"Seychelles Inflation 3.5 Percent, Eats Up Salary Increase of 3%"

January 8, 2014, 8:00 am

VICTORIA (Reuters) - The Seychelles' year-on-year inflation was unchanged at 3.4 percent in December, the statistics office said on Wednesday. The government says the economy expanded by a faster-than-expected 3.5 percent in 2013 and growth is likely to pick up to 4 percent by 2015.



  1. That means our economic situtation won't change and even cause more damage to our economy.Growth with high inflation most turning inot hyperinflation is unsustainable and is not at all a success as PP wants us to beleive.Debts would be paid back,while more loan is being taken to even increase our already astronomic debt.It means we would continue to live of charity ,more aid which is bad ofr a Nation ,it makes us dependent,addicted to foeriegn aid that in turn jeopardize our economic,put at risks soveriegnty,and create distortion.Gorwth must also result in more employment ,innovation ,business creation etc ..when that does not happened growth become useless for growth does not serve its purpose.it does not better the wlefare of the people,it does not solve our economic problems created by PP,it does not reduce our dependency of foreign aid etc.. marons.

    Jeanne D`'Arc

  2. What that means--it means high inflation cause uncertainty in the market and confusion oever costs of goods and services for both customers nad businesses,purchase power decrease,increase psending and decrease saving,decrese bond values,hoarding of basis comoditiesetc... In addition ,high inflation often associated with High volatility of inflation and that can make businesses uncertain what would be inflation in the future and that uncertainty hinder economic growth.

    And the one thing that must be pointed at here.When Pp talks about high growth,we must understand what pp is talking about GROWTH that is measures in NOMINAL currency--thus the more you debate the currency the more the economy will appear to grow;Now it it would be about REAL GROWTH the result or figure is a different story

    And note also that PP is about soon to devaluate once again our currency is simply becuase the economy is running slow though all the growth figure Pp throws to us.and when you have a high deficit it drives inflation higher.

    And when analyse the above figures given in the article it is clear that since inflation and growth is almost equal we are not in a good economic posture and seeing no real imporvememnt as we would have wished when taking also the amount of foreign Aid given to PP with the purpsoe to boost economic growth etc....

    Jeanne D'Arc


  3. After importing Foreigners as judges,police officers ,mercenaries,Airseychelles CEO,Khalfia and PP is importing aN Indain to control our healthcare system.
    as if All those Seychellois experts qualified in excellent Western universities some with more expereince than the Indian Khalifa is sending to Seychelles can not do the job.

    It has been a KHalifa and PP dream to infest Seychelles instituions with Foreigners in order to better control us.You all rember Khalfia and PP wanted to build a Mosque in a christina naval camp and in a soveiregn christian country in order to annex us and enslave us.

    Of course those foreigners though many their qualification can be questioned will be gifted high positions,pocket higher salry than Seychellois expert,Huge bonus,Free car,hose,healthcare ,social benfit therefore costing the State three time more than if Seychellois would be picked for those positions than illegally importing foreigners to control them.

    It seems each time Khalfia ended a foreinger contrast in UAE ,he sent them here to control our instituions and as always PP accept Khalfia's dictation as faite accompli as if Seychelles is a part of UEA territory.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  4. Hooray! Hooray! Crime was down in Paradise during 2013! Who in his wildest dream would believe this nonsense? It is well known that the method of keeping statistic records in the Police department is unreliable and often misleading due to incompetency. So, all of you who have intelligence realize the figures have been manipulated to suit Joel Morgan's 'speech of praise'.
    The previous commenter got it right, Dr Menon from Dubai is taking over the Seychelles Health Service as from 1st. January 2014, another Khalifa's men being put at key positions. Time to kick the Camel arses out of the Seychelles.

  5. PL does not know inflation. When they are in deep shit, they call it the world crisis and then call their sugar daddy Kalipha to the rescue to pump some more petro dollars in country. An independent nation since 1976 can't depend on foreign aid for ever. There are no checks and balances.

  6. 3 percent inflation,3,5 percent growth that is called STAGNATION PP.

  7. 3 percent inflation and 3,5 percent growth that is called STAGNATION.
    When Pp brought us in to bankrupcy Yes Pp called it world crisis.But you know what the world crisis PP amde allusion to is literaaly other,while Seychelles though the multi-millions of aid given to PP we still in shit ,in fact it is worsening becuase all those multi-millions have been detour from their objectives which were to give money directly to citizens not Governemnt.

