed with foreigners (recruited by Pp to fake justice cannotdeliver justice.

  8. As comical as it may sound.Govinden reminded me of Yosemite Sam ,that looney tunes cartoon character known for his grouchiness.The non-comical part of his farce is that Govinden manisfests no proffessionalism,civility or ethical awareness.Listening to him,it is apparent that he has a personality of a porcupine,the temper of a Tasmanian Devil,the charm of an African badger,the intelligent of an AfGhan hood and the socila graces of a dung beetle.

    As chief of Law Govinden,you have the special responsibility to be the guardian of that most elusive concept--RULE OF LAW,not that of the jungle or bush that you want to persuit.The rule of law is a well establuished principle--but seem hard to define by Govinden.--It is the rule of law that protects individual,and society as a whole,from arbitary measures(such as those you and thugtocrat Morgan want to dictate on us) and safegards personal libertiees which includes freedom of Assembly,free to information,freedom,choice our leader,freedom of expression and so forth.

    Why not demmission Govinden for the sake of the country.?


    Jeanne D'Arc

  9. Goviden handles court in his style.
    The issue is not Govinden going to court.
    The issue is Ramkalawan having the Electoral Reform process now back fire in his face when he opted to stay the course and not BOYCOTT the process when PL started to break their precondition commitments agreed to at the onset.

    It is similar to a man engaged to a woman and then he finds the gardener romping her in his bed..........then he goes on with the wedding and the gardener is the "Best Man". That is exactly what Ramkalawan has done and he has destroyed the very possibility of Democracy in Seychelles, by not assisting SFP and cooperating to seize the moment we had to push through every single Electoral Reform recommendation made. His mind was clouded with insecurity about who he is and what he is. Instead of seeing the big picture, of what is right for Seychelles.

    The Public Orders Act is but one single piece of legislation, there are numerous, Citizenship, Polling, Voters List, Overseas Voters, Campaign Finance, etc.....

    Instead of cooperating with the opposition, he cooperated with PL and Simon Gill old friends. Now look where we are?

    The sooner the people of Seychelles decide that SNP is hopeless under Ramkalawan, and give their support to SFP with a mandate to enshrine democracy in Seychelles, the sooner we will be able to improve the lives of all Seychellois.

    Judging from the patent he has set, we will be in court over every single issue, that we could have won if only we stuck to our guns collectively.

    Seselwa Unite For Sesel Pou Seselwa!

  10. Put the dumpest ,ignoramus-cum , crooked little prick Govinden in the slammer!

  11. The irony of all these political moves is this: by going to court, now, Ramkalawan justifies the PL reference to seychelles as being democratic.

    Worse then that, he is givign credibility to Govinden, who now says in a democracy any one aggrieived can go to court.

    1. Get proper legal advice and if that advice points to the fact that the law conflicts with the constitution get it set aside. Once that happens Goviden will have to answer to the President why he drafted such a law. Govinden's credibility will be down the shute. Doing nothing will on the other hand boost Govinden's ego.

  12. WellRAM is an ignoramus-cum -stooge Leader.his words reflects his stoogery.and should be ignored.

    One aperty state cannot be democracy.Democracy is rule of the people,by the people and for the people.That is rule of majority.Secondly when a gang f criminal raped democratic process and PP did in 1977 in a COup D'etat ,it symblize tyrranny ,In deomocracy there is not one party rule,no coup D'Etat.If it is the case is simply means dictatorship.

    RAM is a communsit,made multi-millionaire priest by PP,i was told he has even turned into an Anti-Christ.Meaning he is Atheist like Michel the butcher.

    Jeanne DÀrc

  13. Govinden cannot have credibility ,he is a crook.Crook means criminal,and criminal should be given credibility else he would think we legitimze his crimes.As tzo Democracy ,Seychellois know waht is it all about,and they demonstrated their knowingness when in 1976 they democratically elected Mancham not PP in office thus they donot need a piggy like RAM to educate them of sdemocracy.