    In fact it is also just to say that IMF raped its own COnstituion or rules and condiditions set by member states that should guide IMF employees.

    Money should be havebeen distributed directly to citizens not governemnt which means any new governemnt could refuse to pay back the astronomic debt given by IMF to PP,beucase simply IMF itslef did not handed over Loan to the reicers as stipulated in IMF constituion.WHy ask Seychellois to pay back debt they have not recieved .
    Depenecies on foreign aid reflect the regime in place,it means a failed government,it gives a bad image of our land abroad.There is nothing to rejoy about aid especially when it is given to a dictatorship that divert it to sponsor state organized crimes and state terriorism.

    Jeanne D?Arc

  8. I love Seychelles , I visited your country few times already , but I must say one
    thing. Although you are right when it comes to pin-pointing all the unfair things
    that happened to you in the last 35 years , you CAN NOT (!) complain for ever
    like small children. Look...what happened to me...it was NOT fair ... :( !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    If you think you can Do better than your president , DO IT !!!! If you think life is
    easy in the USA or Europe....go there and live it (!) WORK THERE !!! , do business
    there!!! You will see... If you are moaning that you are more capable than this or
    that...SHOW IT ...start your own company , find a job in Europe / Asia / Canada..
    if you are so well educated...do it !! and show the world !
    I have been reading your blogspots for few years ...( not many tourists / europeans
    care to do....they just come for a week or a month to have good time...) to better know your history / culture / way of life / every day problems etc... I read almost all
    articles and replies as well (!) , I was sceptical about ANY and EVERY solution of Mr. Gill . The reason why are simple...I understand how the world is running , how businesses / deals / politcal deals / political financing / creation of new jobs in ANY country works...etc..( I do NOT say I alone know it and no ONE from Seychelles DOES ! ) , but I was and will always be absolutely sceptical to the solutions of Mr. Gill !! Should he or his party be the rulling party in the Seychelles..
    than I am warning you ...you AIN´T seen NOTHING yet . You haven´t seen a country ruined because of a one party or charismatic politician WITHIN 3 years time !!! I HAVE...I have seen it on 3 continents... Rebuilding the country takes
    decades ! If Mr Gill ( If Joanne d`Arc is NOT his blog Hidden-Nick name I would
    be surprised... ) shall Seychelles one day , you will become not only most indebted country in the world per capita..., you will experience it live !!! Last two
    thougths :
    1.) Do not take it personally ...you "Seychelles-Rasin"...take it as a advice , start
    with yourself ! Politicians will never take care of you . WHO does NOT know this,
    he does NOT know anything about history!!!
    2.) I must admit I can very well very quickly tell honest and good people apart .
    I was born with it , and it helped me a lot in my life..., the first time I saw Mr.Gill on
    a video I knew straight away he is NOT a good and caring man !!! AFter I learned
    about him trying to evict his mother from her house.....it was not a surprise for me!
    It was a confirmation what I already knew....He is NOT a GOOD MAN ! Are you
    afraid of a Mosque in the Seychelles? Why not read the Bible first..., depending
    on their ( his ) deeds and actions you will know him...!!!

    1. What a load of claptrap.

      Can i ask the person to explain in simple english what he/she is trying to point out in his/her comment?

      I have read this comment 5 times and still unable to make sense on anything written above!

      For your information, we do not force anyone to read our blog. You do not like what we write, feel free not to visit this site.

      You will be better off reading Le Seychellois or the People on line. Go for it!

    2. Hi Guys.
      This bull crap of 030:09 is none other then Pti Klo aka Mathiot. He received a brand new computer for Christmas from PP with a different IP number. He lowered his tone and change his writing skill by putting the cart in front the wagon. Pti Klo if you are trying to be a better mouse, SFP will invent a better trap and we will catch you by tail or by nose. Just keep reading article in ANBA PYEBODANMYEN with a pris taba ek en ver baka kin kimen.

  9. 3.09
    That live is also for some citizens in Europe,USA has nothing to do with having our liberty,freedom and so ,.When a nation ask for its liberty,freedom it does not ask it becuase life is easy or not but becuase liberty and freedom are intrinct to Human dignity.

    The mess created by 4 decades of PP ,yes is a mountain of problem that would take years to fix and SFP has on several occassions pointed this out and the people knows it to,but it would be much better to start rebuilding as soon as possible rather than allow a gang of criminals to continue to create more mess that would make it even longer to fix the mess,that why we think there must be change now in order to start the hard work of rebuilding a ruin society.

    As to Seychelles due to tis small population ,there are solutions to fix those prbolems and not only fix them .As to our economy we have the potential to self-reliance,stand on our own two feet without being depend to foreign aid that is creating more debt becuase Pp has no sustainable economic solution and have become addicted to aid.E:G having our own Tuna Seiner fleet would allow us to pocket billions in revenues now being pockets by foreign Tuna fleet,TONS of BYCATCH fish dicard by Tuna seiners into the Coean ,which the same amount of tons of TUNA fished,could be used and converted into other products which could bring millions in revenues.Developinbg Small and Medium toursit establishemnt and less five over-demension hotels would create sustainable economy.a system of economy better fit for a small island state.Because small and medium tourists establishement depence on other related tourist businesses such as taxi,boatcharters,local fihermen etc.... to purchase their fish,vegetable,therefore money stays in the country and not like big Five hotels in foreign banks.
    Create or develop non-tourism related businesses ,in order to provide the country with other means of collecting revenues---------What about mud crab farming.what about converintg seaweeds into medication(it is a lucrative business that would generate millions of dollars)what about developing CHAMPIGNON8edible local champion) FARMING for export--it could be dried,canned etc..)what about a second fish processing company---speicalized in canning other products such as--Boileed Ocpotus,seashell like TECTEC;PALOURD; crab meats,or even products such as sardine in tomato ,chilli,sauce or brin,Tuna salad in canned,porcessing Sea cucumber locally and then sell it ourself of Easien market,what about antoher company to produce canned animal feed for pet/house animal cat,dog etc..for export, waht about creating a company that produce both traditional furnitures and design furnitures for local market such as hotels etc...i can go on hours like this with hundered of ideas of what can be done to create not only jobs,but more production capacity with high importance that could genrate extra revenues for the country and make us self-productive,depedent,create more than enough jobs for our people and finally generate millions more than what we collecting under PP today.As Switzerland ,Seychelles has the potential to be a strong economy all its needed is honest ,capable,intelligent leaders to lead the country.

    We not afraid og Mosque in Seychelles ,we think in a Society built of the principles of Christianity and having a Nation made up on 99 percent of christain where IsLam has been imported to our shores by foreigners during PP dictatorship have nothing to do in our land like Arbs think Christianity has no place in ISlam countires.Does Kahlifa allows the construction of Chruch in his country?No.If you try to build one ,they would butcher you.We think imported relgion that have nothing to do with us,is a threat to our society,it pave the way for religious conflct that has not exist in our land but imported by PP.It put our soveiregnty,peace,stability at risks,and all the negatives that follow as we can see in Central Africa,NIgeria,Syria,Mali,etc...


    Jeanne D'Arc

  10. The solöutions that SFp and Chris propose are honest,logic,majority orieted solutions of which many have are practice in western owrld and elsewhere and have been sucessful.For instance solutions in regards to the economy what SFp proposes is real economy base that arte pratice by democracies and not fakeconomy practice for the last 4 decades by pp which have bankruped us.
    Solutions propose have not only been proven but they also work.Should PP get out of it oblivion,blindness,ignorant and look of how others had succeeded and follow the same course than by now with those millions in iad we should long be standing on our own feet,and stop dependcy of foriegn aid.

    I understand to some extent that it is difficult for you to see the potential of those solutions SFP propose becuase you have seen,knwon anything different than what Pp sell you,and force you to swallow.it is difficult for you for as pp you live in oblivion on what is going on in the owrld ,how thins are done,just like on the issue of GRASS legalization---------while countires like the USA once having the harshest punishment on GRASS is legalizing,even GENEVA distirct in Switzerland has voted a law to legalize GRASS ofr all of them think it is better to control,it would make Drug Escobars like Govinden unemploy,and would bring millions in revenues into state coffer.

    Solutions are many ,one must know them.And surely none are those propose by communists they have proven to lead to bankrupcy,collpase of state,economy.