    Jeanne DÂrc

  14. Listen the reason RAM wants to go to court is becuase he is sure regardless the urling of the Constituional court ,Govinden who has given himslef devine power will overrule the COnstituional court as always.RAm knows that,this explain why he didnot wlaked out when SFP did so becuae the conditions agrred upon were not being hold.The tactic of RAM iconssited of THREE STAGES:1)Go to the meetin,and even he saw it was fake and conformed to condiditons agreed upon stay in the meeting for it will give PP his babysitter some kinds of legitimcy,"Stage 2,is what automatically follows after not leaving the meeting namely going to COnstituional court(Note also that RAM told us if the condidtions set are not respected he will boycott the election)And you know what RAm knows that Gocvinden would overule nany COnstituional court ruling,he knows that from past experience8and that explain why he didi not leave the mweeting when SFP did namely to go to the " stage)and of course after the Second,which RAM is sure Govinden would overule,RAM can then a pre-meditated on,and expected He will BOYCOTT in order to allow FAURE to grab to power without competition.All these three stages were all well-prepared by RAM,it is not by accident.And of course FAURE would like that thoer Parties follow RAM decision to BOYCOOT hoping they can quietly grab to power and hopeful have no resistance from Seychellois whose votes would be robbed.FAURE and RAM are sure that this time around it would even be difficult to manipulate votes by the way Seychellois oppossed them and they have lost support espeically their own suppoters.Nothing is ever sure for PP as it was during FAR era.That explain why FAURE,Govinden ,Morgan would like to rap PUblic Act laws,to probably dter the mass from coming to get their stolen vote back in 2016.But i can ausre FAURE this would not happen,and tolerated in any way.Secondly,there might be the crooked willingness by FAURE to allow Communsit China Navy to dance,abuse our soveireign terrirtories,and might have been even encourage by Chinese Ambassador to rape our rights for then regardless if Seychellois are angry,dislike CHinese military present in our EEZ ,with intimidation,lawlessness,arbitary arrest FAURE;GOVINDEN and Morgan can simply silenct us which would be fair enough to satisfy CHina crooked wishes.Whatever the reasons there is surely some crooked pre-meditated pratices that FAUREwould like to dictate on Seychellois or allow Foriegnrs like Khalifa,CHinese to do that they are conscious it would genrate mass protess thus why not rape public act laws to enable CHinese,Khalifa,FAURE to do what they want.

  15. Just one word---We have seen that countires which were known for the harsh laws on GRASS consumption such as USA are npow ILLEGALIZING GRASS fro it is better ,it can genrate millions for the state etc....onLY DRUG BARONS LIKE PP CROOKS DO NOT WANT TO LEGALIZE GRASS,FOR IT WOULD PUT PP DRUG BARONS LIKE GOVINDEN OUT OF WORK.

  16. Pp escobar know why there don't want legalize pot,like you had mention they will run out of business.PP escobar prefer hard drugs for more million to put on their off shore account,heroin and crack are big deal for pp escobar.
    They are also responsible for this three guys who are still waiting for death penalty in Egpyt, brain wasch them to do dirty work for them and taking risk like Samson was doing for them after they want take his life.PP saying our youths don't want to work,yes befor we did have a few youths did want to be employed.Why they did want to be employed,because the salary were peanuts there were prefer to do part time jobs and they were more active during 10 years ago.
    Seen you pp have brought this hard drug on our shore our youths are getting more lazy and passive so lazy and so high and fuck up even eating they don't want,how can you expect them to go work,youths of the past was somking a spliff a day and there were realy active all day there were looking for a part job or temporary job today mon gren.

    Its time to frame peoples like Govinden and the rest.

  17. As the governor of COLORADO puts it when he offically Announce the legalization of GRASS in his district"ONLy Durg Barons oppose the legal use of GRASS,for they would be out of Business"This seems to justify it self ,when we look who are involve in Hard Durg trafficking in Seychelles---namely PP escobars,they are the one who oppose though it become clear and Interantionallyproven that the best way to deter and fight against hard durg abuse which has damaging consequences on society is to simply legalize GRASS---easier to control.monitor,it puts hard drug Barons to the likes of Govinden,Houreau out of business which in itslef would be a big step for radicating Hard drug fleoh in our land,and would generate multi-millions in revenues for the States.

    The different between PP and all those Nations that have decided to legalize GRASS,is that those ogvernemnt really cares about the problem and are really finding solutions to radicate this fleoh in their society for its unhealthy,while PP preoccupation is to genrate millions ofr its gang,destory Seychellois rasin to replace them with Indains(as we see---they dancing Hindu's dance in our soveiregn land ,though they are suppose to be expats and for the fact that Indai is two/three hours flight ,they could go to their country to celebrate thier religious celebration,not in our CHirstian society of which they are not National).It would have laos provide ETISEYCHELLES Airline extra passage on its flgiht to India thus generate money revenues .

    Jeanne D'Arc

  18. Colorado made 8 milloin US Dollar in one week seen legalize.

  19. May be if pp legalize they can pay back their debt.

  20. PP crooks their is a debate on legalize cananabis going on Aljazzera right now,watch it ban zako.

  21. The world are fighting pot seen centutry,but still can not win the war,you politicians around the world you cant stop peoples fom using it and peoples what they like to do,you
    gona fight it until you die.


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