    Solution to Money launderying,corruption for instance,is that that difficult to put independence body in palce with all the authority its needed to get those corrupt pp thugs out of service?No it is not difficult it simply has to be done and done proffesional that is allowing the jsutice system to work independently,profeesional and without impedment by outside body such as the President ot else.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  11. Reply to Complain-
    What you call complain, we refer to as shedding light in a dark corner. While you say you "love Seychelles", I only ask: "what is it do you love about Seychelles". You are vague on that detail.
    Seychelles is not a passing visit location for us Seselwa Rasin. It is our home, our motherland, our patrimony. It is also the land where we are being systematically displaced by a policy that advocates the following: 1. sale of passports and citizens hsip status en bloc, as much as 20,000 passports have been sold;2. selective economic development policies that benefit only cronies and regulate our people to poverty, and mediocrity for another generation, while a few people always the same few, get rich, richer, and richest off corruption;3. SFP has exposed $17Billion in laundering, we say no to corruption, why is it that will not work;4. I have personally exposed the missing $2.5 Billion from our banking system that highlights a deep, very deep culture of corruption in our government which involved the President, you raise, and his partner Albert Rene; this is part of our call for clean government and transparency, totally now, near $20 Billion. Why is it that this will not work according to you?
    We know life is not easy in the USA or in the European Union. Many of us come from those countries and many of us have succeeded in those countries. We know where they went wrong as well, but we are not interested in those countries politically. Our focus is Seychelles, and you seem to be arrogant enough to suggest that we take up residency in Europe so SFP stops expressing its views and shedding light in the dark room? We say No and no thank you.
    Seychelles is a micro state with problems that can be solved with political will for the betterment of our people. This is what we intend to do. We know how to run business, in SFP, we are not green behind the ears, so save your false patronage for those that cannot claim that.The leadership of SUP, SNP and PDM as well as PL can well fit your bill.
    We see you attempt to send messages of fear of SFP. There is no need for fear. SESEL POU SESELWA is not about fear, Sir, it is about respect of our people and guaranteeing a place in their motherland for them, not as beggars but as meaningful players and contributors to society. We are not anti foreigner. We are pro foreigner, and invite serious players to play seriously, but we in SFP have no time for those who believe they must buy a passport to play in Seychelles.
    We do not expect politicians to take care of us Sir. We expect the principle of SESEL POU SESELWA to take care of us. With that, I ask that you please review all our videos, and lesson my writings from 2007, written every week, to reaffirm your insights on our ideology in an affirmative and positive manner.

    Seselwa Unite For Sesel Pou Seselwa!
    Christopher Gill
    Seychelles Freedom Party

  12. Part II
    Reply to Complain
    We are not anti Muslim either as your writing falsely infers.
    Any Seselwa Rasin is free to choose his or her religion.
    What we are against is the imposition of Islam by importation from Shiekh Khalifa,
    a Sunni. Sunni's have links to Al Qeada. Most recently a Al Qeada operative was arrested in the USA and he came from Seychelles Mosque.
    We are against the financing of Mosques by political leaders like Khalifa, because it is inherent that Khalifa has a political agenda in spreading Islam in Seychelles, to make it more comfortable for him.
    The Mosque is named after him. Why does not Khalifa build some Christian Churches for us in Seychelles?
    The point is this, the spread of Islam in Seychelles, is being done by external forces, compromising the right to self determination in our destiny, be it via religion or politics. This, no Seselwa Rasin must ever tolerate. Seychelles our country, it will never be Shiekh Khalifa's country.
    As for marijuana, we called for partial legalization for medical use and personal use. Why? Because the state does not have the resources to fight both marijuana and hard drug trafficking adequately, and secondly, the people, most of them smoke marijuana and any sensible leader, cannot put his whole country behind bars, which is what PL is doing when as much as 400 men are in jail on petty possession cases. We need our men in programs to empower them, and make them know they are valuable contributors to society. Our men and women, many grow up in homes without love and affection. They miss that equation, and turn to crime. PL jails them reduces the work force, and imports Indians, Gurhkas, others to do the work of men in jail. We need programs to empower them, not a system that destroys them.

    Seselwa Unite For Sesel Pou Seselwa!
    Christopher Gill
    Seychelles Freedom Party

  13. Excellent Chirs,it cannot be that clearer than that.Just imagine in a poplaltion of 85 thousands, 20,000 thousands are faked Seychellois ,buying our patrimony etc.. Already many Seychellois Rasin searching for a piece of the patrimony to buy cannot find land,most have been illegally gifted or sold to Fake Seychellois or Hectars given to Foreigners.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  14. On the other hand StAnge is planning for a Chinese Day at the end of the month. He said he want to make Benezet street a small China Town that day. What Chinese group are you going to bring to sing creole songs? Is it Ho Lee Fuk group with their Ug Lee dancers singing " Debot zang lib.

  15. St Ange recently used tax payers money to celebrate INDAIN YOUTH DAY,and that in SEychelles as if Seychelles in populatted with Indian.WHy not Seychelles youth Day St Ange?And if we celebrate Indain own Youth Day what would Indain youth celbrate St Ange?

    On CHinese DAy--You have recognized that Seychellis of Chinese origne are 99 percent more croel than CHines and have literally no connection with China,becuase most of them left China becuase of Communism.

    But you know what?Seychellois Chinese have never asked for a Chinese celebration,In fact they should be the incinators of such a celbration ofr they are Seychellois of Chinese origin.They were not even asked to participate instead CHINESE Amdassador and other Chiness who have nothing to do with Seychellois Chiese are organizing this Chinese DAy.St Ange told us Like other countires where there is Chinese communsity we should copy and do the same-Well,Seychellois of Chinese Orignie in Seychelles is a minority of a few hundreds,it is not tha important to waste tax payers mone for such a celbration and espcially when it has nothing to do with Seychellois of Chinese origine.

    It seems there is an obssession by PP and Chinese communist governemnt to do everything to make Seychellis fall in LOVe with Communsit China.And of course it is a strategy whuich is aim at 1)make us love Chinese,then once we love them they could start achieving their own geopolitics startegies including the one that consisit of abusing our EZZ for Chines Navy,or even maybe get a Chines Naval base in our toeritory a dream Chinese governemnt is doing everything tO achieved.

    Instead of Chines celbration,Indain youth Dy celberation ,why not creoal speaking Celblration,which am sure Seychellois will show more intrest in, than fake ceelbrations that have nothing to do with us.

    St Ange we a Nation,with our own culture,tradition,etc,, is a voilation of our soveriegnty,and a waste of our people's money.We not Chines and not so much Seychellois of chinese origine,therefore no need for such a celebration that odes not represent Seychellois Chinese but Communsit China propaganda,and tactic to buy Seychellois and make us love them so that tjhey can aubse our EZZ,People, for selfish Chinese geopolitics interests.We should not be scapegoat for Chines Communsit.a country already conducting military aggration against its neibours --Japan,>Tawain,Korea-------

    Chines should go and celebrate instead TIBET DAY in LHASA;and allow Tibetian to celebrate their own culture and tradtion not CHinese celbration in Seychelles St Agne.Stop bullshitting Seychellis St Ange.After all,Should ther not be a seperate body to organize such actvities?Did St Ange amde refroms recently to dicentralize its minister's power and give of bodies the power to organize such activities?

    Jeanne DÂrc

  16. St Ange consdiers Chinese Expats as Seychellois with Chinese origine,and Seychelles should celebrate Chinese Expat workers the smae workers taking jobs of Seychellois,killing wage for Seychellois, competitiing jobs qwith Seychellois,etc......I guess then St Ange will tell us we must celebrate Arab Day,Pakistani day,BEngaldash Day,amybe Smoali Pirates Day or even N.Korea Dictator Jong uns Birthday Day,or what ABOUT CASTRO,MUGABE,,STALIN LENIN,,President of Sir Lanka brithday day,Zuma day,Khalifa Day,ETC...

    sTOP BULLSHITTING sEYCHELLOIS WITH FOREIGN CELBRATE DAY.teLL chINESE TO FIRST LET TIBETAIN CELEBRATE THEIR OWN nATIONAL DAY IN OCUPIED TIBET,and stop coming to bullshit Seychellois with often communist countires celbration that have nothing to do with us.

    Jeanne D'Arc

  17. Iran ship carring seychelles flag not only Iran,north korea to all those countries sanction by UN pp are making them selling their oil ect even under UN sanction and also in our EZZ their also chinese and russian,iran ship ect are doing
    prirates fishing allow by pp money taken by this regime seychelles dont see a cent.

  18. I am the one that wrote the incoherent and gramatically NOT correct message ,
    on the 11.Jan ( 03.09 ) . I do apologize for the harsh words I used , I was a bit
    "tired" .
    I would like to respond to 2 persons , Mr Ch.Gill , and to the Jeanne D'Arc . If they are busy , they do NOT have to react to my message . If they choose to do so , I will gladly read their opinions .

    To Jeanne D'Arc :
    1.) I am sure that small and medium establishments have a great future , you can
    NOT fight against the big ones ( big hotels ) . What you could do in my opinion , is to make it easier for the small establishments to open / get the licence / renew
    the licence etc. Hotels like MAIA with 1000 eur per night price Tag will ( until the worldwide economy is running OK ) always be booked out . If you would try to make the life more difficult for them , the people will just move to , lets say , Mauritius luxury resorts . What you hear today is : there is NOT enough 5 star Hotels and establishements in the Seychelles / Mauritius / Caribbean etc.. ! that is
    what the well off holidaymakers are saying !
    2.) Is not SIBA busy with their efforts to bring the suitable businesses to the Seychelles ? Why are the businesses NOT comming so fast , or in such quantities like wanted ? I know the best solution is to have own ( government
    owned / state owned ) factories , like the fishing fleet with canning a cooling
    facilities. It costs again money , and getting a big loan from a bank ( even a country)...even own central bank has to have the own money ( a loan in Rupies ) covered by something tangible. I do not say it is NOT possible , I would be glad if Seychelles managed to do it .
    3.) Even countries like Austria are "fighting" for new companies to come to their
    country , and it is not easy on the world market . Austria offering even EU citizenship for anyone creating dozen or more work places !
    4.) There is a great book called " Confesion of an Economic Hitman " saying
    what the USA ( american banks ) have done in the last 60 years to force politicians to bring their countries around the world into a debt , and what they have done if they refused to. I recommend to read it . Even Emirates are using their fleet as a way to PUSH any politician in the Seychelles to do what they want . They probably have NOT used the card yet, they may in the future . There will be NO American , Russian or European flying with Kenyan or Ethiopian airlines to the Seychelles (perhaps few ! 1 or 3 ). Emirates chooses how many flights will be scheduled / how big the airplanes will be / how expensive the ticket will be ( even though the flights are cheap at the MOMENT!) and in the end result they will be the main factor who chooses HOW MANY TOURISTS will come to the Seychelles every week . If there should be a politician one day talking about "dismantling the Castle on the Hill or comming with some other "great ideas" ...ou...I am afraid they might show the muscles for a week or two ( Emirates and those owning the airline!) Unfortunately there will always be those people / shadowy forces / companies / countries doing it ! That is the thing called life...they do it to other countries / politicians and governments as well .

  19. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    To Mr Ch.Gill :
    1.) Sir , if You want to convince people ( voters ) that you are the right person ,
    that your party will manage to bring Seychelles one day out of the misery to a prosperous times full of freedom...please do show them that you are a CARING person . That you do care about all people in the Seychelles , and that no ONE has to be worried about loosing their roof over a head . They will belive you then .
    The countries with the highest standards of living in Europe are those where even
    the weak and needy do NOT have to worry about basic daily needs .
    2.) If it is true that there are 20 000 Seychelles citizens with bought passport ,who are not Seselwa Rasin ..., I do not think sending them from where they came is the solution . Actually it might be the your decision one day , but If they should feel that they are not welcomed there any more , they will leave.. Don´t worry .
    But they will leave with their money / small companies etc. Not every Seychelles citizen with bought passport is a crook sitting in JAR in jail . The amounts of money that those with Seychelles passport living or frequently visiting Seychelles might have in some way put or invested in your economy might be tremendous . Scaring them off might be desasterous , might be . If you say it will not be . I do not know ..I was just thinking aloud . People are sensitive to a lot of things , even small robberies or some stories about drug addicts scare many tourists from visiting Seychelles . Being second Zimbabwe , where Robert Mugabe sent every "white monkey" ( I am also one ) home again , was catastrophic ! The economy suffered immidiatelly .
    3.) If you talk about the "New Citizens" please try to not to show that you despise
    them . I saw one video made by you somwhere on youtube already few years ago
    where you stood above the Eden Island , somwhere on the hill talking about the
    problem of "selling" passports . You might be right , but if people have the feeling
    ( and I had it ) that you turn " yourn nose at them" , you will be creating many enemies. Successfull politicians are diplomats . You might be even creating many
    powerfull enemies that you do not even know about . The majority of really reach and influential people in Europe are keeping a very low profile . It might be the gray
    old man with worn of jeans and odd Tshirt . You do NOT know how many billionaires are living on Eden Island . Forbes list is NOT the real list ! Many more are hidden , and what is more...they love to be the grey powers from behind . If you threaten them , they will support ( with all means ) someone else ! If you make your main aim in the politics the improvment of the social and economical standing of everybody living in the Seychelles , mainly Seselwa Rasin...no one will have anything against you .

  20. Instead of promoting what is rich and valuable for Seychelles identity, St. Ange promotes mega cultures.

    The man has really lost his marbles.

    No wonder La Reunion has been voted "Best Island Destination in The World". It has been based on one key focus point: NATURE. Not the protection of it, but the cohabitation of man with nature.


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